“The obligatory mask outdoors is excessive”

What do you think of the mask-wearing obligations which are becoming more widespread in the territory? For me, they are not justified, whether on an epidemiological or health level. I have the impression that these are measures which are decided in a unilateral political manner and that the executive relies less and less on expert … Read more

Do you suffer from excessive sweating? You can do this

What is Excessive Sweating? Excessive sweating is characterized by excessive sweat production in certain areas of the body, for no apparent reason such as sports or hot weather. Common places where sweat production can increase are the armpits, feet and hands. Often times, excessive sweating is accompanied by an unpleasant smell. This is due to … Read more

Xi Jinpin’s Excessive Obsession and Ambition: Until Plan for the Economy by 2035, Expert: Want to Be the Second Mao Zedong to Lead to Death? – All Pages

Sosok.ID – Obsession Xi Jinping for the sake of advancing China and making his country into a superpower defeating the US seems really well planned. However Xi Jinping not just obsessed with it. Apparently, along with his ‘Chinese Dream’ vision, he also wanted to be President for life China. Also Read: It’s like staying with … Read more

Wireless chargers pinned for excessive consumption

A full charge on a wireless device consumes 47% more electricity than a cable. Wireless chargers allow compatible phones to be charged without plugging them in. Olga Yastremska/New Africa – stock.adobe.com More and more widespread, wireless chargers allow compatible phones to be charged without plugging them in, simply by placing them on a case. A … Read more

WHO shows concern at the excessive increase in global cases of COVID-19 in the last 6 weeks

The director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesussaid on Monday that will reconvene the Emergency Committee for Thursday in order to reevaluate the pandemic of COVID-19, after global cases of the disease from this virus have doubled in the last six weeks. Noting that this Thursday (July 30) marks six months … Read more

Often considered healthy, it turns out that excessive eating of garlic can have fatal consequences, how come?

Tribune Kaltim – Tribunnews.com Excessive garlic can be fatal to health Often considered healthy, apparently eating Garlic Excessively Can Have Fatal Results, How come? Sajiansedap.com – garlic will definitely be very easy to find in every home. garlic become one of the must-have spices that must be owned by mothers at home. The reason is, … Read more

Absenteeism, excessive bonuses… The Court of Auditors pins Pôle emploi

In a report released Thursday, and entitled “the management of Pôle emploi, ten years after its creation”, the Court of Auditors combs the public operator’s policy between 2012 and 2019. The recent increase in staff, to 1,000 jobs, on fixed-term contracts over three years, announced in summer 2019 at the same time as the unemployment … Read more

US Deploys Ship Against Venezuela’s “Excessive Maritime Claim”

The United States maintains that the Navy operated in international waters, outside the 12 nautical miles that are within Venezuelan jurisdiction. By: AFP 08:01 PM / 15/07/2020 The United States deployed a warship in the Caribbean this Wednesday, July 15, off the coast of Venezuela, in response to an “excessive maritime claim” by Caracas for … Read more

Anti-cancer drugs sold at EXCESSIVE prices by pharma giant Aspen: threatened by the Commission, it makes a gesture

Threatened by an investigation by the European Commission, the South African pharmaceutical company Aspen has offered to commit to reducing the prices of certain anticancer drugs by 73% on average in Europe for the next ten years, reports the association of defenses of Consumers Test-Purchases. The pharmaceutical company Aspen sells vital medicines in the treatment … Read more