CAF announces its official decision regarding the events of the match between Tunisia and Mali in the Nations Cup | Football

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) announced today, Friday, its official decision regarding the controversial events in the match between Tunisia and Mali, on Wednesday evening, in the 2021 Nations Cup, which is currently being held in Cameroon. The match ended with Mali’s 1-0 victory at Olympia Stadium in the first round of Group F … Read more

10 Astronomical Events That Will Happen In 2022

-ADV C1 – Aviation Research Institute and space (Lapan) has shared information about astronomical phenomena that will appear in 2022. Through its official Instagram account, @lapan_ri uploaded a list of interesting astronomical phenomena in 2022 on 30/12/2022. As happened in previous years. Aviation Research Organization and space predicts that this year will appear phenomena that … Read more

this clairvoyant predicts the great events of 2022 thanks to… asparagus!

Posted on Thursday, January 13, 2022 at 11:26 a.m. Through Sudinfo Not everyone believes in clairvoyance, but Jemima’s method intrigues all of us. Indeed, this Briton reads the future thanks to… asparagus. Jemima Packington, alias “The Asparamancer” (or literally in French “L’aspergemancer”), has her little reputation in Great Britain. Indeed, this seer has a rather … Read more

These are the spring’s eight Norwegian films

Three should have been seen last year – but now they are ready. Among other things, “Kampen om Narvik” has a new premiere date on 18 March. «The Viking Wolf» – premiere 18 February “The Viking Wolf” is the first Norwegian film out in 2022 – and is a werewolf film with a woman in … Read more

African Cup: A painful defeat for Egypt against Nigeria’s Eagles | Sports | Reports and analysis of the most important sporting events from DW Arabic | DW

The Egyptian national team fell into the trap of losing against its Nigerian counterpart, zero 1 During the match that brought them together on Tuesday evening (January 11, 2022), in the first round of Group D of the African Nations Cup, currently being held in Cameroon. The Nigerian team (Green Eagles) owes this victory to … Read more

The famous astronomer Michel Hayek..detonates horrific events that will cause her hair to turn gray..and expectations are the strongest of their kind for this Arab country?

2022/01/10 It’s 08:00 a.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite In new predictions for the famous fortune-teller, Michel Hayek, a head about what is happening in an Arab country, the pioneers of the communication sites re-published and shared predictions for the Lebanese astronomer Michel Hayek during a broadcast carried by the Lebanese channel MTV about predictions … Read more

The blind clairvoyant Baba Vanga predicts 7 shocking and imminent events that will shake the world in the New Year 2022.. Here are its details!

Many different predictions are made by many in the new year 2022, and there are many famous clairvoyants around the world, including the famous blind clairvoyant “Baba Vanga”, who gave their opinion. The blind Bulgarian fortune-teller or “Baba Vanga”, her real name is Angelia Goshterova, became famous in the world because of her strange and … Read more

Dax Rock Rider infected with covids, explains timeline, postpones all events

Dax Rock Rider reports he has contracted COVID-19 along with the timeline Initially, everyone in the family and close people tested negative for ATK. If there are additional updates, we will inform you. By today, 5 Jan. 2022 Dax Rock Rider Posted to inform the news on his own Facebook that “Due to “Dex – … Read more

Hybrid Telewizja HbbTV TVN Behawiorysta Player Polsat Events Dorota Gawryluk

Hybrid TV is available via terrestrial (cable and satellite operators rarely invest in this technology). To use it, you must have a TV or tuner capable of receiving HbbTV services and connect this device to the Internet. Hybrid TV works on most new TV sets, much less often on cheaper tuners for digital terrestrial TV. … Read more

Green Pass and No Vax, after the events in Turin, Unito distances itself from Mattei: “His are personal positions”

“The University of Turin intends to clarify that the words uttered by Ugo Mattei on the occasion of the No Vax demonstration on Saturday in Turin clearly express a personal position and that they do not in any way represent the common feeling widespread in the university community”. in a note the University of Turin … Read more