House price explosion of 15.2 percent. Most homes in South Holland have changed hands

Pieter van Erven Dorens Monday, January 24, 2022 at 09:38 AMSTERDAM Last year, house prices rose on average by 15.2 percent, according to the latest figures from Statistics Netherlands. That is almost double the growth in 2020 and the largest increase since the turn of the century. A cooling is not yet in sight. Over … Read more

Big Explosion in Sibolga City, Three Residents Injured

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Explosion what happened in a warehouse in the Tangkahan Baringin area, Jalan KH Ahmad Dahlan, Pancuran Bambu Village, Sibolga Sambas District, City Sibolga, North Sumatra (North Sumatra), Monday (24/1) injured three residents. North Sumatra Police Chief Inspector General Panca Putra Simanjuntak said three residents who were injured had been taken to … Read more

Fish Bomb Explosion in Sibolga Injures Three People, Police: Already Taken To Hospital

JOURNAL MEDAN – As much three people experience wound wound consequence explosion Fish bomb on KH Ahmad Dahlan City Street Sibolga, North Sumatra, Monday January 24, 2022. This was stated by the North Sumatra Police Chief Inspector General Panca Putra. “Three injuries,” said Inspector General Panca Putra when confirmed by reporters, Monday January 24, 2022. … Read more

Virologist Peter Piot Forecasts a COVID ‘Explosion of Infections’ Every Winter and Makes This Vaccine Advice

Peter Piot is virologist and special adviser to Ursula von der Leyen and in the last few hours has released a new forecast on the future of the COVID-19 pandemic. Piot believes that Sars-CoV-2 will cause a less severe “explosion of infections” every winter from now on and that could force it to be necessary. … Read more

At least seven people have been killed in an explosion in western Afghanistan

According to Arif Jalali, head of the Herat Regional Hospital, the four victims and most of the victims were hospitalized. No one has yet claimed responsibility for the explosion, but it has taken place in an area inhabited by a Hazare minority. The Hazares are Shiites, and attacks on their neighborhoods are often carried out … Read more

Unbelievable story. The man fought for his life for twenty-seven hours in the sea after the tsunami

Unsuspecting, Lisala Folau was just painting his house on the island of Atata, where about sixty people live, when his brother came to him and warned him of the tsunami. The wave hit the mainland at about 7pm local time after the eruption of the submarine volcano. The submarine volcano near Tonga did not say … Read more

She dropped the box as she unloaded from the truck, followed by a terrifying explosion

The unfortunate incident occurred on January 2 while unloading goods from a truck. The fireworks box did not appear to be specially marked, and the storekeeper apparently had no idea it contained explosives. After the explosion, firefighters and paramedics arrived to treat several people. Although the footage taken by the security camera at the building … Read more

A massive explosion in Ghana leveled hundreds of homes, 17 dead

The blast occurred around noon on Thursday near Bogoso. Seji Saji Amedon, the deputy head of the disaster response office, said earlier that the explosion had destroyed 500 houses. According to Reuters, the smoldering site of the explosion and the ruins of houses can be seen in the videos published by the local media. 42 … Read more

Many feared dead after explosion in Ghana – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

The blast took place in the mining town of Bogoso in western Ghana. The explosives were to be transported from Tarkwa to mines in Chirano. Several videos will show people being carried away from the place, it writes Yahoo news. Several eyewitnesses are said to have filmed the incident and posted it on Twitter. The … Read more