How to Sell NFT Works like Ghozali Everyday on OpenSea

Jakarta – Ghozali Everyday received Rp 1.5 billion from the sale of his selfie photo NFT. This 7th semester student of Animation Study Program, Faculty of Computer Science, Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus) Semarang, sells the NFT work on the OpenSea marketplace. How do you sell NFT works like this student whose real name is Sultan … Read more

Examples of Longitudinal Waves in Everyday Life – Longitudinal wave is one of a kind wave based on the direction of vibration and propagation. Wave The longitudinal direction of vibration and the direction of propagation are parallel. What is an example longitudinal wave in everyday life? Example of a longitudinal wave are sound waves, sonic explosions, ultrasonic waves, and also seismic … Read more

Promo JSM Alfamart until January 9, 2022, Everyday Products at Low Prices

KONTAN.CO.ID – This latest JSM Alfamart promo is valid until January 9, 2022. The JSM Alfamart promo provides many discounts for daily necessities products on weekends. Entering Friday, the JSM Alfamart promo offers an attractive offer. JSM itself is an abbreviation that is common for fans of discounts on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Launching @alfamart … Read more

Heroes of everyday life. Canra emigrated to Canada – about Italian betrayal and luxurious life and why the New Year must be met

Andra Vaidilaitė – because of her talent, the whole family emigrated to Canada, and today she is a world champion enjoying a luxurious life. The 32-year-old woman is open about her marriage to an Italian and the painful betrayal of her ex-partner. Another topic: why is it necessary to welcome the New Year with a … Read more

Pre-declaration Lee Geum-hee “‘Morning Madang’, I woke up at 5 a.m. every day for 18 years… 23,400 interviewed only” (‘Along with the Gods 2’)

[스포츠조선 고재완 기자] Announcer Lee Geum-hee tells the story behind her appearance in the program ‘Morning Madang’, which she has been running for 18 years. Announcer Lee Geum-hee will appear as a guest on the 19th episode of Channel S’s ‘Along with the Gods 2’, which airs on the 10th. Along with this, the appearance … Read more

“¯ony Miami”. Get to know the luxurious life of the heroines of the new reality-show. Their everyday life is a true American dream

More information about participants of popular TV programs can be found at The first episode of the program “Wives of Miami” was released on Monday, December 6 on In the new reality show, viewers will have the opportunity to learn more about the stories of five women living in one of the most … Read more

Heroes of everyday life. Why Montvyd has no friends and hasn’t been in the world of entertainment and directors traveling around the world

Donatas Montvydas frankly – about family and the price of fame. “I wasn’t looking for a short-term relationship, I wanted a family,” says the singer, assuring her that living with him is far from easy. Why doesn’t he have so many friends? For what has he received from his father a cross over his face? … Read more

“Very Normal Deer” Switch / PS4 / Xbox / Steam full version is now available “DEEEER Simulator: Your Average Everyday Deer Game”

Game publisher Playism announced that the game “Very ordinary deer The full version of “DEEEER Simulator” is now available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft store, and Steam. The download version is 1,980 yen including tax, and the DLC version is 500 yen including tax. Only the Nintendo Switch and … Read more

this dangerous everyday drink accelerates aging

Read laterSavedFollow #Health# Health Tracking According to American scientists, this sugary drink is very bad for your health. In addition to making you gain “bad weight”, it also accelerates skin aging. What is this “poisonous” drink? If we often talk about “miracle” drinks that make your body healthier, it’s also important to talk about which … Read more