Anna Lewandowska exposes the unknown truth. Nobody knew until now

Robert Lewandowski while the World Cup can count on the invaluable support of his wife. Anna left for Qatar before the match Mexico – Polandto be able to personally support my husband and his teammates in their inaugural meeting at the World Championships, and later – during the competition with Saudi Arabia and Argentina. Shortly … Read more

“Ann” exposes softly

“Ann Thongprasom” reveals drinking with “Aff Taksorn”, saying that the line is strong, the bottle is still indifferent. Ready to reveal the moment in the frame “Han So Hee”, beautiful, elegant, Somsak with many people who love It made me quite excited with the picture of “Ann Thongprasom” drinking with “AFL” Taksorn Paksukcharoen. “In fact, … Read more

The page is famous, exposes the stars of the big channel, plays drugs, netizens flock to comment

with a message that says, “From the picture, who knows what it is? # big channel stars #You’ll see me for sure” This event caused a lot of white-legged netizens to comment. This work on the girl side Minda The former actress also shared the post via Facebook Sornsawan Thaensap (Minda) with the message that … Read more

A civil lawsuit in the US exposes the real estate wealth of Inés Gómez Mont and her husband

Inés Gómez Mont and her husband Victor Manuel Álvarez media The Mexican television host Inés Gómez Mont and her husband, the tax lawyer Víctor Manuel Álvarez Puga, have been missing for more than a year fleeing from the Justice of their country, which is looking for them for organized crime and money laundering. Interpol … Read more

FakeCatcher (Intel) quickly exposes deepfake videos

The new technology, with an accuracy of 96 percent, is the first platform to detect deepfakes in real time. Fleming Chris Umé introduced his company to the United States this year Metaphysics and the technology behind deepfake videos. As interesting and promising as this technique is, more and more ethical questions are looming around its … Read more

Government exposes residents of mega stables to unacceptably high stench levels

Pig farming in Leunen in De Peel, where livestock farms are close together.Statue Marcel van den Bergh / de Volkskrant On Thursday morning, the House of Representatives will debate with responsible State Secretary Vivianne Heijnen (CDA, Environment) about the smelly livestock sheds. Following the verdict, the House organized a round table discussion on 2 November, … Read more

Jennie Exposes Jisoo By Revealing Her Unusual Pre-Performance Ritual

The members of BLACKPINK made an appearance in FM CASE for your interview with JoJo Wright before beginning the North American leg of his world tour”BORN PINK«, to give details of their album, concerts and about their true personalities. The girls talked about getting back into the grind of touring life, when their last world … Read more

With all the boldness of the artist, Ilham Shaheen breaks her silence and exposes the dangerous Sardinia Samir Ghanem .. and the audience is stunned and shocked by what she said!

2022/10/29 12:45 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite The great artist, Mervat Amin, was absent from the Cairo Days of Arab Drama concert, which was held at the Grand Theater of the Opera House, which witnessed her honoring for all her works and in appreciation of her artistic history. The Cairo Days Administration for Arab … Read more

Watch: An Egyptian director exposes his son live on drug use

The Egyptian director Magdy Ahmed caused a wave of controversy, after his recent statements in which he revealed shocking details during his guest appearance on the “Stubborn” program with the media, Roqaya Mahmoud. Ahmed said: “I was shocked when I knew that my son, the artist Ahmed Magdy, used drugs, and he even said it … Read more