Explosion of applications for admission of foreign students to CEGEP

This is unheard of! The last few months have been helllaunches Marc Viens, the general manager of SRACQof which approximately one-third of the province’s CEGEPs are members, all outside the Montreal region. In general, explains Marc Viens, French students represent about 50% of admissions applications and those from French-speaking Africa constitute a large part of … Read more

What’s happening in Crimea? A mysterious explosion heard, Ukrainians and Russians contradict each other

Thus, according to the Ukrainian Minister of Defense, this explosion made it possible to destroy Russian cruise missiles Kalibr-KN. Without claiming the attack, the latter specified that these destroyed missiles were very threatening, being able to reach a range of more than 2,500 kilometers once launched from buildings of the Russian navy in the Black … Read more

We wanted to honor the tradition then the explosion, I thought I was dead, the 15-year-old speaks of the bonfire

“As soon as I turned it on I only saw a white thing passing in front and then I found myself on the ground” said the 15-year-old who was reported with his father and another person for arson after the explosion of the bonfire in Taranto . “The bonfire was not allowed but it was … Read more

Wolf-Mayet Star Supernova Enchantment 30 Times More Massive than the Sun is Spectacular

A star that will become a supernova in a huge explosion that is so dazzling was recorded by the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). Photo/NASA/ESA/Webb FLORIDA – A bintang which will be supernova in a huge explosion that was so dazzling as recorded by the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). This star, which is 30 … Read more

A rare scene.. A dying star 30 times larger than our sun was spotted preparing for a massive explosion

Friday, March 17, 2023 09:23 PM Friday, March 17, 2023 09:23 PM observing telescope James Webb The alien witnesses a rare sight of a dying star about to explode in a supernova, deep in the universe, some 15,000 light-years from Earth. And according to the “RT” website, NASA shared the image with the inhabitants of … Read more

Explosion near Mariupol: the warehouse of the occupiers blew up

On Thursday, an ammunition warehouse of the occupiers exploded in the temporarily Russian-occupied Mariupol, writes “Ukrainska Pravda”. According to the aforementioned portal, the information about the explosion was confirmed by the Mariupol city council and the advisor to the city mayor, Petro Andriushchenko. As the city council informs, the explosion took place in the village … Read more

In Russia, there was an explosion at the Belgorod station: the authorities admit that the shelling of the city is intensifying

Explosions thundered in the Belgorod region tonight: buildings were damaged, it was also announced that a hit was made in the territory of the railway station. Representatives of the Russian authorities claim that “the air defense systems were working”, but admit that the shelling has been intensifying in recent days, and there are violations of … Read more

12 goals including ‘port trick’ explosion… Soton, Son Heung-min’s ‘100 goals’ best sacrifice

[인터풋볼] Reporter Oh Jong-heon = Son Heung-min, who is about to reach the 100-goal club, meets Southampton. Tottenham Hotspur will play the 28th round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022-23 season with Southampton at St. Mary’s Stadium in Southampton, England at 0:00 am (Korean time) on the 19th. Tottenham are currently in … Read more