Lukashenko manages to withstand the resistance, says Jindrák. According to him, nothing big will happen in Belarus – ČT24 – Czech Television

According to Fischer, Lukashenko’s regime is in trouble. “He is calling in the army, he is counting on help from Russia,” he said. One of the most important topics, in his opinion, is the fight for the media, which in Belarus looks like there are announcers from Russia on the screen. Jindrak notes that Lukashenko … Read more

Wilmès satisfied, Boerenbond angry with European agreement

Belgian Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès calls the European Council’s deal ‘at the level of the European challenges we have to face’. Belgium does incur losses on the Common Agricultural Fund, and the Boerenbond does not want that. Around half past five on Tuesday morning, the 27 European Heads of State or Government reached an agreement … Read more

Europeans’ exasperation and disbelief in the face of Mark Rutte’s “methods”

STORY – The Dutch Prime Minister is said to have crossed the red line several times during the summit. Mark Rutte, July 20. POOL/REUTERS The Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, is a formidable interlocutor. He very rarely loses his means and masters all the ranges in the art of negotiation. The humor and the smile … Read more

Costa reveals that the Recovery Fund will guarantee 15.3 billion euros to Portugal – European Union

The pre-agreement reached last morning, which cuts the amount of the Recovery Fund (Next Generation EU), as well as the amount to be distributed on a non-refundable basis, was at the “limit” of what could be considered a “good agreement”, defended António Costa at the entrance to the plenary on the 27th on the fourth … Read more

Negotiations on the crisis fund and the EU budget dragged on until six in the morning. It did not bring an agreement – ČT24 – Czech Television

There is fatigue in the meeting room, the atmosphere thickens Over time, fatigue has become apparent among the participants in the Brussels summit. According to diplomats, French President Emmanuel Macron slammed his fist on the table at one point, while Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz had stopped listening to the others. “Green countries continue to block … Read more

Michel calls to avoid failure, after Dutch ‘n …

On Sunday evening, during the dinner of the Heads of State or Government, European Council President Charles Michel called for a failure to be avoided and a compromise to be reached on a major corona repair fund and the new multi-annual budget. However, his desire to make headlines with a deal was not fulfilled. Michel … Read more

European leaders go to extra time on Sunday to try to recover Europe – Europe

Two days of intense negotiations were not enough for European leaders to reach an understanding to recover the economy from the effects of the covid-19 pandemic. The European Council will continue for another day in Brussels, with the heads of European Union governments meeting again this Sunday in the Belgian capital, starting at 12:00. The … Read more