How does the European ExoMars spacecraft plan to reach Mars without Russia?

Space missions are canceled for many reasons, from engineering problems to budget issues, but the ExoMars mission, the joint plan by Europe and Russia to send a Mars rover, ran into a complex political issue when Russia invaded Ukraine last year. The European Space Agency (ESA) was working with Russia’s space agency Roscomos on the … Read more

«Green» houses, 70,000 buildings to be made more efficient with the new European energy classes

Do you want to advertise on this site? The “green” turn of the houses could result in a real drain on about 70,000 families in Brescia, however a smaller number than estimated a few months ago. The new directive, which obliges us to improve the energy class of buildings approved by the EU Parliament, causes … Read more

The Milan Stock Exchange was down, followed by the other European markets

(Tiper Stock Exchange) – Piazza Affari is moving in decidedly negative territory. The same downward trend also for the main European stock exchanges. L’Euro / US Dollar shows a modest gain, with an increase of 0.24%. L’Oro the session continued on the rise and advanced to 2,004.2 dollars an ounce. Oil (Light Sweet Crude Oil) … Read more

Squad for European Championship qualifiers in Denmark

Newly appointed confederation captain Annelie Norén has nominated 20 players for EC Qualifier 2, which will be played April 5-11 in Køge, Denmark. Picture: Djurgårds goalkeeper Elvira Björklund is one of the players in the Swedish qualifying squad. The F19 EC is played according to the newer format with promotion and relegation between divisions. In … Read more

LUX film days in Latvia – an opportunity to watch five award-winning European films for free Events

From March 31 to April 4, the annual LUX Film Days of the European Parliament (EP) will be held in Riga, during which five European films nominated for the LUX Audience Award can be watched in person for free. Film Days will open on March 31 with a conversation about European cinema with experts. Five … Read more

Silicon Valley Bank: after the bankruptcy, the European markets remain cautious | TV5MONDE

Caution remains on the European markets this Tuesday, March 14. On Monday, the stock markets closed in sharp decline following the bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank in the United States, despite statements by Joe Biden intended to reassure. All eyes are on the US Central Bank.

THE BALL – Portugal crushes Hungary and takes third place in the European (Futsal)

Portugal thrashed, this Sunday, Hungary, by 12-0, and was in third place in the European women’s futsal. After defeating Spain (2-3), two-time champions, in the semi-finals, the team crushed the hosts with goals from Gabriella Kota, Carla Vanessa (3), Sara Ferreira, Lídia Moreira, Carolina Rocha (2), Fifó (2), Janice Silva and Pisko. After the silver … Read more

Serbia and Kosovo fail to sign the peace plan proposed by the European Union

More than two decades after a deadly war between Kosovar independence rebels and Serbian forces, Belgrade refuses to recognize the independence proclaimed in 2008 by its former province. Progress, but not yet agreed. The leaders of Kosovo and Serbia failed, on Saturday March 18, to sign a text on the normalization of their relations, which … Read more

European Countries Will Boycott, These are the Facts of the ‘Queen’ Dates from Israel

Jakarta – A number of European countries are busy with calls for a boycott of Israeli dates. Muslims across Europe are advised not to buy Israeli dates during Ramadan. “By choosing not to buy Israeli dates this Ramadan, Muslims are sending a clear message to condemn Israel’s illegal occupation and apartheid of Palestine,” said Shamiul … Read more

“Wolves” dramatically reached the semi-finals of the Northern European League

Alytus “Wolves” team in Italy in the return match of the quarter-finals of the Northern European League (ENBL). 87:79 (22:17, 15:23, 16:14, 21:17, 13:8) defeated Kyiv “Budivelnik” club with two Lithuanians after extra time. The guests won the first meeting in Alytus 83:80. With a little more than 4 minutes left in the fourth quarter, … Read more