“Despite the fear”, the Rwanda genocide told by a 10-year-old Tutsi child

History – Anyone who is at least forty today cannot fail to remember the words hutu e tutsi and of the blood that was shed in their name. The origins of the conflict are very complex but the trigger was the shooting down of the plane of the then president JuvĂ©nal Habyarimana in Kigali. Habyarimana … Read more

10 Myanmar Rebel Groups Condemn Military & Support Anti-Coup Protesters

Merdeka.com – As many as 10 Myanmar rebel groups granted enclosure for the anti-coup movement on Saturday, fueling fears of a wider conflict will emerge in a country that has long been wracked by conflict between the military and armed ethnic groups. Myanmar has been in turmoil since the military toppled civilian leader Aung Saun … Read more