They brutally murdered a five-year-old son. Cardiff Crown Court handed down exceptional sentences

A judge at Cardiff Crown Court told the trio they were “all responsible for Logan’s death and all the suffering that sounds fluent”. The man, woman and teenager were found guilty on April 21. The judge said their attack on a “defenseless boy” was an “absolutely horrific act”. Five-year-old Logan’s body was found by police … Read more

The world also appreciated the exceptional Slovak wages. Only one person knows the recipe

Font:A–|A+ The discussion is not open Did you know that when you buy a fresh spa return from the window, you are not buying a fresh return? It is not possible to make a stuffed return quickly. First you have to make the dough, then bake in return, then smear it with a filling and … Read more

An exceptional astronomical phenomenon adorns the skies of Algeria

Lotfi.i – The sky of Algeria witnessed, at dawn today, Wednesday, an exceptional and wonderful astronomical convergence between five bright planets and the moon. The Research Center in Astronomy, Astrophysics and Geophysics stated in a post on its official Facebook page that the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. As well as the moon, … Read more

Report: in the heart of Tasiast, visit of an exceptional Mauritanian gold mine

Par Anas Ben Slimane, reporter. The mining company Tasiast invited 14 Mauritanian journalists and media representatives on Saturday June 11 and Sunday June 12 to two discovery days at the mining site located in the Inchiri region, 300 kilometers northeast of Nouakchott. Between the technical specificities of the mine and lively discussions with employees and … Read more

Asta Valentaitė and her fiancée visited a horse race: the model looked stunning, an exceptional detail caught the eye

These traditional races bring together guests dressed in a wide variety of hats every year, and the focus is, of course, on the performance of the royal family. A. Valentaitė has published many photos from a huge event on social networks, which she visited for the first time. The model impressed followers and friends with … Read more

An exceptional duel between the sea David and Goliath. The photographer couldn’t believe his eyes

The shark tried to capture the turtle in Australia. But she cleverly used her carapace to protect herself. The photographer managed to film the whole dramatic fight. He described it as the wildest thing he had ever seen. 0:59 Video: Associated Press, Video The breathtaking fight in the ocean eventually ended in the unlikely success … Read more

“We will have to be on the lookout”: an exceptional phenomenon will take place in the sky from June 14

It is an extremely rare event that will occur in the sky next week. From June 14, the majority of the planets of the solar system will indeed be observable at the same time from Earth, thanks to an unprecedented rapprochement. Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, as well as the Moon, will thus be visible … Read more

L.Kisielius: about the exceptional demand of “Rytas” fans, caught players, message to V.Šeškas and plans for next season portal – the second part of the MISsMATCH conversation with Laimonu Kisieliumi. He has played at the Vilnius Rytas Club and knows the demand for these fans. True, a veteran makes no secret of the fact that fan conversations with players that were in the past may not always be beneficial. “It simply came … Read more


A colorful escape! It is through this process that Melick Kaboré, alias Retrokab, regained a taste for life after confinement. The artist photographer exhibits his works at the Studio quatorzerohuit gallery until the end of June. “Retrospection” is a simplistic reading of life while highlighting details that escape collective memory. The gift being acquired, Retrokab … Read more