7-11 signs have more small pink symbols! Insider Exposes Zhengjie.com’s Shout: I want to make a pilgrimage | Life | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Life Center/Reported by You Yalan The convenience store chain 7-11 penetrates into the streets and alleys of Taiwan and provides more and more services, including complex stores that combine blogs, MUJI, Tiansu, and vegetables. Some people discovered that a small pink candy new symbol appeared in the 7-11 signboard, which made him quite curious. Some … Read more

See what you are exposed to if you falsify the covid vaccine card | Trends

Now that the national government announced that the vaccination card against covid-19 it will be mandatory to access certain public places and mass events, there is fear that, as had already been denounced before, these documents begin to be falsified. However, this practice is not legal and It can be punished with up to 12 … Read more

Scandal .. A model exposes Cristiano Ronaldo and accuses him of cheating on Georgina Rodriguez with her. Is she her sister?

According to the American newspaper, The Sun, a model named Natasha Rodriguez revealed that the football playerCristiano RonaldoHe had spent a night with her. In the details, Natasha admitted that Ronaldo had cheated on his model girlfriendGeorgina Rodriguez​, After their relationship began months in 2017, one night, after she sent him a scandalous picture, at … Read more

The movie “Uninvited Guest” exposes fragments of mysterious transactions that expose children’s abduction industry chain_TOM Entertainment

Produced by Tian Zhuangzhuang, directed by Liu Xiang, screenwriter Liu Xiang, Long Ye, starring Fan Wei, Dou Xiao, Zhang Songwen, starring Liang Chao, Hu Ming, Gao Shang, and Zhu Zhu and Cai Lu special starring in the annual divine reversal comedy film “Not Speed On the first day of the release of “Guest”, the ranking … Read more

The full story of Bostadt exposes Egypt to a unique cosmic phenomenon (video)

The Seventh Day TV broadcast a special coverage presented by Nisreen Fouad about what was circulated on social media about the existence of a unique astronomical phenomenon that the sky of Egypt witnessed at exactly 9:30 pm on Friday. The coverage hosted Professor Dr. Ashraf Tadros, former head of the Astronomy Department at the National … Read more

Lost to Beijing and Guangdong! Shanghai exposes many shortcomings, CBA upstarts have huge room for improvement

Original title: Even losing Beijing and Guangdong! Shanghai exposed many shortcomings, CBA upstarts have huge room for improvement On October 24th, Beijing time, there was no big surprise. Despite all their best efforts, the Shanghai team lost the defending champion Guangdong team 97-112. The last two consecutive losses to the Beijing team and the Guangdong … Read more

Video of female shoot in Wuhan exposes large numbers of maggots in Nongfu Mountain spring water | unopened water bottle | Epoch Times

[Epoch Times October 22, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Fang Xiao reported) A woman in Wuhan, Hubei reported that her company purchasedNongfu SpringThere is in bottled mineral waterMass maggots,Unopened water bottle. Nongfu Spring responded that it has been reported to the police. On October 20, Wuhan netizen “Bao Gaiding Ningbling” posted a video on the Internet, saying … Read more

The movie “Heroes of the Railroad” exposes Zhang Hanyu’s character trailer

Movies to be released nationwide on November 19“Railway Heroes”The trailer of Zhang Hanyu’s version of the characters was released. The trailer has a tight rhythm, showing the courage and courage of the leader of the “Railway Team” played by Zhang Hanyu and the Japanese invaders. From the sonorous lines to the straightforward actions, it reflects … Read more

Flirting and inappropriate messages between Gates and an employee.. a report exposes

It seems that the American billionaire Bill Gates In trouble. The “Wall Street Journal” revealed that the founder of Microsoft received alerts from the company’s managers not to write to female employees with “inappropriate” e-mail. In a report published on Monday, the newspaper cited a 2019 letter sent by an engineer who worked for Microsoft … Read more

Cyber ​​Truck Exposed – Tesla Exposes Cyber ​​Truck

Do you remember to sign up for our newsletter? (Elbil24): Then Elon Musk and Tesla showed off his Cybertruck pickup in November 2019, the audience responded with everything from shock to wild excitement. Some even thought it was all a joke. Many wrote off the car with the futuristic and angular design as a gimmick … Read more