Cara bomb – the strongest nuclear weapon of all time. Russia has uncovered the video of its production and explosion – Science – – iTech

The Tsarist bomb was tested on October 30, 1961 in the Novaya Zeml Islands archipelago and caused an explosion equivalent to 50 megatons of trotyl. At the beginning of the documentary video, it is called secret, but now it has been made public by the Russian nuclear energy agency Rosatom to mark the 75th anniversary … Read more

Russia releases unreleased footage from largest nuclear explosion in history – CNN

Posted at 16:55 ET (20:55 GMT) Friday, August 28, 2020 Playing 1:40 Posted at 12:45 ET (16:45 GMT) Friday, August 28, 2020 Posted at 17:46 ET (21:46 GMT) Tuesday, August 25, 2020 0:32 Posted at 18:11 ET (22:11 GMT) Monday, August 24, 2020 0:30 Posted at 10:10 ET (14:10 GMT) Friday, August 21, 2020 0:46 … Read more

An explosion thundered at the Odessa oil refinery: Ukraine: Former USSR:

An explosion thundered at the Odessa oil refinery, after which electricity was lost in the Shkodova Gora microdistrict. Video recording of the incident was published in YouTube. According to, local residents heard an explosion at midnight. After that, in the area of ​​the electrical substation, which is located on the territory of the plant, … Read more

Russia has declassified images of the Tsar bomb explosion. It is the most destructive weapon that humanity has created – ČT24 – Czech Television

The Russian agency Rosatom published half an hour of footage on its YouTube channel. The images compiled into the document show in detail a lot of hitherto unknown facts – from the transport of the bomb to the giant nuclear mushroom that was created by its explosion. The film was made for the 75th anniversary … Read more

Gas pipeline explosion in Syria: Damascus and the south of the country are without power

After the explosion, the gas pipeline was engulfed in a large fire. According to the Al-Ichbariya station, it was extinguished. Electricity Minister Muhammad Zuhajr Charbutli said the explosion occurred shortly after midnight and was followed by a blackout when gas pressure dropped at a generator station in Dajr Ali. There has also been a decline … Read more

Gas pipeline explosion causes total blackout, Syria accuses attack

DAMASCUS, – A explosion network Gas Pipe Arab has caused power outage total on Syria. Syrian authorities even accused the explosion of having occurred because of early indications that it had occurred attack as reported from The Jerusalem Post. This was conveyed by the Syrian Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources Ali Ghanem to … Read more

LOOK / The man who lost his wife and son in the gas explosion in Yaroslavl turned to the Russians :: News of the day

A resident of Yaroslavl, who lost his wife and son as a result of a gas explosion in a multi-storey building, addressed the Russians with parting words, local media reported. “The only thing I could say now is a parting word. I often visit the apartments of Yaroslavl residents for work related to the disposal … Read more

Montreal: Legault’s wife at the ceremony in tribute to the victims of the Beirut explosion

The wife of Prime Minister François Legault, Isabelle Brais, will represent her husband on Saturday afternoon, in Montreal, during a ceremony organized to pay tribute to the victims of the explosion that occurred on August 4 in the port of Beirut, in Liban. • Read also: WHO hopes to end the COVID-19 pandemic in “less … Read more

POT. Hubble Telescope takes photo of amazing exploding star

There is no doubt that the more we know about the universe, more incredible everything that happens in outer space becomes and more mysteries arise around the very existence of our planetand of humanity. The NASA / ESA Hubble telescope has captured surprising images of planets, comets, stars and galaxies, and now managed to capture … Read more