Khazanov explained the loss of popularity with Galustyan – Rambler / news

Answering the questions of the presenter, Khazanov noted that Galustyan was a “rare comedian”. “Karibidis is very influencing on me today. Galustyan is very active. Although I must say that, from my point of view, Galustyan was hit. They drove him quantitatively, ”he said. At the same time, Khazanov called the “total KVNization of the … Read more

Rodrigo González was absent from ‘Amor y fuego’, but Gigi Miter explained that he went on vacation | OPINION

HELLO, MY BARRUNTO. I arrive packed to tell you the latest ‘Chollywood’ gossip … RODRIGO GONZÁLEZ, ‘PELUCHÍN’, he was absent from ‘Love and fire’, but MITER DENTAL He explained that it was because he went on vacation. Advantage… KARLA TARAZONA She said that today she has been married for six months to her husband RAFAEL … Read more

The hospital has already explained! Big boys vaccinated against covids, different brands, stunned! wrong and counted 10 cases

Nakhon Ping Hospital, Chiang Mai Province, has clarified that the young man’s knot has been vaccinated with 2 injections of Covid-19, but different brands. Accelerate the adjustment of the system to enter the information, indicating that there have been more than 10 mistakes Follow the news, press follow, live news In the case of a … Read more

We are Americans, we have to talk about human rights, Biden explained to Putin

“I told President Putin that my program was not to act against Russia, but for America. But we will continue to raise human rights issues because that makes us who we are, ”Biden explained, adding that freedom, respect for human rights and freedom of speech are fundamental values ​​of the United States. According to the … Read more

Yuriel Celi | Cantolao explained why negotiations with Racing Club got cold

Yuriel Celi seemed to have everything ready to be a new player of Racing Club until it was time for his agent to intervene. There was agreement between Cantolao and the Argentine club, but the representative of the Chalaco soccer player demanded a figure out of all proportion of reality. “The clubs have an agreement. … Read more

Tretyakov Gallery explained the reason for the roof leak on Krymsky Val :: Society :: RBC

Video The reason for the roof leak in the Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val was a failure of the storm sewer. About it reported on the museum’s VKontakte page. “Due to heavy rainfall, a serious roof leak occurred, which was the result of a one-time breakthrough of a worn-out storm sewer, which could not withstand … Read more

Coronavirus Explained Fat Accumulation Coronavirus Explained Fat Accumulation Brazilian scientists have suggested that coronavirus particles can interact with micro-droplets of fat. This is stated in the preprint published on RIA Novosti, 08/26/2020 2020-08-26T15: 49 2020-08-26T15: 49 2020-08-26T17: 25 the spread of the new coronavirus coronavirus in Russia coronavirus covid-19 health – society Brazil in the world /html/head/meta[@name=”og:title”]/@content /html/head/meta[@name=”og:description”]/@content … Read more

It was just such humor, the young man explained in court threatening to shoot the mall

According to the indictment, at the turn of May and June 2017, Houf, together with his equally old friend, telephoned various institutions throughout the country for a total of forty-six times over a period of three weeks with a diverse range of various threats. Along with Houf, his friend was also originally charged, but his … Read more

Peskov explained the refusal to transport Navalny by the decision of doctors :: Politics :: RBC

When asked by journalists about the appeal of Navalny’s associates, Peskov replied that he was not aware of this. “I don’t know that any appeal came. But here we probably don’t need any extra bureaucracy. You know that a plane flew there from Germany. Our doctors invited doctors who arrived from Germany by plane to … Read more