Iran – Condemns executions: – Stop immediately

The Norwegian authorities strongly condemn the execution of the Iranian protesters Mohammad Mehdi Karami and Mohammad Hosseini. – We ask the Iranian authorities to respond to the protests with significant reforms, and to immediately stop all executions, says Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt in a press release. CHALLENGES: On Sunday 4 December, the news came that … Read more

Morality police disbanded: Iran just trying to distract from oppression and executions?

executions carried out Iran disbands moral police 05.12.2022, 09:38 am Iran has been rocked by protests for weeks. The target of the criticism is the vice squad, which monitors compliance with the mullahs’ strict dress code. Now the police will be disbanded. Critics fear that nothing will change anyway. According to the Attorney General in … Read more

Iran executes four men for Israel intelligence service

AFP NOS News•Sunday, 10:55 Iran has executed four men accused of collaborating with Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency, Iranian state media report. The Supreme Court handed down the four men’s death sentences on Wednesday. According to the verdict, the men stole and destroyed private and public property and kidnapped and interrogated individuals for the Mossad. Three … Read more

Index – Interior – The bomb dropped by the Kúria could wipe out tens of thousands of executions

With a little exaggeration, thousands of foreign currency borrowers who are being executed may receive a Christmas present – this is what dr. Lajos Krizsa is a lawyer. Even now, my back hurts because of the precedent-setting decision of the Court, which allows thousands of foreign currency borrowers to be exempted from enforcement says dr. … Read more

When the death penalty becomes torture – Alessio Marchionna

On the evening of November 17, Alabama canceled at the last moment the execution of the death sentence against Kenneth Eugene Smith, a man convicted in 1988 of the murder of Elizabeth Dorlene Sennett. Said like this, it sounds like news that has already been heard. In recent years, an execution has often been canceled … Read more

Many questions about killed Russians in Ukrainian video, UN wants investigation

Telegram NOS News•Monday, 6:06 PM•Amended Monday, 21:14 Christian Paauwe Foreign Editor Christian Paauwe Foreign Editor “Which one of you is an officer?” a Ukrainian soldier shouts on the video. Russians come out of a farmhouse with their hands up and lay down next to each other on the ground. “Is everyone outside?” the Ukrainian continues … Read more

Claims Iran will execute arrested protesters

Iran has been marked by demonstrations and riots ever since the death of 22-year-old Kurdish-Iranian Mahsa Amini after a clash with the Iranian morality police for not wearing the hijab properly. Several thousand have been arrested, and several protesters have also been killed in confrontations with Iranian police. Nevertheless, thousands of people, mostly young people … Read more

The UN dossier on the atrocities of the conflict: “Children raped and killed, executions and torture”

Bombing of civilians, torture, sexual violence, executions. “Based on the evidence gathered by the Commission of Inquiry, it concluded that war crimes were committed in Ukraine.” Erik Mose, president of the commission set up in May to investigate war crimes committed in Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion last February 24, said yesterday, … Read more

An investigation into 74 executions of collaborators in the Ardennes at the end of the war: a name comes up, that of “Captain Freddy”

With accounts obtained from the last living witnesses, two Belgian authors, Yves Moerman and Véronique Sapin, in a book they published by Jourdan, attribute to the Athos network, which emerged from the resistance,… Take advantage of our current offer and access to all our articles in unlimited