Treasure Asteroid Exploration postponed[과학을읽다]

NASA postpones August 1st to October due to software glitchesConsidering the asteroid orbit, it is also considered to be postponed to 2023-2024.Existence of ‘treasure asteroid’ may only be known after 2029 Psyche’s asteroid exploration. photo source = NASA 湲 蹂肄 [아시아경제 김봉수 기자] The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has temporarily delayed the launch … Read more

[생활속 과학이야기] Imagination of the Moon and Space Exploration

Sanghyuk Kim, Senior Researcher, Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute Half a year has passed since the start of 2022. Astronomically speaking, the Earth orbits the Sun from its original position and flies in the opposite direction. Surprisingly, people on Earth only feel the change of time and seasons, and cannot feel that the Earth … Read more

Ancient Roman gladiatorial competition: historical exploration and cognitive evolution – Xinhua

<!–enpproperty 358195812022-06-18 03:48:43.0古罗马角斗竞技:历史探寻与认知演进 24108光明日报光明日报/enpproperty–> Ancient Roman gladiatorial competition: historical exploration and cognitive evolution Speaker: Gao Fujin Lecture Venue: Shanghai Jiaotong University Online Class Lecture Time: April 2022 The Colosseum of Rome, also known as the Colosseum and the Colosseum, can be said to be one of the world’s famous ancient buildings that you are familiar … Read more

Oil exploration: dollar at 7 thousand and effects if it stops in Colombia – Sectors – Economy

In the campaign for the Presidency of the Republic, whose definition is this weekend, one of the issues that has been raised the most is the possibility that the country abruptly changes its policies on energy transition, outright banning the signature of new oil and gas exploration contracts, as candidate Gustavo Petro has said repeatedly. … Read more

The horror survival “Spider Train Charles” will be launched on Steam this year, revealing the open world exploration method | 4Gamers

The horror survival game “Choo-Choo Charles”, developed by overseas YouTuber and game developer Two Star, released the latest real machine promotion at Summer Game Fest 2022 (Summer Game Fest 2022) today (10) Movies, bringing more open-world exploration content. The prototype of “Spider Train Charles” is a game developed by Two Star based on the concept … Read more

Space: France joins NASA’s lunar exploration program

PublishedJune 8, 2022, 01:10 France has signed the “Artemis agreements” and is the 20th country to join the program for future exploration of the Moon driven by the United States. The Artemis Accords are a set of bilateral agreements with the United States, which build on the 1967 international treaty governing outer space. AFP France … Read more

Ultra-supercritical high-efficiency power generation technology has been promoted nationwide. These companies are waiting for market exploration.

© Reuters. Ultra-supercritical high-efficiency power generation technology has been promoted nationwide These companies are waiting for market exploration Wang Zhigang mentioned “ultra-supercritical high-efficiency power generation technology” several times at the series of themed press conferences held by the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. It is understood that after … Read more

Convinced the Natuna Basin is the World’s Largest Oil and Gas Field, Chinese Media: Indonesia Doesn’t Want To Share This With Us Not afraid to face China, Indonesia dare to fight China which forbids him to do drilling oil and gas around Natuna last December 2021. Risk intelligence firm RANE said Indonesia not afraid when sent a letter by China to stop drilling oil from Natuna. Also Read: ‘Greedy’, Indonesia Reluctant to Share Natuna’s Natural Wealth, … Read more

China Prepares Exploration Mission To Alien Planet, Looking For Habitable Places Like Earth

BEIJING – China is preparing an exploration mission to planet aliens in search of a habitable place like on Earth. China plans to launch a spacecraft to take ultra-precise measurements of planets orbiting in space. For this mission, called the Closeby Habitable Exoplanet Survey (CHES), scientists will use a method called micro-arcsecond relative astrometry. This … Read more

The 2nd Hangzhou Citizens’ Day theme activities were successfully launched at the Wonderful Bright Pavilion, the Children’s Heart Painting Pavilion, the Talent Auction Pavilion, the Vitality Pavilion, and the Citizens’ Exploration Pavilion-Hangzhou News Center-Hangzhou Net

The 2nd Hangzhou Citizens’ Day theme activities were successfully launched City Express News Bright Pavilion, Painting Pavilion, Auction Pavilion, Exhibition Pavilion, Exploration Pavilion! On the morning of May 3, the 2nd Hangzhou Citizens’ Day “Walking to the venues with happiness, all the people welcome the Asian Games” was held in the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center … Read more