In the eurozone, inflation is at its highest level ever

The inflation rate, or the growth of prices in a given month compared to those of the same month a year earlier, has been rising continuously for several months in the eurozone countries, and European Union analysts estimate that in the month of November achieved the largest year-on-year increase since recording of this data began, … Read more

The Italian industry is the locomotive of the Eurozone | The HuffPost

KONTROLAB via Getty ImagesFactory in Italy Italian manufacturing has not only recovered from the abyss of the global crisis following the pandemic, but has undermined the German locomotive as the engine of the Eurozone. If our country, in fact, managed to recover pre-covid levels, for France and Germany the full reabsorption of that shock appears … Read more

Slovakia does not want “small”. The price for the purchase in cash will be rounded

One- and two-cent coins end in Slovakia. From the summer of next year, the purchase price in cash will be rounded to the nearest 5 eurocents. The Slovak parliament decided to change the law. With this step, the country wants to reduce the use of small coins, similarly to other countries in the eurozone. When … Read more

The next Czech government does not intend to join the eurozone

The next Czech government does not intend to join the eurozone, Zbi┼ćek Stanjura, a candidate for finance minister, said on Tuesday. Although the five parties in the center-right coalition generally support a possible changeover to the euro, the issue will not be high on the agenda for the next four years. “We have to put … Read more

Central bankers in Central Europe and the eurozone do not understand each other. The apple of contention is the transience of inflation

Central bankers in Central Europe have focused on raising interest rates in the fight against rapidly rising inflation. This is supported by global supply problems and rising energy costs, but also by growing consumer demand and the tight labor market situation, which is pushing up wage increases. According to the estimate of the local statistical … Read more

Departure of Bundesbank boss Weidmann shows tensions in the eurozone

Central banker Jens Weidmann will resign early this year as president of the Bundesbank. His parting words reflect German dissatisfaction with the policies of the European Central Bank (ECB), writes Marijn Jongsma. Weidmann says he is leaving for ‘personal reasons’. Be that as it may, according to Annalisa Piazza, an analyst at asset manager MFS, … Read more

Eurozone retail sales missed expectations in August

Data on Wednesday showed that retail sales in the euro zone missed expectations in August as consumers curbed spending on food, beverages and tobacco. European Union statistics office Eurostat said retail sales, an indicator of consumer demand, in the 19 euro-denominated countries rose 0.3% month-on-month in August, unchanged from the previous year. Economists polled by … Read more

the driver of the vehicle, a minor, had disappeared when the emergency services arrived

Posted on Sunday, October 3, 2021 at 4:08 p.m. This Sunday morning, shortly before 10:30 am, a terrible accident occurred at Boulevard de l’Eurozone. A vehicle, registered in France, crashed into the trailer of a truck parked alongside the road. Several injured were taken to hospital. The driver, a minor, had fled when help arrived. … Read more

Strong growth in eurozone factory activity in September

A survey revealed that manufacturing activities in the euro zone remained strong in September but took a big hit from bottlenecks in supply chains that are likely to persist and keep inflationary pressures at a high level. Factories are suffering from logistical problems, product shortages and a labor crisis caused in large part by the … Read more

Eurozone economy expands 2.2%. Portugal has second highest growth – Economy

The Eurozone economy grew more than expected in the second quarter: it was a 2.2% expansion in the gross domestic product (GDP) created by the countries of the single currency, according to the final data released this Tuesday by Eurostat. Compared to the quick estimate, it represents an upward revision of 0.2 percentage points. “In … Read more