Bologna Ancona trains: electrical failure and severe delays – Chronicle

Bologna, 25 June 2022 – Chaos of the trains on the railway line Bologna-Ancona. Traffic was slowed due to a pantograph failure and consequently to the power line on the southern track of the section Faenza-Forlì, from early afternoon. The Intercity 609 Bologna Centrale (14:00) – Lecce (22:49) train, stopped from 14:40 between Faenza and … Read more

Kendall Jenner adds a new sentimental failure

The list of famous ex-boyfriends of Kendall Jenner is long (Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images) Kendall Jenner could have ended her two-year relationship with Devin Booker and this new emotional setback for one of the protagonists of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” would add another man’s name to her list of exes. Being only 26 … Read more

Poetsman abuses 5-year-old daughter of customers: “We feel like a failure as parents”

The prosecutor asked the court in Turnhout to sentence a man in his fifties from Meerhout to 37 months in prison for sexual offences. — © Bart Van den Langenbergh Yellow, Meerhout – Last year, a cleaner from Meerhout sexually abused a five-year-old girl in her own bedroom at a family in Geel, where he … Read more

Persebaya News Popular Today: The Failure of Bajul Ijo until Marselino Ferdinand Called The National Team

SURYA.CO.ID – Here popular Persebaya news today, Tuesday (21/6/2022), about failure Bajul Ijo qualify for the round of 8 President’s Cup 2022 hingga Marcelino Ferdinand called the national team. Competition Bali United vs Persebaya be the end of the game President’s Cup 2022 which followed Bajul Ijo. Because the match will determine whether Persebaya Surabaya … Read more

No “spare wheel” for Macron after election failure – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

A dizzying heat has ravaged France recently, with temperatures above 40 degrees in some places. And it’s hot for President Emmanuel Macron, too. The Government Alliance Together! received only 246 seats, far from 289 which would have given the majority. And it seems to be difficult to reach an agreement with the opposition parties – … Read more

The failure of Cloudfare has disrupted popular services

Posted: 2022-06-21 12:11 Data center. Photo by Vladimiro Ivanovo (V) Due to a failure in the cloud service provider Cloudfare systems, various popular services and online platforms were disrupted on Tuesday. Among them, the Lithuanian company Nord Security is developing a virtual private network NordVPN, communication networks Discord and Omegle, the American food and goods … Read more

“Pathetic failure” .. Swedish businesswoman attacks Pique because of her son

Barcelona star Gerard Pique was exposed to a new problem after his separation from Shakira, this time by a Swedish businesswoman who attacked him sharply because of her son. The Catalan defender is not living his best period recently, after the separation from the Colombian-Lebanese singer, and the uncertainty of his future with his club. … Read more

Is it good to restart my cell phone in the event of a failure and how often do I need to do it? – Teach me about Science

The most common solution that most people apply when they notice that their cell phone starts to work slower, freezes in some application, or simply does not respond, is to restart it; this is the “old trusty”. Undoubtedly we all have. Tired and desperate that our mobile devices do not work at full speed, or … Read more

Ever had heart failure, can you exercise or not? This is the Fact

Jakarta – Heart failure is a condition where a person’s heart muscle is weak, so it is unable to pump blood. This condition is caused by thickened and stiff heart muscle, so the heart’s capacity to receive blood is reduced. The condition of heart failure is generally characterized by various symptoms, such as shortness of … Read more

Anna Asti blabbed about the failure of the duet with a famous performer

The actress did not hide the truth from the fans. Anna Asti shocked fans by talking about working with singer Jony. The celebrity opened up on the air of the program “PRO News». According to the singer, she managed to work with the musician while performing in the Artik & Asti group. The artists recorded … Read more