Boston Celtics beat the Memphis Grizzlies and left the table set for an exciting finish in the West | Argentina

Those of Taylor Jenkins were clearly outmatched by a team of Brad Stevens that gave full shooting to their headlines, winning 122-107. The fight for the play-in takes even more heat for the last day. By Juan Estevez @ JuanEstevez90 Any hopes the Memphis Grizzlies of what Boston to give rest to their figures, … Read more

PlayStation Store reveals exciting new PS5 details

By Rodolfo Leon 0 COMMENTS 29/09/2020 6:14 pm Sony still does not disclose new information about the PlayStation 5, so fans have had to do a bit more research for additional details on this upcoming console. Thanks to PlayStation Store, and some very curious programmers, we have obtained information about a few news that we … Read more

Playing Augmented Reality Games Is More Exciting and Smooth during the Pandemic With a 90Hz Screen

Online games have become the most popular way for young people to pass the time during the Covid-19 pandemic which has caused them to stay more in their homes. – Whether we like it or not, the people now have to stay at home more. The reason is, the transmission of the Covid-19 virus … Read more

When will the KYK dormitory and scholarship application be made in 2020? Exciting waiting for KYK scholarship and dormitory applications

WHEN WILL THE KYK SCHOLARSHIP AND DORMITORY APPLICATION BE MADE? The Ministry of Youth and Sports made a statement on KYK dormitory applications on Twitter. In the statement made, it was stated that the process will be determined according to the calendar announced by the Higher Education Council. The statement stated the following; The General … Read more

Cinema expert recommends exciting series for watching the marathon – Cinema

Many of us have experienced a series watching marathon or “binge watching” when you watch a series, one series after another, until you find that you have watched half the season. Recent research shows that 40% of TV viewers in the world can watch a movie or series for 1-3 hours without interruption, while 20% … Read more

Exciting explanation for YKS preference results: When will University (YKS) preference results be announced?

OSYM President Aygün: In the next week… Prof. Dr. Aygün shared his Twitter account on the Higher Education Institutions Exam (2020-YKS). Head of Assessment, Selection and Placement Center Prof. Dr. Halis Aygün stated that the controls for the 2020-YKS placement processes continue and that they will announce the results of the placement within the next … Read more

“It will give us more time to make it more exciting and fun”: Jennifer Aniston sees the bright side of “Friends” being postponed again

The Sandinista leader has announced the construction of an interoceanic canal, the putting into orbit of a satellite, a deep-water port and the largest refinery in Central America, among other gigantic projects. None have passed the model.

Exciting statements from Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister

Firas bin Ahmed Although Cristiano scored twice against Lyon (2-1) on Friday, Juventus left the Champions League after losing the first leg with no response. After the match ended, the “Don” sister, Elma Aveiro, hurried to write a controversial post, leaving behind many interpretations: “I am proud when I watch you play. I am happy … Read more