Amazing opportunities for Aries, unexpected expenses hinder T…

ARIES Today tense moments are not ruled out, but in general the day will be good. You will notice opportunities that others have missed and you will try to take advantage of each one of them. Difficult tasks will not scare you and you will tackle them with enthusiasm. Relax in the company of loved … Read more

730/2023 separated couples, from the mortgage to the expenses of the children all the clarifications

When we separate it can get complicated too fill out the tax return. In fact, if the separated spouse does not have an income exceeding 2840.51 euros, he is still considered to be the responsibility of the othereven if by now they are legally separated (it should be remembered, however, that the effects of the … Read more

How Denis Masseglia, the ex-president of the French Olympic Committee, wanted to conceal the total amount of his expenses

Denis Masseglia, in Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis), April 14, 2021. FRANCK FIFE / AFP We knew the volcano had been awake for a while, but the violence of the eruption which shook the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF) does not fail to astonish. Thursday, May 25, the body must hold its general assembly, at the … Read more

ABLV Bank’s liquidation expenses reach 180.856 million euros

Liquidated “ABLV BankThe liquidators recovered assets in the amount of 826,000 euros in April this year, which is 44.1% more than a month earlier, when the bank’s assets were recovered in the amount of 573,000 euros, according to the bank’s public information. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Among them, 430,000 euros were recovered … Read more

730, when does the payroll refund arrive? Dates and list of deductible expenses. From May 11, submission pre-compiled online

Tax declaration Irpef of natural persons received in 2022. On the website of theRevenue Agency The declaration models have been available for days, both the income model and the 730. From Thursday 11 May it will be possible to accept the model, modify it and send it. 730 pre-compiled 2023, the new model arrives: all … Read more

FC Barcelona | How to reduce 200 million in expenses to sign Messi

05/05/2023 Act. a las 08:43 CEST He Viability Plan that FC Barcelona has introduced him to the Professional Football League (LFP) to be able to undertake the signing of Leo Messias well as the rest of the operations that allow the construction of a competitive squad for the coming seasonsgoes inexorably to reduce the expenses … Read more

Payment of Regular Hajj Expenses Extended, Which Congregation is Entitled to Pay it Off?

Director of Domestic Hajj Services Saiful Mujab Jakarta (Ministry of Religion) — Payment for 1444 H Hajj Travel Expenses (Bipih) for regular pilgrims was due to close on 5 May 2023. However, there are still 14,356 quotas that have not been filled so that payment has been extended to 12 May 2023. So, who are … Read more

The Increase in Royalty Expenses Impacts ADRO’s Profits, See the Stock Recommendations

ILLUSTRATION. The increase in royalty expenses began to impact ADRO’s net profit. BETWEEN PHOTOS/Prasetyo Utomo/kye/17. <!– –> Reporter: Ahmad Suryahadi | Editor: Narita Indrastithi KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. The slump in coal prices and the increase in royalty fees began to impact the performance of PT Adaro Energy Indonesia Tbk (ADRO). This mining issuer is still … Read more