Almost 1 million Ether would have been burned last year if the rate proposal had been approved

The controversial Ethereum (EIP) 1559 upgrade proposal would have burned 970,000 Ether (ETH), with a total value of $ 360 million, in the last year, if it had been implemented. EIP-1559 seeks to reduce transaction fees by introducing fixed fees along with a burn mechanism. The findings, based on data from Dune Analytics Y published … Read more

After hacking, KuCoin restarts deposit and withdrawal operations of Bitcoin, Ether and Tether

After the hack suffered between September 25 and 26, the exchange cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin restarts deposit and withdrawal services for Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and Ethereum-based Tether tokens (ERC20-USDT). According to published information on the official KuCoin site, this October 7 new deposit addresses have been generated for BTC, ETH and USDT. They explain that … Read more

Romania to auction seized Bitcoin and Ether in criminal case

Romanian authorities are prepared to organize his first cryptocurrency auction, seized from a fraud case. On October 2, The National Agency for the Administration of Seized Assets (ANABI) ad its upcoming auction of confiscated Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH), as required by a ruling of the Prosecutor’s Office in the Ploiesti Court. Specific amounts of … Read more

Kucoin launches program to help victims, after the millionaire theft of bitcoin and ether

The Kucoin exchange launched the Safeguard Program in alliance with other companies and projects. Through this initiative, they intend to provide comprehensive protection and support to people and institutions that are affected by security incidents. He ad of this program was carried out four days after the hacked Kucoin in which more than $ 150 … Read more

More than $ 150 million in bitcoin and ether stolen after KuCoin exchange hacked

He exchange Singapore-based bitcoin and cryptocurrency developer KuCoin suffered a hack Friday night in which hackers reportedly drained more than $ 150 million worth of bitcoin (BTC), ethers (ETH) and thousands of ERC-20 tokens. The company detected “large withdrawals” from its hot wallets to external wallets, as reported through a first release. After reporting the … Read more

there is less and less Ether in exchanges and wallets

Key facts: The DeFi ecosystem has 8 million Ether (ETH) in its possession. Since August 15, the ETH balance on centralized exchanges decreased by 11.6%. Despite some drops in token prices in recent days, the defmania does not stop. Every time more Ether (ETH) moves from exchanges centralized and wallets towards smart contracts of DeFi … Read more

‘2 12 85 06’ or the first Soviet social network – ‘ether’

Even before the Internet, people were looking for ways to meet them remotely with the latest technology. In the 1980s in Soviet Russia, St. Petersburg [toreiz Ļeņingradā], a new phenomenon appeared, which the young people of the city called “ether”. To get on the “air” required a telephone and a secret telephone number that people … Read more