inflation in the euro area is falling, but not because the European Central Bank has raised interest rates

Žygymantas Šilobritas, CHASING in 2023 February 26 18:23 The chief economist of Swedbank, Nerijus Mačiulis, claims that the attempts of central banks operating in Europe and the European Central Bank (ECB) itself to control inflation by raising interest rates are ineffective. It’s a method to combat inflation caused by excess demand, not an energy shock, … Read more

Column: Abolition of YCC, which is highly difficult, BOJ needs to be prepared for paradigm change = Hideo Kumano | Reuters

Hideo Kumano Chief Economist, Dai-ichi Life Research Institute [Tokyo 26th]- Soon the name of the new governor of the Bank of Japan will be revealed. The normalization of monetary policy that person must undertake is likely to be an extremely bumpy road. Perhaps his five-year term will not be enough, and it may take more … Read more

Column: After ‘buying the yen for speculation’, is it a comeback to ‘selling the yen for actual demand’ = Mr. Daisuke Karakama | Reuters

Daisuke Karakama Mizuho Bank Chief Market Economist [Tokyo, 24th]- Looking at the yen position in the IMM currency futures trading, which is often the focus of speculative movements in the foreign exchange market, as of January 17, 2023, it is a net sell of $ 2.24 billion. there is This is the smallest net short … Read more

The European Central Bank’s “hawk release” will further raise interest rates and the euro will be supported again?

Share to WeChat Open WeChat, click “Discovery” at the bottom,Use “scan” to share the webpage to Moments. China Business News 2023-01-20 13:03:29 Editor in charge: Zhu Mengyun On Thursday local time, European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde attended the Davos summit and delivered a speech that surprised market bulls. Lagarde emphasized: Inflation in the euro … Read more

The record inflation rate in Germany.. What is its impact on the decisions of the “European Central Bank”?

The head of the European Central Bank says that interest rates will be raised in the coming months, at a time when Germany has witnessed the highest rate of inflation since World War II. European Central Bank Germany, the largest economic power in the Eurozone, recorded in 2022 The inflation rate is the highest in … Read more

Interest rate hikes in the Eurozone begin to take effect – Markets

The escalation of inflation led the European Central Bank (ECB) to change the strategy of more than a decade – interest at historic lows and mega debt purchase programs –, reducing the amount of liquidity circulating in the economy and increasing the cost of money. The plan is starting to pay off, according to Jack … Read more

Wages must rise sharply to contain inflation, ECB predicts

The euro zone can expect “very strong” wage growth in the coming months as wages catch up to galloping inflation, the European Central Bank predicted on Monday. “Wage growth in the coming quarters is expected to be very strong compared to historical standards”wrote the ECB in its monthly bulletin. The authors predicted “some catch-up between … Read more

Outlook for 2023: Yen appreciation called by Japan-US monetary policy “ vector reversal ”, 110 yen = Yasuya Ueno | Reuters

Yasunari Ueno Mizuho Securities Chief Market Economist [Tokyo, 3rd]- The biggest shock to financial markets in 2022 was the monetary policies of the US and European central banks, including the US Federal Reserve Board (FRB). The biggest shock to the financial markets in 2022 was the monetary policy of the US and European central banks, … Read more

The German Finance Minister expects the inflation rate to drop to 7% in 2023

Posted in: 01/01/2023 – 15:36 German Finance Minister Christian Lindner expects inflation in the country with Europe’s largest economy to drop this year to 7 percent and to continue to decline in 2024 and beyond, but he expressed his belief that higher energy prices will become the new reality. “The target level (for inflation) remains … Read more

Outlook for 2023: The structure of the rising dollar, rising risk of yen appreciation = Osamu Takashima | Reuters

Osamu Takashima Citigroup Securities Chief FX Strategist TOKYO (2nd) – The dollar/yen, which approached 152 yen in October 2022, fell sharply in November following the release of the US Consumer Price Index (CPI), which suggests that inflation has eased. Expectations that the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) will ease its pace of monetary tightening have risen … Read more