“Resolve the 24th exam” ChatGPT-Bad-Bing Who is the winner?

Comparing ‘Conversational AI’ It’s only been a year since Google heralded the era of ‘interactive search’ at the developer conference I/O in May of last year. Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) ChatGPT is changing the way humans understand the world. Can the generated AIs of Naver and Kakao survive in the onslaught of foreign AIs who … Read more

Professor had ChatGPT take a Dutch exam and this happened

No matter how well formulated your answers are, they must be error-free. Did ChatGPT do that too? Yes, says Van Oostendorp. It was completely flawless. Otherwise, that would have resulted in a five-point deduction. “That was not the case at all in this case.” The professor of modern languages ​​and cultures at Radboud University entered … Read more

ChatGPT math exam performance worse than expected

Home / Artificial Intelligence Like ChatGPT, which is used in many sectors from education to programming. artificial intelligence bots, engaged in an interesting study. Having passed the most difficult exams of fields such as medicine, business and law before ChatGPT fails the math reported. According to research, ChatGPT lags behind students in accounting exams. ChatGPT … Read more

We have visitors: Argentina takes an exam every 3 months | The United States does not loosen the knife it holds at the neck of the country

“No ruler can rule with a knife to his throat.”, said Lula on Thursday when attending the inauguration of Dilma Rousseff as president of the Development Bank created by the BRICS. The phrase pointed to the relationship of the IMF with Argentina. Mauricio Macri left the country on the brink of the abyss and every … Read more


STORY-BASED INTERVENTION SET The “Story-Based Intervention Set” was prepared by the Ministry of National Education especially for students with autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disability. The set, which was prepared by the General Directorate of Special Education and Guidance Services of the Ministry of National Education, was presented to the use of teachers and students … Read more

They ask to lower the costs of the exam that Aviation Medicine will apply

There are many points to clarify in the Mandatory Circular that will enter into force on April 17 Pablo Chavez Meza Although the modifications that were made known in the single circular for the medical evaluation and obtaining the certificate of psychophysical aptitude of the Aeronautical Technical Personnel (PTA), are good, certain elements still need … Read more

Index – Abroad – From now on, it may be more difficult to obtain and keep a driver’s license

We previously reported that, according to a draft from Brussels, the rules for driving in the European Union would be significantly tightened. In the future, all elderly people over 70 will have to prove that they are still fit to drive, and every five years. There are still many unclear details, but the European Union … Read more

Project choir – a tradition breaker? Failing the gymnasium exam. Television and radio will not be moved. Review of the week

Christopher Walsh-Sinka. “Exam in progress” sign. Latvian Radio building in Dome square LA.LV collage. “Latvijas Avīze”, JSC “Latvijas Mediji” Most read Hackers hacks the account and changes the order to the Russian army – instead of drones they will be delivered intimate goods VIDEO. “I’m not asking to give 20 thousand, but a couple of … Read more