Intimate and family life in these countries is horrifying: fattening brides, “extra” wife and other incomprehensible customs

You have already read an article about intimate and family life in the most famous African tribes, where such wild customs as mutilation in the name of a kind of perceived “beauty” and “sexiness” or widespread bride-buying, polygamy and, in some places, strong matriarchy prevail. But how are things in the urbanized African world? What … Read more

The puzzle of some parents at the time of the new school calendar: “It’s nice for family life…”

This Monday April 3 will mark the start of the Easter holidays for young Dutch speakers in the country, who will be able to take advantage of two weeks off. French-speaking schoolchildren will have to wait until May to take advantage of their next vacation. For the first time, due to the reform of school … Read more

the royal family knew that his phone calls were being tapped by the media

“The Monarchy Institute hid this information from me for a long time. This became clear only in recent years, when I filed my claim, turned to law enforcement,” Harry’s testimony was quoted by the TV channel. in 2019 Prince Harry has filed a lawsuit against News Group Newspapers, accusing him of wiretapping his phone. And … Read more

Kim Soo-mi, ‘son’ Jang Dong-min lost… “A rude X, dug a family register”

Sports Chosun = Reporter Lee Joo-joo ‘Las’ Kim Soo-mi lost money to Jang Dong-min, whom she cherished like a son. On MBC’s ‘Radio Star’, which aired on the 29th, Kim Soo-mi, Yoon Jeong-soo, Lee Ji-young, and Lee Yong-joo appeared as guests. Kim Soo-mi presented Ahn Young-mi, who was six months pregnant, with a side dish … Read more

Friends of the Abdulhak family: Claim Farouk wanted to sign up

It’s in the new documentary series “Martine – last chapter” that two of the friends of the wealthy Shaher Abdulhak, Farouk’s father, talk about the father’s reluctance for his son to return to the UK and report to the police. Watch “Martine – last chapter” on TV 2 Play In the documentary series, Farouk Abdulhak … Read more

[Learn again in 2 minutes! ]What is the definition of “language family” learned in world history class? | Essential education for business elites “People of the world” super introduction | Diamond Online

“There are deep-seated problems of race and ethnicity…” Many people must have felt that way when they saw the anti-racism demonstrations that took place during the corona crisis. Ethnic problems are often at the root of many of the world’s problems, such as discrimination, war, politics, and the economy. There are so many arts and … Read more

Gabriela Partyšová about her son: Kristián would like to have a family one day and will not wait until he is 40

The well-known presenter Gabriela Partyšová is experiencing a completely new life period. Her son Kristián (15) is in puberty and she already knows, willy-nilly, that his departure from his mother’s nest is inexorably approaching. In an interview for, she revealed how she manages domestic struggles and what kind of mother-in-law she will be one … Read more

the return of the royal family of reggae with an album-event » Magazine 100%Culture

Two-time Grammy Award-winning reggae band Morgan Heritage from Jamaica returns with a new album titled “The Homeland”, which will be released on April 21, 2023. This ambitious project brings together renowned artists from Jamaica and Africa, like Youssou N’Dour, Lord Alajiman, Alpha Blondy, Macky II, Shaggy, Popcaan, Beenie Man, Shatta Wale, Busy Signal, Mádé Kuti, … Read more

The result of the genetic tape analysis between the relative of the Shenouda family and the child is negative

08:51 PM Monday, March 27, 2023 Books – Muhammad Emara: Counselor Naguib Gabriel, the lawyer for the family of the adopted child, Shenouda, announced that the sample of the genetic tape analysis was negative between Mrs. Rania Fawzy, the child’s relative, and the child, thus not becoming his mother. Gabriel added, in a live broadcast … Read more

Sadistic Robbers With Firearms in Cilacap Call This a Family Affair in Action!

CILACAP, KOMPAS.TV – A sadistic robber with a firearm in Cilacap was mentioned by his family in action One day after the shop robbery incident in Cilacap, the atmosphere at the crime scene was quiet and the victims of gunshot wounds had started to improve. It can be seen that officers from the Kedungreja Sector … Read more