Facebook steals your data .. Google bans a famous application –

Google has removed an app from its Play Store, but after downloading it more than a million times it turns out that the app, called PIP Pic Camera Photo Editor, contains nasty malware that is perfectly capable of stealing Facebook credentials including usernames and passwords. This could allow hackers to access accounts, steal personal data, … Read more

Time to get together? Meta plans to reintegrate Facebook and Messenger?

The Verge reported that they obtained an internal notice from Meta stating that Meta plans to reintegrate Messenger into the Facebook program, and users will be able to use instant messaging directly on Facebook without having to install Facebook and Messenger separately in the future. I believe that many people will use Facebook Messenger to … Read more

Lie of the Season: Syria beat the United States in basketball

Although al-Assad’s Syria is against sports normalization with its enemies, and its media celebrates Arab athletes who refuse to participate in sporting events in which Americans, Israelis and others participate, the false news published by the official media, quoting the General Sports Federation, was the victory of the Syrian team over the United States team. … Read more

Facebook video app doesn’t work on Apple TV

On June 27, it was reported that Facebook’s smart TV app, which allows users to listen to various videos, shows and live broadcasts, is no longer available on Apple TV. Some users said they could no longer use the app after the latest update. In a MacRumors post, one user said that when turning on … Read more

1 Billion People Will Become Metaverse Citizens

Jakarta – Mark Zuckerberg don’t lose faith in the glorious future of the virtual universe metaverse although sometimes criticized. He believes that in the future, the metaverse will be inhabited by a billion people. “Basically we’re hoping to get about a billion people in the metaverse trading hundreds of millions of dollars, buying digital stuff, … Read more

The discovery of a strange spiral object in the heart of the Milky Way

Thank you for reading the news about technology: strange spiral body discovered in the heart of the Milky Way and now with the details of the news Cairo – Samia Sayed – Astronomers have discovered what appears to be a miniature galaxy orbiting a single large star in the heart of the Milky Way, and … Read more

Zuckerberg Opens Prototype of Metaverse VR Glasses, Claims Will Be More Real

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — CEO Meta Mark Zuckeberg introduces a prototype of glasses that are part of a virtual reality (VR) device for metaverse. Metaverse is a concept where people can perform activities as they normally would in the real world virtually in the form of 3D avatars. For example, work, shopping, playing games, interacting. … Read more

The signs of the hour appear in the Emirates.. a very beautiful 15-year-old virgin girl who accidentally discovered that she was pregnant because of a Facebook chat.. You will not believe how this happened, which shocked everyone! !

The news of the pregnancy of a 15-year-old Emirati virgin girl fell like a thunderbolt on the head of her family, whose whole world was shaken by the impact of what happened. According to the medical report issued by the Dubai Police, when the girl was examined, the result was that she was 29 weeks … Read more

What is the difference? .. The most prominent differences between the Pixel 6a and iPhone 8 Plus phones

Thank you for reading the news about technology: What is the difference? .. The most prominent differences between the Pixel 6a and iPhone 8 Plus phones and now with the details of the news Cairo – Samia Sayed – Google recently unveiled its Pixel 6a phone, as the new phone from Google is one of … Read more

It will take a while before the metaverse is real, Mark Zuckerberg also thinks | NOW

Facebook parent company Meta is working on its metaverse: a virtual world where people can work, play and relax. To immerse users in this, the company makes virtual reality glasses. With such glasses, they have to start looking at a virtual world in the same way as they do at the real world. But it … Read more