The Hungarian judge of the General Court of the European Union has died

Berke Barna At the age of 55, Berke Barna, a judge of the General Court of the European Union and former Secretary of State in the Ministry of Justice, died. Berke graduated as a lawyer from Eötvös Loránd University in 1990 and then in 1995 with a Master of Laws degree from Stockholm University. Lawyer, … Read more

Kohl: Nord Stream 2 threatens the development of a single, liberalized and open European market – in Latvia

The completion and further use of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline threatens the development of a single, liberalized and open European market and is likely to hamper investment in alternative energy sources, says Richard Kohl (NA), Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Saeima. As LETA was informed by the Saeima Press Service, … Read more

Tesla almost king. The Model 3 almost surpassed the VW Golf in European sales in June

Only 1,550 units were missing and the June ranking of the best-selling cars in Europe had an unexpected winner. The electric Tesla Model 3 just finished behind the Volkswagen Golf in a monthly order. While VW sold 27,247 Golfs, Elona Muska delivered 25,697 Models 3. This is according to data from the analytical company JATO … Read more

The dates of the most important super matches in the major European leagues

Millions of global football fans, especially European, are waiting for the super matches in the top European leagues for the 2021-2022 season. It is expected that this August will witness many European competitions for the Super Cup, starting with the European Super, then the Spanish, English and Italian Super. The European Super Cup will be … Read more

Former “Morning” legionnaire returns from the Euroleague to the European Cup / News

He found his place in the ranks of Bayern Munich last season D.J. Seeley chose another career stop. The 31-year-old 193 cm tall defender will play in the Budučnost team in Podgorica, such information was officially announced by the club itself. “Budučnost” competes in the Adriatic League and the European Cup – in the last … Read more

The Netherlands will remain red on the European corona map for a week

The corona map is made every Thursday by ECDC, the European equivalent of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). The organization looks at the number of positive tests in the past two calendar weeks and the percentage of positive tests. The card has four colors: green, orange, red and dark red. … Read more

The Netherlands will probably remain red on the European corona map for another week | Inland

The Netherlands may remain a red spot on the corona map of Europe for another week from Thursday. This may mean that the travel restrictions imposed by Germany, France, Norway and other countries for Dutch holidaymakers will remain in force for longer. Countries can impose additional requirements with regard to testing or, for example, quarantine … Read more