The First National, in the eye of the storm

Scandalous, crazy, illogical, implausible, not very serious. As soon as details were known of the meeting that 31 presidents of the First National clubs had, in which they tried to find a way to solve those promotions that they left in stand by When the pandemic arrived, public opinion took it upon itself to put … Read more

Global Eye Protection Device Market 2020 Top Companies – breo, OSIM, LUYAO, ooyby, Pangao, Jare – Thesneaklife

The main objective of this report is to present an in-depth analysis of the Global Eye Protection Device Market, which takes into account all the players in the sector. This research report presents forecasts on market size and trends based on past and present data relating to this industry. Analysis of complex data is presented … Read more

Ford introduces the WRC-style Transit. Racing is just an eye catch

It seems like pure nonsense to associate a user with the style of a rally race car, but Ford wondered why not build such a car. September may be yours. The Ford Transit Custom and Transit Connect commercial vehicles were inspired Fiesta WRC and they come with the style of a race car in the … Read more

Abdullah Jumaa in a mysterious message: “Fear of being full, you will not break his eye.”

Abdullah Jumaa, a player of the Zamalek team, continued his mysterious posts, on the Instagram site, where he posted a picture while he was in the gym and going through physical exercises, and commented: “The satiated always is afraid of him because you cannot break his eye. Abdullah Jumah had previously raised controversy after he … Read more

This common eye problem could be a sign of coronavirus infection

The list of symptoms of the coronavirus is long, although most of them can appear in other medical conditions as well. Therefore, a positive diagnosis requires a PCR test.The virus has been shown to affect the eyes, with healthcare workers describing patients with COVID-19 with red eyes or pink eye symptoms.A study details the case … Read more

Colors catch the eye .. Xiaomi Redmi K30 Ultra

Just two days before its official launch, new details and specifications of the upcoming Xiaomi Redmi K30 Ultra phone were revealed, which are the storage and color options that the Chinese phone giant will provide to the public, according to “India Today”. . Xiaomi Redmi K30 Ultra According to a well-known and trusted account of … Read more

The humpback moon near the red planet tonight in a phenomenon seen with the naked eye

The Arab world will be monitored in the sky of Egypt at midnight today, Saturday 8 August 2020, and what will remain of the night is the occurrence of the waning humpback moon near Mars in the phenomenon of viewing with the naked eye, which is an opportunity for photography. It can be seen that … Read more