Big exchange in the extra league. It includes four players

Flynn, a 22-year-old pupil from Mladá Boleslav, left for Zlín in early October. He had to stay until the end of the season, but his hosting was terminated prematurely after 27 matches for the Rams (3 + 4). “We mainly rely on the fact that it will fit back into the familiar environment very quickly, … Read more

Extra league chess. Liberec, Vítkovice and Kometa outside, the opponents are hastily looking for an alternative solution

The duel between Liberec and Český Budějovice will take place on Sunday, January 30. In addition, Sunday’s match between the White Tigers and Vítkovice will also be postponed due to quarantine measures at the Ostrava residents. Both clubs are negotiating a new date. The Vítkovice team confirmed the suspicion of a covid-19 infection, and based … Read more

Slovaks will not cease and pay extra for packages from China. The post office has a new agreement

It was signed at the end of last year. It brings major news to clients. At the end of October, the General Director of Slovenská pošta, Martin Ľupták for Živé.sk statedthat the institution is trying to get Slovaks again facilitated shopping from Chinese stores. The post office therefore agreed with the Czech Post and AliExpress … Read more

Rutte: we cannot brush away extra gas demand from Germany | Inland

Groningen therefore has to supply more gas than expected, while the province is already suffering from gas extraction. That gas demand has been ‘totally misjudged’, the Prime Minister admits. “I want to be honest, I cannot guarantee that the German question will disappear,” he said in the House of Representatives. A final decision on gas … Read more

Slovakia has nine hockey players from the Czech extra league nominated for the Olympics

From Třinec, defender Martin Marinčin and attackers Marko Daňo and Miloš Roman will go to China, Kometa has goalkeeper Matej Tomek, Marek Ďalog and forward Michal Krištof in the Slovak team. Other players operating in the country are goalkeeper Branislav Konrád from Olomouc, quarterback Peter Čerešňák from Pilsen and forward Miloš Kelemen from Mladá Boleslav. … Read more

Slovakia has nine hockey players from the Czech extra league nominated for the Olympics

Nine players from the Czech extra league got nominated by Slovak hockey players for the February Olympic Games in Beijing. The team of Canadian coach Craig Ramsay has three representatives from Třinec and Kometa Brno. There are two 17-year-old talents in the staff – defender Simon Nemec from Nitra and forward Juraj Slafkovský from TPS … Read more

The hockey players of Litvínov and Pardubice are fighting the covid and are other clubs of the extra league in quarantine

Apart from Pardubice, Sparta and Litvínov, which headed for quarantine on Tuesday, České Budějovice, Mladá Boleslav and Zlín do not currently play competitive matches due to the occurrence of a covide. Already at the beginning of the year, the defending champion and currently leading team of the competition Třinec also fought the coronavirus. Litvínov was … Read more

Israel: fourth corona shot offers hardly any extra protection against omikron

A fourth corona shot offers hardly any extra protection against the omikron variant. This is according to preliminary results of an Israeli study presented on Monday. “Despite a slightly higher antibody count, the fourth vaccine provides only partial protection against the virus,” said Gili Regev-Yochay, of the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv. According to … Read more

An old picture of Haya Maraachli before she lost her extra weight, causing a stir on the communication sites!

Social media pioneers shared an old photo of the actressCome on MarashaliThrough their social media pages. Haya appeared with a picture comparing her form before and after, and her appearance seemed scandalous, as the picture sparked a great controversy between the pioneers of the communication sites and the followers of Maraachli, especially those who expressed … Read more

Sweden responds to crisis in Russia-Ukraine relations: launches extra forces to defend Gotland

The unit was rolled over on Friday night by the international transport organization Heavy Airlift Wing, which it owns Sweden, by plane C-17 from Calax Airport. But some of the soldiers arrived on the island by ferry. The report calls these actions “Sweden’s reaction to Russia and Ukraine sharpening of relations ’. According to Michael … Read more