Dozens injured in fireworks disaster in Armenian capital

AFP NOS News•Sunday, 18:44 Fireworks storage near a shopping center has exploded in Armenia’s capital. Dozens of injured people have been hospitalized, according to local media. Certainly one person has died. An unknown number of bystanders were buried in debris as a result of the series of fireworks explosions. Yerevan firefighters are searching for survivors … Read more

Explosion at the mall in the capital of Armenia

The explosion took place after 13 local time (11 a.m. Polish time). In the first communiqué, the Armenian authorities informed about one fatality and 57 injured. At the beginning, there was also information about one explosion, now the Armenian authorities talk about two explosions. The rescue operation is still underway, there may be people under … Read more

There was an explosion in the capital of Armenia, there are victims

Another 36 people were injured. More than three hours after an explosion in the Surmalu market early Sunday afternoon, firefighters struggled to extinguish the blaze, which sent a towering plume of smoke over central Yerevan. Rescuers and volunteers searched for victims who may have been trapped under the rubble. An AP reporter at the scene … Read more

Red giant Betelgeuse recovering from giant explosion

In 2019, the giant star Betelgeuse dimmed noticeably. The event has puzzled astronomers for years. The Red Giant Beteigeuze had puzzled astronomers worldwide. Because its luminosity increased in year 2019 suddenly noticeably off. With the help of Hubble-Space Telescope, NASA, in collaboration with other observatories, has now been able to come up with a common … Read more

Radio astronomy detects a mysterious explosion of energy for the first time

For the first time, astronomers have detected one of the strongest flashes ever found in the sky, and it appeared as a result of a collision between a star and a “neutron star”. [جرم صغير لا يتخطى شعاعه 30 كيلومتراً ولكنه يتميّز بكثافة مادته وشدّة جاذبيته] As it is called, by radio astronomy [الإشعاعي] In … Read more

The explosion that devastated 40 homes in Evansville, Indiana: 3 dead and a 60-meter crater – Video

At least three dead it’s a forty houses destroyed. This is the provisional balance of the explosion that occurred in Evansvillein the southern area ofIndiana. Dozens of fire brigade vehicles are on site. According to local authorities there could be many more victims. The images of the explosion – the causes of which are not … Read more

They achieve an image of the remains of an explosion in a supernova

A team of researchers managed to produce a spectacular image of the remnants of a supernova, in which the traces left by the dying star can be seen in detail. The image was made possible by the use of state-of-the-art radio telescopes and Australia’s new supercomputing system, Setonix. During Setonix’s first day of operations, researchers … Read more

Supercomputer showed the explosion of a supernova

Photo: Unsplash A supercomputer from Australia generated a full-fledged image of a supernova explosion from data from a radio telescope. About it informs Pawsey portal. Astrophysicists fed the Setonix supercomputer a huge data array with thousands of records from the ASKAP radio telescope. In 24 hours, the machine processed this data and showed the result: … Read more

The Power of Supernova, Explosion of Stars in Space

The universe consists of various objects, one of which is bintang. A star is composed mostly of hydrogen and helium. Stars produce light and heat from nuclear energy from within their cores. Launch BBC Sciencestars are formed from very large clouds of dust and gas in outer space. Gravity pulling dust and gas together to … Read more

Anri Sakaguchi “I want to divorce. I’m not happy at all.” Another dissatisfied explosion in newlywed life … Husband is “sad and painful”: J-CAST News[Full text]

On August 7, 2022, former talent Anri Sakaguchi exploded her dissatisfaction with her husband Shinichi on Instagram stories. From Anri Sakaguchi’s Instagram (anridayo33) From Anri Sakaguchi’s Instagram (anridayo33) From Anri Sakaguchi’s Instagram (anridayo33) From Anri Sakaguchi’s Instagram (anridayo33) “I’ve lent about 400,000 yen (to my husband), but I have no intention of paying…” On June … Read more