The cobra is back! As we say in the Czech Republic: well everywhere, best at home, Ondrášek said

“I knew that I would return to Wisla one day when I left. As we say here in the Czech Republic: Everywhere is good, at home the best, “said Ondráček in an interview with club television. “Your home is where your heart is,” said the Krakow website of the 33-year-old striker, who left a significant … Read more

The Europa League draw chooses the toughest team for Barcelona

The draw for the qualifying round for the European League final, which was held in the Swiss city of Nyon, resulted in a fiery confrontation between Barcelona and Napoli, Italy. Barcelona had failed to qualify for the Champions League final price for the first time in 20 years, to move to participate in the European … Read more

Bröndby? Duty fulfilled! This opponent can’t be the benchmark, Řepka dug

At other times, the critical Rapeseed praises the agile Pešek, as well as the second county of the advance. “The regions played both. As a result, Hložek also had more balloons and could join. But I still have a problem with the deposit, it doesn’t suit me there, “said the coach of Červený Janovice in … Read more

Goodbye, Europe. Sparta was worried, Slavia was handing out

I cannot say that the Czech public space has been full of positive news in recent hours. Unfortunately, the footballers of the local clubs trying to advance to the spring continuation of European competitions did not add much on Thursday night. Malér in the 93rd minute The Slavists must be scratching their heads right now. … Read more

FOOTBALL ONLINE: Staplers have started to retaliate! Sparta and Jablonec are also playing for promotion

Slavia will secure at least second place, and thus participation in the spring elimination phase, if they win and Haifa also draws with the Union Berlin. The team of Czech champions and the leader of the domestic league currently wants to repay the 1: 2 defeat from the introductory mutual duel to the third team … Read more

Advice about former Rangers coach: I ate Gerrard, but he fell for me

Glasgow (from our newsletter) – “Rangers fan reactions can be hateful. Kamara’s lawyer feeds everything, he does PR. There will be fifty thousand spectators in the auditorium. But Sparta is so experienced that she should rise above it. The problem did not arise in her match, but the Scots do not distinguish it. But it … Read more

Křetínský solves the first problems in West Ham. UEFA received a harsh punishment

England’s West Ham United will pay attention to the behavior of its fans in the last match of the European League against Genk. The team, where three Czech footballers also work, must pay a fine of 34,500 euros (approximately 870,000 crowns). According to the UEFA decision, the Hammer Fans may not even attend the next … Read more

Sports: World Cup Qualifiers

Mondher El-Kabeer, coach of the Tunisian national team, announced the starting lineup of his team led by Ali Maaloul. The duo Saif Jaziri and Hamza Mathlouthi are on the Tunisia bench against Zambia. Tunisia will host Zambia at the end of the group stage of the African qualifiers for the World Cup, and the Carthage … Read more

Fenerbahce – Milan 43:68, Disaster in the first quarter! Fenerbahce lost to Milan, Vesely scored nine points

After a disastrous opening quarter, Fenerbahce Istanbul basketball players lost in the European League at home in Milan 43:68. The Czech national team member Jan Veselý was the most useful player of the Turkish team, who lost the fourth of the last five matches in the competition, with nine points, seven rebounds and two assists. … Read more

The Hübschman phenomenon sets records! I will enjoy myself somewhere in the district championship, he says

Support of Jablonec Tomáš Hübschman (left) in a duel on the Randers field. Ritzau Scanpix, Reuters He set a new record for the entire competition! He started in the basic line-up at the exact age of 40 years and 2 months. He is thus a sovereign doyen across the staff of all 32 participants in … Read more