Sennheiser announces new Momentum headphones for 349 euros

The Sennheiser Momentum 4 has been officially announced. The new headphones promise top performance for 349 euros. Advertisement Mid June Sennheiser already threw some details of the new Momentum 4 headphones online. This is how we learned that the Momentum 4 was given a striking new design and that Sennheiser promised up to 60 hours … Read more

He spends 5 euros at Scratch and Win, believes he has won 300: instead they were 300 thousand

The man from Fabriano bought a 5 euro scratch card and won 300 thousand: at first he was convinced that he had won just 300 euro. It is said that luck is blind; to tell the truth, this time the protagonist of this story is also the protagonist of this story, the occasional customer of … Read more

Mykonos, 500 euros for 4 drinks and a snack: tourist denounces the place

The Dk Oyster Bar in Mykonos, already at the center of various controversies, returns to make people talk about itself: two beers, two cocktails and a dozen oysters (taken only at the insistence of the waiters) have cost two tourists an arm and a leg. . Two beers, two spritzes and some seafood cost two … Read more

Bosch creates a technical course and awards a scholarship of three thousand euros per year

Bosch de Braga and the Instituto Politécnico do Cávado e do Ave (IPCA), in Barcelos, have just launched a Higher Professional Technical Course (CTeSP) in Industrialization and Intelligent Manufacturing, it was announced today. In a statement, the company explains that the course is aimed at students who show interest in specializing in a technical area … Read more

Is it better to choose a fixed or variable contract for its energy consumption? The difference can reach 3,870 euros!

Published on 08/09 at 04:00 Par Benoit Jacquemart The difference in annual bill between fixed contracts and variable contracts can reach 3,870 euros for a typical Walloon household. Good to know if you need to renew or modify your supply contract. ** **** ***** ******* ** ******* ** ********** ************ **** *** ********* ****** ***** … Read more

It is practically the same as the Toyota RAV4, but smaller and costs 14,000 euros less

The Toyota RAV4 It has long been one of the main references within the dealerships of the Japanese brand. However, as has happened to other mid-size SUVs such as the Volkswagen Tiguan or the Seat Atecaare their ‘little brothers’ who in recent times are stealing a lot of prominence. In the case of Toyotathe best-selling … Read more

Felice Mazzu: “If Amuzu was worth 8 million euros before the match, he might be worth 16 with his double”

Sporting Anderlecht easily won against Seraing (3-1) this Sunday on the occasion of the third day of the Pro League. A result acquired with style for the Mauves, at least as far as the first half is concerned. “Our first period was almost perfect“, immediately confided Happy Mazzu at the microphone of our journalist Lancelot … Read more

WinFuture: Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro get Bluetooth 5.3 and cost 229 euros – Image and sound – News

The upcoming wireless Galaxy Buds2 Pro earphones will cost 229 euros. That writes the German WinFuture. The Samsung earphones would have Bluetooth 5.3, 10mm drivers and 5.3mm tweeters. The South Korean manufacturer will announce the earphones on August 10. The editors of WinFuture In its own words, it received marketing material from the Buds2 earphones, … Read more