In the European Parliament, Rutte was criticized for Schengen, a deputy declared: Bulgaria is a victim

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“Rossini, Vasks and Brahms” will be played at the “European Christmas” festival

Festival organized by VSIA “Latvijas Koncerti”European Christmas” a cellist will perform in the program on December 17 in the “Spīķeru concert hall”. Guna Schnee a pianist Agnes Egliņawhich this time have united in the concert program “Rossini, Vasks and Brahms”, focusing directly on the creative exploration of the cello and piano duet repertoire. Content will … Read more

The Netherlands reduces natural gas consumption, meets European standards

ANP NOS News•Thursday, 09:04 The Netherlands consumed 17 percent less natural gas from July to October compared to the same period last year, it reports Central Bureau of Statistics. The Netherlands also amply complies with the voluntary agreement that EU member states have made to consume less natural gas. In July it was agreed that … Read more

Surprising Euro NCAP results: Chinese news are safer than some European ones!

This year’s latest Euro NCAP results provide information on the safety of fourteen cars. A surprise may be five stars for a trio of Chinese cars, while several European ones only got four. The Euro NCAP organization has published this year’s latest crash test results, which inform about the safety of fourteen new cars. It … Read more

Gas for the European market rose by 40 percent in one month. It’s the cold

The price of the key gas futures contract for January delivery in the Title Transfer Facility (TTF) virtual trading hub in the Netherlands hovered slightly above 142 euros (about CZK 3,450) before midday and showed an increase of more than three percent compared to the previous day. Prices in TTF are decisive for the European … Read more

Hungary blocks the European Union’s financial aid to Ukraine – BNN

Hungary has used the right of veto and blocked an 18 billion euro aid loan to Ukraine after the European Union (EU) withheld the disbursement of funds, writes the agency Reuters. Hungarian Economy Minister Mihaly Varga confirmed at the EU Economic and Finance Ministers’ meeting in Brussels that Hungary opposes a common EU loan to … Read more

Latest Data on Russian Oil-Receiving European Countries

loading… After the Russian-Ukrainian war, several European countries reduced their dependence on Russian oil. Following is the latest data, which European countries are still importing oil from Russia. Photo/Doc BRUSELLS – Russia is a product exporter crude oil and the largest refined oil in the world, according to the IEA (International Energy Agency). Russia’s position … Read more

Stumbled resolution of the dispute between the European Union and Hungary

Brussels-AFP The European Union and Hungary failed, on Tuesday, to find a solution to their dispute over the rule of law. While Budapest, which is threatened with losing 13 billion euros of European funds, is still suspending several important files. The bloc’s finance ministers, meeting in Brussels, did not succeed in persuading Budapest to give … Read more

The pure electric mileage is 69 kilometers, and Toyota further discloses the specification details of the European standard Prius Plug-in Hybrid | U-CAR News

On November 16, 2022, Toyota officially announced the major facelifted Prius model on the official website, and simultaneously announced the new generation of European-standard Prius models, which will only be introduced into Plug-in Hybrid plug-in hybrid models. The basic configuration of the European standard model, and the details of the European standard Prius Plug-in Hybrid … Read more