New and terrifying predictions by the famous astronomer Michel Hayek refer to frightening events in which the hair of the head will turn gray.. predictions that are the first of their kind for this Arab country!

In new predictions for the famous fortune-teller, Michel Hayek, she heads about what is happening in an Arab country, the pioneers of the communication sites re-published and shared predictions for the Lebanese astronomer Michel Hayek during a broadcast carried by the Lebanese channel MTV about the predictions for the year 2021. Hayek saw “a retreat … Read more

Take-off Mercedes, Red Bull hypercar and other industry events – Autoreview

A month ago Mercedes-Benz announced, which will reduce the entry-level Entry Luxury range from seven to four models. The German edition of Handelsblatt found out which cars will be laid off. The main candidates are in the title photo: this is a Mercedes A-class hatchback and sedan, as well as a B-class compact van. The … Read more

The largest sptritz in the world will be prepared at the gates of Milan Events in Milan

The largest spritz in the world will be born on the outskirts of Milan and more precisely at the Fiordaliso shopping center in Rozzano on the afternoon of Thursday 30 June. The measures are impressive. The cocktail (over a thousand liters) will be made strictly following the original recipe in a huge glass 1.60 meters … Read more

Municipal ballot 2022, the numbers and the official composition of the municipal council The photos

The Council Chamber of the Municipality of Santeramo in Colle © The operations of ballot following the ballot useful to elect the new mayor of Santeramo. In the end, as already announced in the night from (which followed all the phases of this electoral campaign), it was Vincenzo Casone (candidate for mayor of … Read more

Municipal ballot, turnout at 19:00

Municipal 2022 © nc New data on the turnout of this ballot Sunday useful for electing the new mayor of Santeramo. At 19:00, time of the second survey of voters, 7,674 voters voted, equal to 32.10% of those entitled. At 12.00, the Municipal Electoral Office has registered 4,077 voters out of 23,907 equal to 17.05% … Read more

Monkeypox spreads at big events in Los Angeles, health officials say

The number of confirmed cases of monkeypox in Los Angeles County has risen to 22, which health officials say has spread widely among men who have sex with men who recently attended big events. Most recent cases involve people who have not traveled out of the country or out of state, as was the case … Read more

Comeback of the event industry: Too many events, not enough staff

Thomas Schlittler («Observer») For two years, the event industry had to go under. The corona waves swallowed concert after concert. The fear of exploding case numbers prevented festivals and company parties. But now Swiss artists and organizers are celebrating their big comeback – and with them thousands of caterers, stage builders, sound engineers, security guards … Read more

Zhu Yilong’s movie “Life Events” was released today, and the poster was praised as a must-see healing masterpiece in the post-epidemic era jqknews

Produced by Han Yan, written and directed by Liu Jiangjiang, starring Zhu Yilong, Yang En specially introduced the role, and Wang Ge was invited to star in the movie “Life Events” starring Liu Lu and Luo Jingmin, which was officially released nationwide today (June 24). Previously, the film scored as high as 9.7 on Tao … Read more

Possibility of “political paralysis” in France. Carousel of events in and around Ukraine / LR1 / / Latvijas Radio 1

At a time when the summer solstice is being celebrated in Latvia and elsewhere in Europe, European Union leaders are gathering for a summit that is especially important for Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. It is these days that the possible granting of candidate status to the European Union will be discussed. In parallel with these … Read more