Saturn Has A Strange Symmetrical Magnetic Field, This Is The Explanation

CALIFORNIA, – Saturn very prominent among the planets in the Solar System. Not only because of its magnificent ring system, Saturn also has a strange magnetic field, unlike other planets. Saturn’s magnetic field is almost perfectly symmetrical around its axis of rotation. This bizarre magnetic field, and the NASA Cassini mission, which took months … Read more

Explanation by Pan Brothers about the Enraged Laborers because the THR is Installed

Jakarta – Thousands of workers of PT Pan Brothers Tbk in Boyolali held a demonstration on Wednesday (5/5/2021). They staged an action because they were dissatisfied with the company’s policy of paying in installments on the salary and THR. One worker, who declined to be named, said the action occurred spontaneously. “The THR is paid … Read more

Eucalyptus Helps Relieve Mild Symptoms of Covid-19 Patients, Here’s the Explanation on Page all Eucalyptus a few months ago, it shocked the people of Indonesia because it was mentioned that it could help with healing Covid-19 patients. It turned out that the clinical trial results showed eucalyptus can reduce the mild symptoms of Covid-19. To find out the uses of and benefits of EucalyptusIn this Covid-19 patient, the … Read more

Entering the List of 26 Illegal Investments, This is an Explanation of ARA Hunter!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Stock training institute PT Arah Investasi Mandiri (ARA Hunter) has opened its voice regarding the inclusion of company names on the list of illegal investments until April 2021 announced by Investment Alert Task Force or SWI. ARA Hunter is included in 26 business activities without a license that is included in … Read more

What does K-pop have to do with former President Uribe? The protests in Colombia may have the explanation

Published: 4 may 2021 18:10 GMT When entering social networks such as Twitter to find out the trends positioned by the followers of the former Colombian president, users have been surprised. Followers of K-pop in Colombia, a South Korean popular musical genre with a large youth fan base, have not had to leave their homes … Read more

Indonesian Citizens Affected by Covid-19 Variant B1351 Dies, See Explanation from the Ministry of Health

Spokesperson for the Covid-19 Vaccination of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Siti Nadia Tarmizi M.Epid. Photo / illustration: screenshot in Kemenkes video., JAKARTA – Spokesperson for Covid-19 Vaccination of the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) Siti Nadia Tarmizi said that patients infected with new virus mutations Covid 19 varian B1351 of South African origin has … Read more

The explanation of why the Spanish vaccine will be cheap and effective

Much has been said about the Spanish vaccine against the coronavirus, and the reality is that it still has not arrived. But that does not mean that it is not working, on the contrary, Efforts within the CSIC continue to finish developing a vaccine which is considered revolutionary for being safer and more effective, and … Read more

A teacher is paralyzed after the second vaccination, this is an explanation from a health expert

JAKARTA, – A high school teacher (SMA) in Sukabumi Regency, Susan Atela (31) reportedly experienced paralysis and symptoms of blindness after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine second dose. This incident began when the victim received the second dose of vaccine on March 31, 2021. Responding to this news, health observer and volunteer doctor for Covid-19 … Read more

Without music on the beaches in Greece, the explanation of the authorities is strange!

© The managed beaches in Greece and the restaurants on them will be open to the public on May 15. This was stated to the state television ERT by the Secretary General for Trade and Consumer Protection Panayotis Stamboulidis. He assured that health safety measures such as physical distancing and wearing masks – mainly … Read more

The Government’s explanation for deconfining 10 municipalities of the RM: today the cases touched 3 thousand | National

On the afternoon of this Thursday, during the press point of the authorities of the Ministry of Health, they announced the parameters which govern the changes in the Step by Step plan specifically in the Metropolitan region. The question arises after this Thursday 10 communes of the Metropolitan region advanced to phase 2 of the … Read more