Earth’s Eye in Space “James Webb (JWST)” Successfully Orbited 1 Million Miles From Earth

Three months after the launch of NASA’s Lucy spacecraft, which was developed to explore Trojan asteroids orbiting the Sun in front of and behind Jupiter, scientists involved in the mission say the problem of one of the planet’s two large solar system arrays has not been solved. unsolved spaceships, which have not yet been fully … Read more

Webb Space Telescope, the ‘eye of mankind’, landed in a target orbit 1.6 million km away (comprehensive)

sending time2022-01-25 18:07 Equipment fine-tuning over the next 5 months… Space observation available from June James Webb Space Telescope orbital layout diagram [NASA 제공. AFP 연합뉴스 자료사진. 재판매 및 DB 금지] (Los Angeles = Yonhap News) Correspondent Yoon-Seop Jeong = The James Webb Telescope (JWST), the largest and most powerful space telescope in history, has … Read more

Josimar assures that he did not abandon María Fe Saldaña in full pregnancy web eye showbiz | EYE-SHOW

Updated on 01/22/2022 09:31 pm After heading to the United States, Josimar Fidel decided to surprise locals and strangers alike by launching her new production, after the birth of her third daughter, the fruit of her old relationship with Maria Faith Saldana. “My life has taken a new direction with this album, it is totally … Read more

The retina reveals it – lifespan recognizable in the eye – health

An eye test can show how long you have left to live. An international team discovered a link between the biological age of a person’s retina and their risk of dying. Other Netzhäute A simple look at the retina says a lot about your health. The retina is a membrane at the back of the … Read more

Rebeca Escribans criticizes Gino Pesaressi for acting skills ” web eye showbiz | EYE-SHOW

Updated on 01/21/2022 09:03 pm Strong declarations! Rebecca Writens She did not remain silent and attacked Gino Pesaressi, whom she strongly questioned for her acting skills. However, the ex-reality boy would not have liked these comments, and this was evidenced. Everything was revealed in the latest edition of “More Shows”, when the driver commented on … Read more

Rebeca Escribans assures that Yahaira Plasencia contracted Anthony Aranda for controversy Melissa Paredes web eye showbiz | EYE-SHOW

Updated on 01/21/2022 05:57 pm Strong declarations! Yahaira Plasencia He surprised locals and strangers alike by opening his own dance academy and announcing as part of his staff of teachers Anthony Aranda, who is currently a sentimental partner of Melissa Paredes, with whom we remember was supported a few months ago, when the model was … Read more

Meta has filed several patents intended to allow it to track eye movements and facial expressions in the metaverse. This would likely benefit advertisers.

Facebook’s renaming to Meta has been the subject of much discussion, as it could potentially allow the platform to escape some of the controversy in which it was embroiled. It also indicates that the social media company is starting to focus more on the metaverse, which is undoubtedly a new technology that countless large companies … Read more

Foods that boost eye health

Many of us have heard that carrots are good for the eyes. Well, is it really so? Here are the vitamins, minerals and their best sources that are good for eye health. Which vitamins affect vision? There are many claims about the positive effects of many industrially produced additives on eye health. But the effectiveness … Read more

The risk of death is calculated with the eye test! Scientists explained: If the space in the eye is too much…

The experts sorted the results by analyzing images taken from the back surface of the eye. People with ten-year gaps were up to 67 percent more likely to die than others, according to Australian experts who followed the volunteers for 11 years.

Milena Zárate gives her little girl to Melissa Paredes showbiz eye web | EYE-SHOW

Updated on 01/17/2022 07:11 pm Nothing was silent. True to his style and without mincing words, Milena Zárate He gave his opinion about Melissa Paredes’ new relationship with the ‘Activator’ and how she is leading her media life after the ampay scandal with Anthony Aranda. LOOK: Milena Zárate criticizes Melissa Paredes for exposing her private … Read more