6 Factors that Increase the Risk of Asthma Page all

KOMPAS.com – Asthma is a disease characterized by shortness of breath due to inflammation and narrowing of the airways. Asthma can strike anyone regardless of age. But it often begins in childhood, although in some cases asthma first appears as an adult. Asthma currently has no cure, but there are simple treatments that can help … Read more

A Saudi academic tweets about the internal situation in Egypt and lists 3 factors that “explain” what is going on

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Saudi academic, Turki Al-Hamad, counted 3 factors that “explain”, as he put it, what is happening in Egypt, stressing that this is not interference in its internal affairs. This came in a series of tweets by Al-Hamad on his official page on Twitter, in which he said: “Talking … Read more

Muscle Cramps, Affecting Factors and Tips to Overcome Them

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Charley horse another term cramp condition muscles. Conditions when the muscles suddenly tense up by themselves and can’t relax. Muscle cramps are most commonly experienced in the legs and feet. Collect WebMDeven though it hurts a lot, hug muscle is not a dangerous condition. This condition usually lasts for a few seconds … Read more

Know the 8 risk factors that affect the health of your heart | Video

Posted at 15:28 ET (20:28 GMT) Monday, January 23, 2023 playing 1:48 Posted at 15:32 ET (20:32 GMT) Tuesday, January 24, 2023 0:55 Posted at 12:35 ET (17:35 GMT) Tuesday, January 24, 2023 1:28 Posted at 19:36 ET (00:36 GMT) Sunday, January 22, 2023 0:34 Posted at 19:28 ET (00:28 GMT) Sunday, January 22, 2023 … Read more

Alzheimer’s has the same risk factors as cardiovascular disease. how to prevent

UK scientists claim that it is possible to prevent Alzheimer’s, the disease that erases memory and prevents people from doing simple tasks. They found that some of the risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease are the same as for cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease and stroke. The studies published by Alzheimer’s Research UK, bring a … Read more

9 Factors That Can Increase Your Risk of Having a Heart Attack

Diabetes can harm your heart, especially if it gets out of control. Over the age of 65, heart disease takes more than 68% of the lives of people with diabetes. To better control your blood sugar levels, stick to your doctor’s treatment plan and make any necessary lifestyle adjustments. 3. Hypertension One very common risk … Read more

State of stress: what are the practices to follow to relax?

Understand a state of stress to better deal with it Stress: what is it? A natural reaction that manifests itself emotionally and physically, stress usually arises in the face of a particular situation. If it is chronic in nature, it can manifest itself differently, through different disorders. It is therefore triggered by a situation assimilated … Read more

Revealed in the research: 6 factors that end the relationship…

A team led by psychology researcher Peter K. Jonason of the University of Padua in Italy reanalyzed previous surveys and studies on romantic relationships. The article, published in the scientific journal Personality and Individual Differences, listed the main “game-breaking” factors in both long-term and short-term relationships: The relationship is complicated, the partner is rude, dependent … Read more

Positive foreign factors push SET through 1,700 points I TNN Hours of making money I 17-01-66

Positive foreign factors push the SET through 1,700 points This week is another week where we still have to see if the SET Index will reach 1,700 or not. But if assessed from the voices of many analysts Quite the same view that there is a chance to pass. because of pressure factors, especially from … Read more

Three factors that make the Mexican peso strong against the dollar

Why does Mexico have a “superweight”? 3:22 (CNN Spanish) — The Mexican peso reached its best price against the dollar in the last two years on Thursday, strengthened mainly by attractive interest rates for investors, the historical inflow of remittances to the country and the high price of oil, the expert analyst told CNN in … Read more