Mars explorer discovers mysterious mineral, thought to have resulted from an eruption 3 billion years ago

loading… The discovery of a mysterious mineral on Mars by NASA’s Curiosity rover has baffled scientists. This is because the mineral is formed from silicon dioxide or silica, which are common types of volcanic activity. Photo/LiveScience/NASA FLORIDA – Discovery mysterious minerals from planet Mars by NASA’s Curiosity rover has baffled scientists. This is because the … Read more

Microsoft is finally rolling out the new version of File Explorer

The new, modernized version of Windows 11 File Explorer is finally available on the Windows Insider Channel, after being in beta for several months. We tell you everything you need to know about this new version. Credit: Microsoft On the latest Preview, build 25174 which was recently deployed on the Windows Insider program, Microsoft had … Read more

Windows 11, Microsoft improves and enriches the file explorer

Microsoft has made many changes and fixes to the Windows 11 File Explorer. The result is available through the latest Preview deployed through the Windows Insider program. The most recent Preview of Windows 11 benefits from numerous improvements for File Explorer. This is probably the most popular application in the operating system. It is the … Read more

First Mars Sampling Mission Will Arrive on Earth in 2033 – The first mission to return samples from another planet will land on Earth in 2033, the United States Space Agency (NASA) and European Space Agency (ESA) officials say. The Perseverance rover is currently collecting samples on Mars, citing CNN, Saturday (6/8). When Perseverance investigates the site of an ancient lake that existed billions … Read more

NASA develops an ingenious solution to fix the Lucy Explorer (video)

Last year, NASA launched the Lucy spacecraft designed to explore trapped Trojan asteroids near Lagrange points on Jupiter. However, a problem arose just 12 hours after launch – one of the large solar arrays designed to generate power from the increasingly distant sun failed to fully deploy and latch. Now, NASA has announced that a … Read more

A programmer reveals a vulnerability that breaks the “Windows 11” ban for the Internet Explorer browser

“What you thought was right is not necessarily the case,” this is how developers and Microsoft systems watchers described the popular belief about running Microsoft’s old browser, “Internet Explorer,” on the operating system “Windows 11.” Although Microsoft officially announced, more than a year ago, the banning of “Explorer” in the version of its new operating … Read more

Test of the new Ford Explorer ST-line: Consumption, quality and impression

For the next test, we chose a practically new Ford Explorer plug-in hybrid in the ST-line version from the offer of the AutoPalace company, which caught our attention at first glance with its very nice design and respectable dimensions. A beautiful, modern, rather angular front with narrow headlights (by the way, excellently effective adaptive headlights), … Read more

Specifications and price of the Realme GT 2 Master Explorer phone for gaming and photography enthusiasts with the most powerful processing system

Realme announces the launch of its most powerful and newest smartphones 2022 Realme GT 2 Master Explorer The phone has great specifications, the phone includes the most powerful Qualcomm SM8475 Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processing system, and this will make the phone very fast in performance in gaming and operation, and the phone also includes … Read more

NASA Will Delay Moon Explorer Mission Until 2024

Volatile Investigating Polar Exploration Rove (Viper). [NASA] SURYAKEPRI.COM – NASA will delay the launch of a rover that will hunt water on the Moon until 2024. This gives more time to develop the landing vehicle in the Viper Moon mission. The Viper (Volatile Investigating Polar Exploration Rover) was scheduled to launch in November 2023, but … Read more

realme GT 2 Explorer Master Edition debuts Promote the design of luggage (Travel Trunk Design)

realme Announcing the launch of a new smartphone in the Master Series for the first time in China today with “realme GT 2 Explorer Master Edition” Up to date, high-fashion design with full performance to deliver a flagship-level experience with the Snapdragon chipset® 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform, LPDDR5X memory and the newly developed X7 … Read more