The Asian stock markets fall: – Financial instability is not medicine – it is poison

The article continues below the ad Another Monday there was tension before the Asian stock exchanges opened for a new trading week. What happens at the stock exchange in Tokyo at the opening often sets the tone for the rest of the trading day around the world. They were worked on throughout the weekend in … Read more

Crypto Banks Fall Bitcoin Soars, Who Profits?

CNBC Indonesia Research Research TeamCNBC Indonesia Research Sunday, 19/03/2023 15:30 WIB 1. Crypto Banks Fall Bitcoin Soars, Who Profits? 2. The Domino Effect of the SVB Crisis 3. Crypto Industry Players Seek Other Bank Partners Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The banking crisis hit the United States (US) last week. The crisis started with one of … Read more

“Budgetary adjustment is the De Croo method: we throw everything up in the air and hope that, on a misunderstanding, it will fall back as it should”

François De Smet, president of DéFI and federal deputy, reviewed this morning various subjects that make the Belgian news. Regarding the budgetary conclave, François De Smet believes that the government’s priorities are not in the right place: “We need tax reform, pension reform and real labor market reform, but we are not doing it: we … Read more

Urgent – Moody’s warns the Fed against raising interest rates: the US market will fall

In a stern warning, Moody’s called on the US central bank (the Federal Reserve) to immediately stop monetary tightening and not rush into raising interest rates next Wednesday. She said, “The market is on the edge of the abyss, waiting for any event to fall!” The global rating agency believes that the Fed is paying … Read more

European stock markets amplify their fall, banks plunge

PARIS: Renewed optimism at the Banque de France: in its latest forecasts published on Monday, the institution doubled its growth forecast in France for 2023 and is now counting on a 0.6% increase in gross domestic product (GDP), against 0.3% envisaged until then. On the inflation front, the central bank is lowering its forecast for … Read more

The EU is killing an entire industry, advisers warn. In Germany alone, 5 million cars will not be produced, 100 thousand people will be laid off, GDP will fall

The EU is killing an entire industry, advisers warn. In Germany alone, 5 million cars will not be produced, 100 thousand people will be laid off, GDP will fall 18.3.2023 | Petr Miler / Photo: Volkswagen It has been clear for years that this is exactly what the actions of the European Union will be … Read more

The Pokémon card game suit designed by Japanese creative unit nendo, just the appearance makes people fall in love at first sight- A Day Magazine

Not long ago, nendo, a well-known Japanese creative unit that just designed the office space for Creatures, the founding company of Pokémon, incorporated the design vocabulary of “Pokémon Cards”, and recently released a set of toy suits specially created for Pokémon Trading Card Game “Pokémon Trading Card Game Classic “. As a collectible card game … Read more

Jennifer Aniston: to fall in a particularly tight golden dress, she shines with a thousand lights in Paris

After the box of Murder Mystery, which was one of Netflix’s biggest hits of 2019, the SVOD platform quickly ordered a sequel to this police comedy worn by Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. And good news, after three years of waiting, we will finally be able to discover this second film! Murder Mystery 2 indeed … Read more

Interest rates turn sharply downwards again – Renewed banking crisis puts pressure – even Swedish interest rates fall back

German yields initially rose after sources told Reuters the ECB would raise 50 basis points as planned on Thursday, but rates have since fallen, with the two-year government bond 29 basis points down from Tuesday’s Swedish close. The euro has fallen from a high of 1:0750 on Wednesday to 1:0650 against the dollar. Dollar/yen is … Read more