“Pørni” season three: – Familiar faces appear

It seems that Henriette Steenstrup (47) has struck a real nerve with the population the viewer favorite “Pørni”. The critics praised the first two seasons, and now reviewers and the public are eagerly awaiting how the life of the busy single mother Pernille Middelthon will progress. The third season has long since been recorded, and … Read more

The Voice All Stars reveals gold-plated ear skins. The return of the growing day Familiar ‘Quality Sound’

If going back 10 years ago The Voice Thailand, real voice, real It was the most innovative and popular singing contest at the time. with the concept of searching for artists from ‘vocals’ alone And the blind auditions blood draw rules are designed to allow all four coaches to rule out the physical bias of … Read more

Farewell to Serianni, a life for words – Books – Insights

“My students all have their own specific profile within a shared knowledge and method. My imprint, if any, ends in a well-known obligation which all of them know they cannot derogate from: the use of the graphic accent on himself “. World-famous linguist, Crusca academic, member of the Lincei, Luca Serianni who died today at … Read more

Frequently searched but remained focused on the college entrance examination after scoring 638, he returned to the familiar boxing ring-Sanxiang Vientiane- Hunan Online

Frequent hot searches but stay focused, Peng Hu, a middle school student attached to Hunan Normal University, continues to move forward towards his professional boxing dream After scoring 638 in the college entrance examination, he returned to the familiar boxing ring Photo courtesy of the organizer of Penghu Changsha Evening News, July 10th (all media … Read more

Illness on the beach, clinical director of Cagliari – Sardinia dies

Tragedy in the Oristano area, victim was 57 years old Tragedy on the beach in Sardinia. Alessandro Zuddas, 57 years old from Cagliari, director of the child neuropsychiatry clinic of the Microcitemico hospital of the capital, died on the Oristano coast of Is Arenas, after having accused an illness while he was with his family. … Read more

Karlovy Vary Film Festival 2022: We saw familiar faces and a new couple, a famous American actor was also a star

And again our Tatiana Žideková. On the second day of the Karlovy Vary film festival, several familiar faces showed up, and an American actor was among them. Karlovy Vary 2022 Film festival in Karlovy Vary continues and the 56th edition is once again full of film, stars, music and entertainment. The second day was a … Read more

Familiar backs, familiar movements, isn’t this me and my mother 40 years ago?

Familiar backs, familiar movements, isn’t this me and my mother 40 years ago? Familiar backs, familiar movements, isn’t this me and my mother 40 years ago? red net moment Font size:SmallmiddleBig 2022-07-03 12:16:31 Walking on the ridge of my hometown, I saw this woman who was pulling the fields and weeds, and I felt emotional. … Read more

This figure can make Michael Kremencik comfortable joining Persija, immediately familiar, not shy in training

TRIBUNJAKARTA.COM, JAKARTA – Foreign invaders Persija Jakarta Marko Simic’s replacement is Michael Krmencik already seen joining exercise team at NYTC Sawangan, Depok, West Java. The figure of this player immediately blends in and is not shy about chatting when exercise Persija Jakarta take place. Michael Kremencik is already seen following exercise Persija Jakarta on Thursday (30/6/2022) … Read more

Titan is an alien world, but surprisingly familiar

Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, is a fascinating and mysterious world, a world literally shrouded in mystery by thick clouds that visible-spectrum imaging cameras cannot penetrate. This became apparent when NASA’s Pioneer 11 became the first spaceship to fly past Titan in 1979, and then NASA’s Voyager 1 and 2 in 1980 and 1981, respectively. All … Read more

Index – FOMO – The creator of Vuk would be 95 years old – are you familiar enough with your work?

Today would be Attila Dargay, 95 years old, who laid the foundations of Hungarian cartoon-making alone. We owe him several iconic Hungarian productions, including Lúdas Matyi, Vuk and Szaffi. Little by little, he struggled on the ranks, first working as a cartoon designer and later as a director. It was also thanks to his humor … Read more