The notes to the semi-finals of Top Chef – SO FOOT

The notes to the semi-finals of Top Chef SO FOOT “Top Chef” : “there is freedom of expression, which pleases me a lot,” says Adrien Cachot 20 Minutes Re-opening of the restaurants : what do they think of the judges of “Top Chef” Le Parisien Relive the semi-finals of Top Chef / France / Half … Read more

Leipzig considerable Cologne and recovers his third place / Bundesliga / J29 / Cologne-Leipzig (2-4) /

Cologne 2-4 Leipzig Goals : Córdoba (7e), Modest (55e) to Cologne // Schick (20e), Nkunku (38e), Werner (50e), Olmo (58e) to Leipzig The festival of Cologne. At the end of a part where the attackers have been able to have fun, the RB Leipzig has regained its third place on the podium by spitting the … Read more

Relive Koh-Lanta, episode 13 / France / J13 / Koh Lanta /

Epilogue of the greatest cliffhanger in history since the end of the seasons of Plus Belle La Vie: glory to the winner of the immunity test, already qualified for orientation, woe to the vanquished, eliminated immediately. Mamamia. 10:23 p.m .: Good guys, it’s so early that you can catch a class The secret life of … Read more

Top Chef quarter final scores – SO FOOT

Top Chef SO FOOT quarter-final notes Christian Le Squer: “Star chefs can no longer refuse to participate in” Top chef “” Le Figaro “Top Chef”: “The candidates who stood out are all present today”, judge Michel Sarran 20 Minutes Live: Top Chef, SO FOOT quarter-finals VIDEO Top Chef 2020: Adrien goes crazy and destroys his … Read more

The Thiodet Show / France / Bordeaux /

Thanks to various investigations and revelations on the functioning of the Girondins de Bordeaux broadcast last week, France discovered Antony Thiodet, the Mr. Billetterie of the FCGB. Not sure that the man takes a liking to this sudden celebrity. It is an understatement to say that the Girondins de Bordeaux had a hard time with … Read more

Grenoble offers the best scorer in National / France / Grenoble / May 17, 2020 /

In the footsteps of Umut Bozok and Jamal Thiaré. In a press release published on its official website, Grenoble, 9e of Ligue 2, has just recorded the arrival of Achille Anani, the top scorer of National. The Ivorian striker indeed leaves a very prolific season with his club of Bourg-en-Bresse, after having registered fifteen goals … Read more

Relive episode 12 of Koh-Lanta / France / D12 / Koh Lanta /

A shortened episode of Koh-Lanta is like a closed-door match in the Bundesliga: it’s sad, but we are watching anyway. And as expected, it was far too frustrating. 22h27: Out of questions that I type the program of Arthur, I leave you in your frustration. Small consolation prize: the notes of this episode (the most … Read more

Ntep signed at Guingamp / France / Guingamp /

PEAG Ntep. Free as air since the end of a loan to Kayserispor (six games played this season) and a breach of contract with Wolfsburg in February, the former Auxerrois and Rennais Paul-Georges Ntep (27 rods) and his thighs. sprinter entered for a season with Guingamp, eighth in Ligue 2 at the end of the … Read more

Americans want to be paid more than men / International / United States /

Claim ! According to AFP, the American players indicated via their spokesperson that they wish to be paid better than their male counterparts. Rejected in early May by a Los Angeles judge in their lawsuit against their Federation for unequal treatment, the teammates of Megan Rapinoe believe that a salary similar to that of American … Read more

Koh-Lanta, episode 11 / France / D11 / Koh Lanta /

After the dantesque elimination of Charlotte and Teheiura last week, we find the adventurers for an explosive end of advice where Régis will have to explain his choices. Spoiler: he had just felt the blow perfectly, as with Bodiger’s left leg. 10.52 p.m .: Unless Claude blows up the orientation, I really don’t see how … Read more