Central – Macron is trying to separate the “nuclear” from the presidency… and visits Lebanon for hours on Christmas Eve

While the Lebanese are witnessing today the eighth “episode” of the chapters of transforming the electoral sessions to elect the President of the Republic into an unfortunate charade that has become the most severe condemnation of the House of Representatives and all the political forces and parliamentary blocs walking in the footsteps of the metamorphosis … Read more

Zara’s transparent dress that will be a trend on New Year’s Eve

Thanks to social networks, with special mention to Instagram, which is the largest fashion showcase that currently exists, we can be up to date, at a single glance, with the trends that are emerging in the world of fashion season after season. Thanks to the work of influencers and celebrities, it is very easy to … Read more

Enduring grief for the death of Bram (12) due to New Year’s Eve slap hammer drama: ‘Our family is missing a link’ | inland

Premium The best of De Telegraaf Door Saskia Bellman 25 nov. 2022 in INTERIOR Sebastian O. Ⓒ petra urban Almelo – He finds it “extremely terrible” what happened. For Sebastiaan O. (38) “never no more fireworks.” But he maintains that he proceeded with his new folding hammer in a well-considered manner on December 31 last … Read more

Eve Angeli confides in her desire to be a mother: “Every month, I am sad when I see that I have my period”

Eve Angeli gave an interview to Public. The 42-year-old singer, married for three years, confided in her desire to become a mother. “It even became a little obsessive (…) Each months for three years, I am sad to see that I have my period. I feel with my dogs that I have this strong maternal … Read more

In these Limburg municipalities you can still set off fireworks on New Year’s Eve (Beringen)

Limburg – Set off fireworks to celebrate the transition to the new year. For some a tradition that should not be broken, for (many) others it is taboo. While last year 18 of the Limburg municipalities allowed fireworks on New Year’s Eve, at least 23 municipalities are now introducing a total ban. “An evolution that … Read more

France remain without Benzema on the eve of the PK

The 34-year-old Benzema suffered an injury in training on Saturday, the treatment of which will take three weeks, the French Football Federation announced. The French national team can call up another player until Monday, but on Sunday national team head coach Didier Deschamps revealed that the French will not add to the squad, as the … Read more

On the eve of the World Cup, Infantino rises against ‘moral lessons’

Fifa President Gianni Infantino said on Saturday that he felt “Arab”, “gay”, “migrant worker”, strongly criticizing, on the eve of the kick-off of the World Cup-2022, the “moral lessons” of detractors of Qatar, which according to him are “hypocrisy”. In a press conference, the Italian-Swiss leader highlighted his Italian origins to ensure that he felt … Read more

CCP Games announces dates for EVE Fanfest 2023

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Meloni on raves calls for compliance with the rules. What courage, on the eve of the fiscal truce

Very hilarious. After that decree law against the rave which seems written by a government of a banana republic, the prime minister said – defending a provision clearly liberticide – that we are no longer “the Banana Republic. This Italy is over here ”. And so Giorgia Meloniwanting to defend the indefensible, that is a … Read more

Group rape on New Year’s Eve in Primavalle, the victim of the pack attempts suicide: “I wanted to hurt myself, it’s all my fault”

It’s been over a year since a 16-year-old would first be drugged with Gbl (the so-called “rape drug») And subsequently it was victim of sexual abuse by at least five boys during a party organized in a private house a Primavalle in Rome, during the New Year’s 2021. The young woman, who in the meantime … Read more