A position at the top of villainy.. You will not believe how the leader Adel Imam defeated his friend, the artist Samir Ghanem.. This is what happened between them, the estrangement that lasted fifty years until Samir Ghanem died.! !

2022/05/04 It’s 02:20 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite They had a strong friendship, and this relationship began in their youth, and it was a wonderful relationship Since the beginning of the journey, Leader Adel Imam and the late artist Samir Ghanem dreamed of crossing to the audience and achieving the dream of fame, and … Read more

A horrible situation.. Thus, Adel defeated his friend Samir Ghanem.. and this is the thing that caused the estrangement between them that lasted for fifty years until Samir Ghanem died.!

Adel Imam’s star shined through the play “I, He and She”, during which he embodied the character of Professor “Desouki”, and at that time the audience chanted about the famous “A country of Sahih testimonies”. At the same time, the late Samir Ghanem starred and formed the “Three Lights of the Stage” troupe, in cooperation … Read more

‘Robotín’ explains the reason for his estrangement from Dayanita and asks her to be humble | Videos | shows

It tells everything. ‘Robotin’ broke his silence and replied to Dayanitaafter the comedic actress will be absent in one of the presentations that both had agreed. In a report from “Magaly TV, the firm”, issued on April 6, the charismatic character told why he distanced himself from his partner. He denied insulting his colleague and … Read more

Celine Dion vulnerable in Las Vegas, she feels very badly the estrangement of Pepe Munoz

Vulnerable because of the recurring spasms that haunt her daily life and complicate her movements, Celine Dion would have been abandoned by Pepe Munoz at the worst possible time. She would need him, however. Last year, the Quebec star had very badly lived the mistrust of his entourage vis-à-vis the Spanish dancer, Celine Dion would … Read more