Children from poor families live shorter and are less healthy

Children from underprivileged families in our country live on average fifteen years shorter in good health. According to Professor Gera Nagelhout, who grew up in a family with a lower socio-economic position, the government should do more to prevent poverty and promote health. Maastricht University reports this. In an article for Algemeen Dagblad, Nagelhout argues … Read more

Royal families, news of the week: from Letizia Ortiz on vacation to the posts for Beatrice of York PHOTOS

10/13 ©Getty Another tour in the center, another outfit for Letizia Ortiz and the Infante Leonor and Sofia, the most photographed in Palma de Mallorca. For the afternoon walk, the sovereign does not give up on espadrilles for her look consisting of shorts and shirt, a low cost outfit except for shoes, Boss, and sunglasses, … Read more

Personal credit allows you to buy a house with 100% financing | families

Some families are able to buy housing with 100% financing of the purchase price. That is, without having their own savings amount, the so-called “down payment”, to ensure the credit differential that the bank cannot lend, as a result of the limitations introduced by Banco de Portugal (BdP) in the macroprudential measure for credit, 2018, … Read more

Credit requested by families from Younited for vacation shoots up 245% to 38 million – Credit

The requests for credit to go on vacation made by Portuguese families to Younited grew to 38 million euros in the first half of this year. The credit marketplace reveals that, compared to the same period in 2020, the amount of loans grew by 245%, in line with the recovery of post-pandemic tourism. “The year … Read more

The latest bug in The Sims 4 causes characters to age rapidly and die, while trying to build “intimate relationships” with their families

The classic life simulation game “The Sims 4” published by EA has been out for more than 8 years, but the development team is still steadily rolling out various expansions and updates for players. The High School Years expansion is the latest chapter. Although this new expansion pack does bring players a wealth of new … Read more

Solidarity: We encourage alternative families to integrate children who lack family care into society

Magdy Hussein, head of the Central Department of Social Welfare at the Ministry of Social Solidarity, said that President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi has always been directed to continue caring and supporting children of noble descent in all social care homes, noting that the ministry contributes and facilitates that citizens contribute to raising children through alternative … Read more

Energy crisis, EU | Warned before the summit: – Putin wants to destroy the everyday lives of all European families

On Tuesday, EU energy ministers met to hold an extraordinary meeting on gas stocks in Europe and energy security ahead of winter, as there is a real danger of energy shortages for the winter due to Russia’s brake on gas supplies. On Tuesday morning, Ukraine’s foreign minister was already out with a strong warning. – … Read more

The basketball players were accompanied by their loved ones and families to the team camp in Palanga

The athletes coached by Kazis Maksvytis began to gather in the afternoon at the Vanagupė hotel, which is far from the hustle and bustle of the city. The basketball players were accompanied to the resort by their second half, offspring. Arnas Butkevičius arrived at the hotel with his wife Laurita, son Aron and daughter Ela. … Read more