Eye for an eye? He was beaten and burned alive after committing a hitman | THE UNIVERSAL

An approximately 25-year-old man burned to death on a street in Guatemala City, under circumstances not yet clarified by the authorities. The Guatemalan Volunteer Firefighters detailed this Sunday that the death of the man took place on Saturday night, north of the capital of the Central American country, on public roads. Read here: Woman would … Read more

None of this is true, it’s all for the eye, screams a woman in the video of Putin’s visit to Mariupol | iRADIO

According to the media, on a video recording of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to occupied Mariupol, a woman can be heard shouting from afar that “it’s all for the eye” as he talks to people on the street. This was pointed out by the server of the Russian BBC News editorial office and the … Read more

If the eye is swollen, here’s how to treat it according to the cause

Jakarta: Swollen eyes are common. In most cases, the swelling will go away within a day. The causes also vary, ranging from allergies, insect bites, red eyes, stye, to inflammation. To avoid complications, see an eye care professional if the swelling persists for more than 24 to 48 hours. However, you can also treat swollen … Read more

Seen with the naked eye.. 5 planets line up in a dazzling celestial display this month

Astronomy enthusiasts are looking forward to a dazzling celestial show that will take place later this March, when 5 planets from the solar system will be visible from Earth as part of a rare planetary alignment. And the British Daily Mail newspaper stated that Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus, Mars and Venus are expected to line up … Read more

Drug Drops Infect Patient’s Eyes, One Person Dies in America, 4 People Have Eye Lifting Operations

WASHINGTON, DISWAY.ID — The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identified at least 68 patients in 16 US states with the infection. This infection is most likely caused by bacteria that are in the eye drops they use. The eye drops are called EzriCare and are made in India by Global Pharma Healthcare. READ … Read more

After 1 year, the US continues to raise interest rates, keep an eye on ‘Fed’ may stop sucking money out of the system. But not yet back to QE

As liquidity problems erupted in the US and European financial institutions, the US Federal Reserve (Fed) and European Central Bank (ECB) responded swiftly to the event. Whether it is announcing deposit protection to end the Bank Run problem, including injecting assistance through short-term loans to prevent the problem from spreading. However, these solutions may only … Read more

Gisela Valcárcel is caught falling drunk | showbiz eye web | EYE-SHOW

A piece of paper starred the driver Gisela Valcárcel when she was captured by the cameras of “Amor y Fuego” in an apparent drunken state. The “Señorito” was so ‘happy’ that she couldn’t stand up. It all happened the night of this March 16, 2023 when the blonde cheerleader met in an exclusive restaurant with … Read more

The eye of Copernicus is already working – ddtorun.pl

On Saturday, March 18, the Eye of Copernicus was launched in Toruń. Importantly, on Thursday, March 16, there was a wheel test supervised by the Office of Technical Inspection. The “Eye of Copernicus” was created behind the Jordanki Cultural and Congress Centre. The installation consists of 42 gondolas that can accommodate six people each. A … Read more

Deaths, blindness and loss of eyeballs lead US to ban eye drops

Article information Author, Max Matza Role, To BBC News March 17, 2023 US health officials say the eye drops may have killed one person and left several others seriously injured due to drug-resistant bacterial contamination. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (the US public health agency CDC) has identified 68 patients in 16 US … Read more