This representative of the royal family will follow in the footsteps of Prince Harry and leave England

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped down from their royal duties at the beginning of 2020 and shortly after announcing their decision moved to permanent residence on the other side of the ocean – the United States. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex currently live in a luxurious mansion in Montecito, California. Here they are … Read more

Poles can get by without a permit to build family houses

The Polish government is preparing an amendment to the law, which is to allow the construction of single-family houses of any size without a building permit from next year. “The need to anchor and have one’s own home is one of the basic human needs. Therefore, let’s make it clear that the goal of the … Read more

[D:이슈] “Even if it’s not related by blood”… The meaning of the ‘real’ family asked by the media

New family entertainment such as ‘Godfather’ and ‘Prefab Family’ continued A new type of family in ‘broker’ and ‘room sharing’ Last month, singer Hwanhee Choi expressed her feelings by giving KCM a carnation on Mother’s Day. KCM said, “It was heartbreaking. It must have been the first time she gave flowers to her father. As … Read more

How can sports help strengthen family ties? / LR1 / / Latvian Radio 1

The data show that those children and young people whose parents play sports are themselves more active and willingly participate in sports activities more often. So also less time is spent, for example, on smart devices. Is it possible for every family to become a sports family, how can sports help strengthen family bonds and … Read more

History is not over. Russia sanctions the family of Biden and Francis Fukuyama

When it says scrape the bottom of the barrel. Between sanctions and counter-sanctions, at times, one wonders where certain ideas come from. The last in chronological order is the decision taken today by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to include twenty-five American citizens on a special list of individuals accused of fomenting a climate … Read more

The story of Muhadi, 30 years lost and survived the Aceh tsunami, the moment Haru meets his family again

SERAMBINEWS.COM – The story has to be experienced Muhadi (73) who is reunited with his family after being missing for 30 years. After missing for 30 years, Muhadi (73), is now very happy to finally meet his family again. Residents from the District TrenggalekEast Java, met his family again on Wednesday (28/6/2022). For 30 years … Read more

One of the biggest Portuguese drug traffickers arrested visiting his family

Roberto Bessa Moreira June 27, 2022 at 5:48 pm Rúben Oliveira was hiding abroad and was the right-hand man in Portugal of the “Brazilian Escobar”. Linked to the 350 kilos of cocaine hidden in papaya boxes that, in February, were seized by the PJ. One of the biggest cocaine traffickers in Portugal was arrested at … Read more

Witness in the Land Mafia Case, Nirina Zubir’s Family Keeps Dodging, Judge: Brothers Are Not Cooperative Page all

JAKARTA, – The Panel of Judges of the West Jakarta District Court (PN) again held a trial on the land mafia case that harmed the family Nirina Zubir on Tuesday (28/6/2022). On this occasion, the Prosecutor presented four witnesses, one of whom was Heru, an employee of BCA KCP Pondok Indah, South Jakarta. He … Read more

National Family Day 29 June 2022, Here’s the Twibbon Link and the Commemoration Theme

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – National Family Day (harganas) is celebrated every June 29 and is not a holiday. This was determined through the Decree of the President of the Republic of Indonesia number 39 of 2014 concerning National Family Day. In 2022, commemoration National Family Day The 29th theme is ‘Let’s Prevent Stunting So Families Are Stunting … Read more