Hujers on vacation? The Italian family filled the entire plane

“How far do the Hujers go?” The class’s desperate cry when he finds out that most of the attendees of the evening school class are members of Hujer’s extended family is now legendary. As well as the role of Václav Lohniský. The central figure in the mentioned competition was Anna Donaleková. She managed to bring … Read more

Mehdi Bensaid receives the Megri family after his expulsion

Hespress Culture Khadija KHETTOUSunday 16 January 2022 – 13:55 The Minister of Culture, Mehdi Bensaid, received the brothers Younes and Mahmoud Megri, who have been forced from their rental home since the 1970s. A call for help had been made by the family. After the decision to evict them from their house in the Oudayas … Read more

Pads and masks: how much does the emergency cost. Stinging of 4,800 euros per family

Annual expense for masks and exams A salty, indeed very salty virus. In addition to the ideal price that Covid imposes in terms of lost life, there is another extremely tangible one that hits the accounts of Italians: having Ffp2 masks and regularly undergoing anti-Covid tampons is a real drain on families, especially if the … Read more

Toyota Romion 2022 price and specifications, a car suitable for family and youth

Toyota Romion 2022 is the best and latest version disclosed by the Japanese company Toyota Egypt. This car is distinguished by its capacity to accommodate seven people. Suzuki Motors and Toyota have contributed to the production of Toyota Romion, two of the largest car production companies in the world. The world, and they have produced … Read more

Covid, between masks and tampons, the cost can reach 4,800 euros per year per family

4/10 © Ansa The president of Consumerismo, Luigi Gabriele, explained that the Ffp2 “In pharmacies they are sold to controlled price of 0.75 euros, but in shops and on the web they have very variable prices, from € 0.40 to € 2.50 per piece ” .

Video / Scandal – The Megri family risks becoming homeless

After half a century of quiet and problem-free life with the owner of their house which overlooks the Bouregreg in the Oudayas, the Megri family risks finding themselves homeless, according to shock interviews shared on social networks. On Wednesday, January 12, “two bailiffs” would have forced the doors of the Megri rental house, in “the … Read more

They defended the Amazon and the sea turtles: an immense family of environmentalists

An entire family of environmental activists was killed in São Félix do Xingu, Brazil. According to the police, it was a real execution to interrupt their activity for the environment and the ecosystem. Mother, father and teenage daughter were killed in São Félix do Xingu, on the island of Cachoeira do Mucura. An entire family … Read more

Surprising reports. Agnieszka Więdłocha and Antoni Pawlicki are planning to enlarge the family?

“This is the greatest happiness that could have happened to me. Even though I have heard the opinion that bringing a child into such a world is a manifestation of selfishness. (…) On the one hand, I am afraid to think about the future that awaits my daughter. the generation will have more sense and … Read more

Nintendo Switch Online one-year family subscription + 128GB microSD bundle for half price

Switch Engadget’s editorial team is committed to collecting high-quality products and preferential prices for you. Part of the article links merchants that have a cooperative relationship with Engadget. The pricing and supply have the opportunity to change, all based on the latest information of the merchants. Recently, there are signs of another outbreak of the … Read more

CES proposes to end “gold” visas to help Portuguese have more babies | Birth

Relate the “visas” gold” and fiscal support for non-habitual residents with birth problems might sound strange. But the explanation is simple: those measures made housing prices soar, which made it impossible for many young adults to leave their parents’ home and start their own family. The end of that support is thus one of the … Read more