In Riga Anniņmuiža secondary school, 59 students were exempted from exams, only four – without reason

At the request of the education colleagues, the VI conducted the examination of the medical certificates of students exempted from exams in two schools of the Riga microdistrict – Riga Purvciema High School for 18 students of the 12th grade and Riga Anniņmuiža High School for 27 students of the 12th grade and 32 students … Read more

She takes driving exams for 150 different people by masquerading as a scammer

He charged 800 pounds to conduct driving tests for other people, mostly immigrants who didn’t speak English, earning over 120,000 pounds over the years, having done it at least 150 times. A 29-year-old from Swansea, Wales, UK was sentenced to 8 months in prison after pleading guilty. The scam was possible thanks to the fact … Read more

“Only 4 out of 741 students passed their year”: parents and students are discouraged, UCLouvain calls for the numbers to be qualified

Several psychology students at UCLouvain as well as parents of students have contacted us to express their surprise at the success rate in the first year of the Bachelor’s degree as well as the success thresholds for these exams. The spokeswoman for the university called for the figures to be nuanced and attributed the problem … Read more

The US fines EY 94 million for cheating in its accountants’ certification exams | companies

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC, for its acronym in English) has imposed a fine of 100 million dollars (94.4 million euros) on the professional services firm EY for having cheated for several years in the official certification exams that their accountants must pass, as reported in a statement. This is the largest … Read more

how the national health system changes, from visits to exams

How does the health care out of hospitals after the earthquake Covid? The ministry of Salute has launched a reform that changes the methods of access to the services and treatments proposed by the medici. They range from home care whenever possible, including through the telemedicine ai family nurses to manage chronic conditions, to the … Read more

Willy Gnonto takes his final exams: ‘I’m afraid of math, if it were a match I’d be calmer’ – Football

Smiling and ready to take the first written test for the maturity, Willy Gnonto, eighteen-year-old striker of the Italian national football team, arrived in Busto Arsizio in the province of Varese, to take the Italian test at the ‘Marco Pantani’ sports science high school. It is the same school where, in 2018, two other athletes, … Read more

Pascoli, “The via ferrata”: the poem proposed for the final exams

It is taken from the collection “Myrycae, the last walk” of Giovanni Pasturespoetry “The via ferrata“proposal to students for maturity. It consists of 3 stanzas (two triplets and a quatrain) of hendecasyllables. The rhymes follow the pattern: ABA CBC DEDE. This is the trace of the section Type A – Analysis and interpretation of a … Read more

The mask will not be mandatory during the final exams: the decision of the government

In the end, permissivists got it right: the mask it will not be mandatory for state exams, but only recommended. This was decided by the ministers of health Roberto Speranza and education Patrizio Bianchi who held a meeting on the reopening of the school in September in the presence and in safety. A meeting which … Read more

At the eighth grade and maturity exams, only recommended mask – Politics

At the state exams, both of the first and second cycle, the obligation to wear the mask will be removed, which will only be recommended. A rule will therefore be proposed to the next Council of Ministers, which will then be followed by an explanatory circular to schools. This is what we learn in these … Read more