two new tires and an extra eye on the environment

360 ° VISION – Since the inception of the first Energy tire with low rolling resistance in 1992, the Michelin it has been attentive to environmental issues, linked to the reduction of fuel consumption and, consequently, of exhaust emissions. Nowadays, however, the word sustainability takes on an even broader concept. For this the French manufacturer … Read more

For the Slovaks with Will in goal, six finalists of the extra league are also in the game. The chisel is driving from Russia

Roman Will in action. Czech hockey, Jan Beneš Třinec tandem Špaček, Stránský will meet Lenec from Liberec in one attack. Alongside the KHL defenders, Vitásek and David Musil will also appear, whose brother Adam will take the wing next to the Boleslav duo Najman and Kousal. “I hope that the new players who have succeeded … Read more

airBaltic extends the possibility to change the date of new bookings at no extra charge

Martin Gauss, CEO of airBaltic, said: “Now that we have resumed operations, more and more passengers feel safe buying tickets for their travels. By extending the date change offer until the end of June, we provide additional flexibility. ” Passengers can re-register their tickets for a new flight date at no extra charge. This temporary … Read more

James about the extra tournament: whoever came up with it should be fired

The Los Angeles Lakers have been stalling recently and are taking 5-7 seats at the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) Western Conference. Under the new tournament system, clubs with 7-10 seats at conferences will compete in an additional tournament to fight for two playoff tickets. Previously, representatives of the Dallas Mavericks were dissatisfied with this innovation, … Read more

Increase the RAM in a phone: Xiaomi works on an extension to add an extra 1GB to cell phones

The smartphone performance is essential for any user, whether for work or entertainment. Random Access Memory – RAM for friends – it is an important part of the stability of the resources that a cell phone requires to keep several applications open and streamline workspaces. Unlike PCs, however, we cannot add RAM to phones. Xiaomi … Read more

WHO Facing Covid-19 Wave 3, It’s Time to Take Extra Stay in the Month of Ramadan

Sometime plus – Until now, the world is still struggling to fight Covid-19, which has been going on for more than a year. Several countries have experienced a decrease in cases. However, the World Health Organization or WHO began to detect the presence of wave 3 that occurred in several European countries. The Indonesian government … Read more

SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off – Extra Krusty Edition finally arrives on the Nintendo Switch

The developer Tilting Point has announced the arrival of a version for Nintendo Switch of the mobile game Bob Esponja: Krusty Cook-Off. The version for Nintendo Switch will be named Bob Esponja: Extra Krusty Edition and will be available on the Nintendo eShop for a value of $ 29.99. Through a press release the co-director … Read more

Northern Scania | Extra money for bird flu – the bill is shining

Below is a list of the 5 hottest trends in the casino industry right now: Acquisitions and mergers The news that hit like a bomb at the end of June that the listed live casino provider Evolution Gaming placed a bid for the leading slot developer NetEnt probably got some people raising their eyebrows. Not … Read more