The EU pays 300 million euros for six million trees, and we plant six million seeds

In an ideal and eventual history of Italian scoundrels, one day it will probably be impossible not to mention the history of Europe which, with the Pnrr paid Italy to plant about two million trees in its metropolitan cities and received two million seeds in exchange. At the price of three hundred and thirty million … Read more

Faced with the stagnation of several industries, Latvia has potentially lost over a hundred million euros :: Dienas Bizness

It is better to measure seven times and then cut, otherwise the consequences of superficial actions can mean the beginning of the end of important areas of the national economy and they will have to be created literally from scratch or by attracting foreign capital, while the country will suffer hundreds of millions of euros … Read more

Which dryer to choose: Lithuanians pay up to 800 euros, often regret choosing “two in one”

Cheaper dryers, which cost up to 500 euros, account for the smallest part of sales, because they are usually uneconomical and dry poorly. Customers tend to invest in a higher quality device,” says the interviewer. He observes that customers usually choose dryers based on the washing machine they have. If the washing machine is from … Read more

Red Star paid debts in the amount of 13 million euros – Football world – Others

The Serbian football club Red Star has paid all its debts to the state. This was revealed by the general director of the club, Zvezdan Terzic. One of the biggest clubs in Serbia had debts to the state budget in the amount of 13 million euros. All the obligations of Red Star have been paid … Read more

“Villas worth millions of euros.” Latvian realtor for dealings with Putin’s family properties

Russian citizen Stanislav Chekaliev worked in Novogariv for five months until one of the residence facilities was put into operation last fall. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Chekaliev left the country and is currently in Georgia. Stanislav saved drawings of the residence from his former workplace, which he plans to use to create a … Read more

Signed a preliminary contract, withdrawal fee of 20 million euros

While the signing of a new contract with Enner Valencia, whose contract in Fenerbahçe will expire at the end of the season, remains on the agenda, a striking claim came from the Brazilian press. According to the news of Uol from the Brazilian press; Enner wrote that Valencia signed a preliminary contract with the Internacional … Read more

Aramid jeans and leather jacket for less than 100 euros! Combination offer for motorcyclists

XLMOTO now has a great combo: Aramid jeans and leather jacket for only 99.98 euros! Simply choose your favorite jacket and jeans and create your own personal style! The offer on this fantastic motorcycle outfit is only valid until the end of March! Boomer or Beemer?The Boomer jacket is made of buffalo leather, is comfortable … Read more