It may remove it from existence .. The former Minister of Irrigation explains the dangers of the Renaissance Dam

10:00 am Monday 19 July 2021 Books – Ahmed Massad: A number of experts confirmed that the absence of information and data and the failure to reach a binding agreement regarding the filling and operation of the Renaissance Dam will negatively affect the Sudanese Roseires dam, which is the closest dam to the “Renaissance,” which … Read more

Lee Soon-jong and Park Jun-sik’s solo exhibitions ‘Wish’ and ‘Existence’… Exploring abstract questions

The Gyeonggi Creation Center will hold a solo exhibition of two artists, Soonjong Lee and Junsik Park, from the 14th to the 31st of March. In this exhibition, the first of its kind in 2011, Lee Soon-jong exhibits works under the themes of ‘The Mystery’ and Park Jun-sik’s ‘Towards Abraxas’. Soonjong Lee planned this exhibition … Read more

Scientists have announced the existence of only one Earth-like planet | News | News

Scientists have found only one planet in our galaxy, which is similar in size and conditions to Earth. It is reported by Forbes citing research published in the Royal Astronomical Society Monthly Notes. “Despite an article published last year that our galaxy could have 300 million ‘potentially habitable’ planets, a new study refutes this view. … Read more

[아하! 우주] 29 stars with high probability of existence of life confirmed… “Earth broadcasts can be received”

Of the thousands of planets discovered so far beyond the solar system, 29 have been identified with the highest potential for life. According to a joint research team from the Department of Astronomy at Cornell University, the Carl Sagan Institute, and the Astrophysical Research Department of the National Museum of Natural History in New York, … Read more

These 5 Scientists Reveal The Real Existence Of Aliens

JAKARTA – After the Pentagon’s report on the existence of UFOs leaked to the public, speculation about their whereabouts was immediate Alien resurfaced. These five scientists answered clearly about the existence of aliens, both on Earth and in outer space. Reported Sciencealert, Pentagon documents regarding the existence of UFOs are expected to be released on … Read more

Plansee Group celebrates 100 years of existence

economy The global high-performance materials manufacturer Plansee, based in Breitenwang in Tyrol, celebrates its 100th anniversary on Monday. Exactly 100 years ago on June 21, company founder Paul Schwarzkopf came to Reutte for the first time. 21.06.2021 05.59 Online since yesterday at 5.59 a.m. Due to the corona, the anniversary is to be celebrated with … Read more

ECB Governing Council confirms that the existence of exceptional circumstances continues to justify the exclusion of certain exposures from the leverage ratio

Press release June 18, 2021 ECB Governing Council confirms that the existence of exceptional circumstances continues to justify the exclusion of certain exposures from the leverage ratio The Board of Governors issues an opinion confirming that the exceptional circumstances justifying the exclusion of certain exposures from the leverage ratio continue to exist The opinion is … Read more

The father of the alleged decades admitted that he had not seen the children. The family does not believe in their existence

The South African newspaper Pretoria News reported on the birth of tithes last Monday. The shocking news came just weeks after Malijka Halima Cisse gave birth to nine-year-olds. This is one of the reasons why many people thought that the information was not true, especially when the South African authorities stated that they had no … Read more

Artificial intelligence confirms the existence of 50 new planets

A new computer algorithm has found fifty exoplanets. The algorithm analyzed a large group of candidate planets and then separated the real and ‘fake’ planets. In recent decades, thousands of planets have been discovered around other stars. Often these planets are traced using the transit method. A telescope stares at a star for a long … Read more

Windows 95 celebrates 25 years of existence – ICT actualité

This August 24, it is a quarter of a century that Microsoft launched Windows 95. The arrival of the operating system has taught us to know the start button and the dance steps of Bill Gates. Windows 95 succeeded Windows 3.1, released in 1992, and was visually a whole different system from its predecessor. We … Read more