Ethereum creator switched to crypto because Blizzard nerfed the WoW warlock

Imagine that one day you wake up in the morning to find that you have Pokmon Unite to Snorlax. Imagine that you not only go to sleep crying but also end up establishing a cryptocurrency platform that contributes to the environmental crisis and what has ended up being banned in china. Well, something like that … Read more

The Kinotavr Prize for Best Actress went to Olga Bodrova // Watch

The Kinotavr Grand Prix went to Nikolai Khomerika’s The Sea Worries Once. About a young man and a girl who retire in the forest to look into the future of their life together. The same film brings the award for Best Actress to 23-year-old Olga Bodrova, who continues the famous film dynasty. This evening in … Read more

what the rock samples told about // Look

The Perseverance rover has successfully collected the first samples of Martian soil that may contain traces of the Red Planet’s groundwater. The Marisian rover Perseverance has successfully collected the first two rock samples on the Red Planet. Their initial analysis gave scientists new hope that life on Mars might once have existed. The first sample … Read more

The cryptocurrency ether continues to rise and marks a new high since May

CRYPTO MONEY MARKETS Madrid, Sep 2 (EFE) .- Ether, the second most used cryptocurrency, maintains its upward path, although with less intensity than yesterday, and reaches its highest level since May. The cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network, which shot up 10% yesterday, rises today by 0.5% and is around 3,750 dollars (3,165 euros), although it … Read more

Ether fires 1400% and surpasses Bitcoin in transaction volume

For the first time the transaction volume of the Bitcoin was surpassed by Ether (ETH), which is the second largest cryptocurrency in the world. The information was published by the semiannual report of the Coinbase. The second coin fired more than 1,400% on your transaction volume in the first half of 2021, which made it … Read more

Maria Maksakova compared her daughter with Lucifer // Look

Maria Maksakova continues to fight for the capital’s real estate and to sue her own children who have filed a lawsuit against the opera singer. On the eve of the new meeting, Maria commented on the situation in her family and spoke unflatteringly about the heirs. Maria Maksakova is experiencing a scandal in the family: … Read more

Big disappointment for “Bitcoin lovers”

9 – July – 2021 Bitcoin and Ethereum A disappointment for aspiring cryptocurrency enthusiasts and users that the currency is among the largest investments in the world. A major opportunity to solidify the crypto sector has been missed, as Sotheby’s in Hong Kong offered to accept Bitcoin or Ether as payment for a 101.38-carat diamond. … Read more

Tarasov justified himself for an emotional divorce from Buzova // Look

Dmitry Tarasov answered questions from subscribers on social networks and recalled the divorce from Olga Buzova. The footballer admitted that he broke up with the TV presenter emotionally and ugly, which he regrets. “There are mistakes that I, as a man, should not have made,” the athlete shared. Dmitry Tarasov, answering questions and criticism of … Read more