Windsor Royal Tomb: Why isn’t this the resting place of Prince Philip?

The coffin with Prince Philip’s remains was lowered to the royal tomb in Windsor at the funeral. However, whoever thinks that this is the last place of his rest would be mistaken. Prince Philip died at the respectable age of 99. The whole of Britain is dealing with a huge loss. However, only the closest … Read more

What a mess! Juana Viale cooked a family recipe on her grandmother’s marble countertop and showed the mess she left behind – Paparazzi Magazine

Since last year that Juana Viale is stepping on the small screen, and it is that in addition to having built her career as an actress in various films and fictions, she began to replace her grandmother Mirtha Legrand at the most famous table in the country. Despite having raised some criticism for her relaxed … Read more

Soshi Kwon Yuri Tears “Fighting disease due to recurrence of late breast cancer…I was the only one in my family that I didn’t know”

Provided by MBN’Eat ​​more and go’ © News1 Kwon Yuri sheds hot tears at the thought of her mother suffering from breast cancer. In MBN’Eat ​​More’, which airs at 9:20 pm on the 18th, Kwon Yuri, who stood tall as an actor in the girl group Girls’ Generation, appears and spends a day full of … Read more

The video taken after Prince Philip’s funeral touched the Internet. A breakthrough in the relationship of the royal family?

On April 17, 2021, the funeral of Prince Philip took place. Due to the pandemic, only 30 people took part. Prince Harry, flew in from the United States to attend the ceremony, appeared. Everyone wondered if it would be an opportunity for reconciliation with the family. Prince William and Princess Kate came to the funeral … Read more

Robots are saying no yet. ‘Liepkalni’ about family business, competition and the price of bread

It has been difficult and challenging to work for a long time in a situation where you do not know what tomorrow will bring, it was also necessary to “tighten your belts”, but the main thing is to move slowly, without much looking around and guided by your consumer’s conversation “admits the founder of the … Read more

Queen Elizabeth II in poor condition! The family comes to help her! But Kate’s behavior is outrageous!

Prince Philip’s funeral touched people all over the world. Pictures of the lonely Queen Elizabeth II, who tried to hide her emotions, stuck in my mind. This was what etiquette demanded of her. However, as reported by the British media, after the ceremony, the monarch completely fell apart. The royal family decided she could not … Read more

Samuel García donates money to himself for his campaign

Samuel García donates money to himself for his campaign. Photo: FB Samuel García NEW LION. Samuel García, candidate of the Citizen Movement for the governorship of New Lion, he assures that he has put money from his purse, just as it was in the deputy and senator elections “where he participated. On whether their relatives … Read more

The family must travel two days to visit Turkey’s most famous political prisoner – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

– I miss him so much. I keep wondering how he is doing. Now we have traveled 1700 km to visit him for an hour, says Başak Demirtaş. NRK meets her outside the high-risk prison where her husband Selahattin Demirtaş is sitting. He is one of Turkey’s most popular politicians. Now he is in his … Read more

United Kingdom: Queen Elizabeth II surrounded by her family for farewell to Prince Philip

Sitting alone during the ceremony and all in black dressed to the mask, Queen Elizabeth II bid farewell to her husband Prince Philip on Saturday, who has supported her for more than seven decades. The prince, who died “peacefully” eight days ago at Windsor Castle at the age of 99, now rests in the vault … Read more

The royal family paid a sober tribute to Prince Philip –

Prince Philip’s funeral was held in private, but in front of cameras around the world, this Saturday in London. William and Harry were present alongside Queen Elizabeth to pay tribute to their grandfather. The procession accompanying the coffin of Prince Philip, who died eight days ago at the age of 99, started from the courtyard … Read more