Amid economic doubts, European stocks fall from their highest levels

European stock market retreats after two weeks of recovery, as investors turn to bonds, amid concerns about risks to the global economic growth recovery. Shares of European oil and gas companies fell 1.8% due to differences within “OPEC +” European stock market slipped on Tuesday from two-week highs, reversing three straight sessions of gains, as … Read more

GDP: This slump throws Italy back into the pre-euro era

IThere is much talk of historical economic data these days. Germany is experiencing a recession of the century, America has suffered the worst slump since 1946. France has had the worst crash since the start of quarterly statistics over 70 years ago and the euro zone the deepest crisis in its relatively young history. In … Read more

Debt record: Economists fear new euro crisis

economy Rising government debt Economists fear a new euro crisis Status: 00:05 a.m. | Reading time: 2 minutes Debt in the euro zone will rise to a record high this year Source: picture alliance The cost of the pandemic is shattering government budgets in Europe. Debt reaches a new record, Italy in particular is worried. … Read more

Corona is ravaging Europe … an unprecedented collapse of the private sector

An unprecedented collapse of private sector activity in the euro area in April Last updated: Thursday 30 Shaaban 1440 AH – April 23, 2020 KSA 13:28 – GMT 10:28 Posted on: Thursday 30 Shaaban 1440 AH – April 23, 2020 KSA 11:15 – GMT 08:15 Source: Dubai – Private sector activity in the eurozone … Read more

EU bailout fund: Germany against common debts

I.The Corona crisis is much faster than usual – even in Brussels. So far, the finance ministers of the euro zone have often met half a day, on Tuesday a good two hours were enough for a result. At their teleconference, the ministers agreed to use the ESM euro bailout fund in the corona crisis … Read more

Data, maps, infographics: Corona hits Britain with full force

Wednesday March 25, 2020 By Martin Morcinek and Christoph Wolf The corona virus spreads to the British Isles: Almost all parts of the country are reporting increasing numbers. There are new cases in England, Northern Ireland, Wales and the north of Scotland. The pathogen does not stop at the British royal family. An overview. In … Read more