Réalités and the Banque des Territoires will invest 112 million euros in the renovation of the Bauer stadium – Le Journal des Entreprises – Loire-Atlantique

The Nantes territorial development group Réalités will join forces with the Banque des Territoires with a view to making an investment of 112 million in the renovation of the Bauer stadium in Saint-Ouen (93), supplemented by a 30,000 m² real estate project. The pre-agreement provides for the creation of two joint ventures linking the Banque … Read more

With a simple intervention, Bert (65) saves up to several hundred euros per month on gas

Bert Coenen keeps the cold out with insulating plates for the windows. — © Ermindo Armino Bert Coenen (65) from Sittard in Limburg, the Netherlands, managed to reduce his gas consumption considerably. A simple trick keeps more heat inside. “When I saw the overview of my consumption, I became enthusiastic.” Geertjan Claessens Wednesday, December 7, … Read more

France: Abducted, kidnapped and tortured for 1000 euros

PostedDecember 7, 2022, 06:24 France: Abducted, kidnapped and tortured for 1000 euros In the Paris region, a 20-year-old young man was kidnapped and beaten up. Abducted in the Hauts-de-Seine, the victim was found in a cellar in Épinay-sur-Seine, in Seine-Saint-Denis. iStock On Monday night in Suresnes (Hauts-de-Seine), in the Paris region, a young man endured … Read more

The company “Carglass” defrauded of 830,848 euros because… of a simple letter from the company D’Ieteren!

The company “Carglass” received a letter from the company D’Ieteren indicating a change of bank account number for future commercial transactions between the two companies. Race results: between September and December 2016, Carglass paid twelve invoices issued by the company D’Ieteren, which represents, in particular, the Porsche, Audi, VW and Seat brands, for a total … Read more

SPECTACULAR theft in England: luxury cars with a total value of 813,000 euros stolen, the police reveal the images

Five luxury cars have been stolen from an industrial unit in Essex, England. The thieves broke into the unit of Bullphanin the east of the country, in November and managed to steal cars with a total value of more than 813,000 euros. The police were called to the unit of Brentwood Road shortly after midnight … Read more

After the scandal about the 3,000 euros donated by the elite – a look at the generosity of Lithuanians: one feature distinguishes us from the Baltic countries

They usually donate several times a year The traditional charity event held at the end of November brought together over 80 distinguished guests under one roof: representatives of businesses and institutions, entrepreneurs, partners developing business both in Lithuania and in France. At the end of the evening, the amount donated reached EUR 3000, which caused … Read more

Will the minimum wage exceed 1700 euros gross for the first time in January 2023?

the essential The minimum wage will increase again in January 2023. The exact amount has not yet been calculated. Projections show that the minimum wage could exceed €1,700 gross for the first time. Soon a SMIC at 1700 €? It’s not sure yet but it’s possible. The high amount of inflation will lead to a … Read more

Argentinian players’ wives leave hotel of 800 euros per night in the middle of the night after yet another problem | Abroad

met videoA moment of panic in the Qatari hotel where players’ wives of the Argentina national team stayed during the World Cup. The electricity went out and there was smoke. The umpteenth problem in the five-star hotel for which Angel Di Maria’s wife, among others, paid 800 euros per night. The entire group of partners … Read more

European technology companies lost 400 billion euros this year. USD values

Photo by Dado Ruvičius (Reuters / Scanpix). Publicly traded and private European technology companies lost around 400 billion euros this year. USD value – according to the calculations of the venture capital company Atomico, the total value of companies decreased from 3.1 trillion. USD peak in 2021 at the end to 2.7 trillion. USD. Atomico, … Read more