the rant of the cafe owners in the face of the obligation to use reusable cups during the Doudou

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Catalina Gómez from ‘Noticias Caracol’ experienced a great scare live: “panic face” – Caracol Television – Vea Magazine

The life of the presenters of Snail News It is of great interest to viewers and users on social networks. Everything that happens with them ends up becoming a trend, whether it is related to their private or professional life. It may interest you: ‘The Box Challenge’: strange ‘ritual’ of Gema, from the Beta team, … Read more

Depeche Mode in the face of death

The untimely demise of Andy Fletcher could have marked the end of Depeche Mode. Dave Gahan has indeed thought of storing his microphone. Martin Gore never thought of turning off his synths. “I never questioned the group,” he says in an exclusive interview with The Pressa few days before the launch of the disc Memento … Read more

A shocking appearance of Sherine Abdel Wahab. Very overweight and a pale face

Last updated Wednesday, March 22, 2023 The pioneers of the social media sites circulated a new image of the Egyptian artist, Sherine Abdel Wahab, from inside the studio, where she was preparing for a new song, during which she announced her return to art after the crises she went through. Sherine Abdel Wahab appeared in … Read more

Valentina, daughter of Salma Hayek, does not remain silent in the face of criticism for her physical appearance

Valentina Paloma and Salma Hayek at the Oscar After Party. | Photo: Getty Images. Valentina Palomadaughter of Salma Hayek and Francois-Henri Pinaultdefended himself from the harsh criticism he received on the Internet after the glamorous appearance he made with his mother at the 95th Academy Awards. Oscars red carpet. | Photo: Getty Images. The only … Read more

Expert – about the biometric face recognition function in phones: the information there is not available even to the manufacturers

“Personal information generated by the biometric facial recognition function, for example, in devices manufactured by Apple, is stored only in the internal memory of the device. This means that the image of your face is not transmitted to the device manufacturer and is not stored on external servers, in the cloud”, explains M. Užupis. Facial … Read more

Conte attacks: “Italy at war, Prime Minister Meloni is a bronze face”

Very cold with the Pd <!– –> The Advocate – Note Schlein’s absence at Montecitorio. And the dem “respond” by ignoring his intervention By Luca De Carolis Icons/ascolta March 23, 2023 <!– –> <!– –> This time the challenger is the lawyer. This time in the Montecitorio Hall it is Giuseppe Conte who attacks Giorgia … Read more

Cuban actor Roberto San Martín and musician Manolín face each other on social networks

CubitaNOW Writing ~ Tuesday March 21, 2023 The Cuban actor Roberto San Martín and the musician Manuel González Hernández, known in the artistic world as Manolín El Médico de la Salsa, clashed on social networks. The dispute occurred after the musical interpreter said that For him, the Cuba team that participated in the V World … Read more

Linda Ready to Face Teddy Minahasa Drug Case Prosecution Trial

Jakarta – Defendant Linda Pujiastuti alias Anita will face trial for drug charges Inspector General Teddy Minahasa next week. Linda stated that she was ready to attend the trial in person to hear and accept the demands of the Public Prosecutor (JPU). “I am ready to attend to hear the demands from the Public Prosecutor. … Read more

“French scar” challenge: Italy investigates TikTok for videos of young people hurting themselves on the face

The regulatory authority for competition in Italy today opened an investigation into the social network TikTok for the dissemination of videos of young people hurting themselves with the so-called “French scar” challenge. The investigation focuses on the most recent self-injurious trend that has emerged on the social network, with alleged origins in France, and which … Read more