The Country That Has No Mountains, Russia’s Number 5 Allies

loading… Cars cross the road in Minsk, Belarus. Photo/REUTERS/Vasily Fedosenko MINSK – The earth has various reliefs. Starting from the hills, valleys, beaches to mountains. This relief variation is owned by each country. But as it turns out, there are countries that do not have mountains. Here is a list of countries that do not … Read more

Estonia ready to build a nuclear reactor; it could produce about 25% of the electricity needed in the Baltics

The small modular nuclear reactor could produce about 25% of the electricity needed in the Baltics, according to the Estonian company Fermi Energia, which plans to develop this type of reactor in Estonia. The company plans to start generating electricity from the first small reactor unit by the end of 2031. According to the company’s … Read more

Kallas: According to NATO’s current defense plans, Estonia would be wiped off the face of the earth

In an interview with the publication, the Prime Minister said that NATO’s current plans take into account the fact that the Baltic states may remain occupied by Russia for 180 days. Kallas noted that more than 100 days have passed since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “If we compare the size of Ukraine and the … Read more

This is how Putin “tests” NATO. The violation of Estonia’s airspace “is not a coincidence”

The specialist also believes that Putin is testing the defense response system of the North Atlantic Alliance in this way. – This is checking how NATO forces react, in what time, with what forces, and how precisely this reaction takes place. But also how the world reacts, how Estonia reacts, what political actions can be … Read more

Russia is again provoking at NATO’s borders. His helicopter disrupted the airspace of Estonia

“This is a picture of the Russian threat as we see it. It has never been as serious as it is now, “said Estonian Deputy Defense Minister Kusti Salm on Tuesday. According to him, this has not been the only disruption of space in the last week. Estonia responded by summoning the Russian ambassador to … Read more

– Russia is training on missile attacks against Estonia

A spokesman for the Estonian Ministry of Defense, Kusti Salm, told the Finnish newspaper Evening paper that the security situation in the Baltic Sea has deteriorated in recent days. – Exercises are underway where Russian forces are training on missile attacks on Estonian territory, he says. In addition, he says that Russia has violated the … Read more

Russia with strong provocation – simulates missile attacks on Estonia

A spokesman for the Estonian Ministry of Defense, Kusti Salm, said den finske tabloiden Iltalehti that Russia has conducted exercises against Estonia. Avisa writes on Tuesday that Russia, according to NATO sources, has simulated several missile attacks against Estonia and other Baltic countries in recent days. – Has committed several border violations In addition to … Read more

Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and Ukraine sign Joint Statement on co-operation in the field of tourism – Economy, Finance

photo; Representatives of the ministries responsible for tourism and diplomats from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland, as well as representatives of the State Agency for Tourism Development of Ukraine, met at the first Regional Tourism Summit for Peace and Recovery in Vilnius, Lithuania, on 17 June this year. During the summit, a joint statement … Read more

Estonia is building a wall on its border with Russia. First episode completed

The first section of the fence on the border between Estonia and Russia, 23.5 km long, has already been completed – Estonian services say. The episode was to be completed by 2023. However, as informed by the representatives of the police and the border service, “Favorable weather conditions and proper planning allowed the first stage … Read more

Targeted not only for Lithuania: Russia may consider revoking the recognition of the independence of Estonia and Latvia

“There are a number of reasons why Lithuania should be first on this list. Once the mechanism is in place, we will also be able to use it for other NATO territories. And not just NATO. Ukraine, for example, has also left the Soviet Union illegally, “Fyodorov, a member of the United Russia party, told … Read more