young man dies in hospital, denied his mother’s last farewell

The story of Simone, a Florentine, who died at the age of 23 in the hospital in Torregalli in the internal medicine ward while his mother repeatedly asked to come in for a last farewell, which was not possible, is causing a sensation. The story was dealt with by the program “Agorà”, on Rai3. The … Read more

Schulle bids farewell to Bayern Munich at the end of the season

A media report stated that defender Niklas Schulle will not renew his contract with the German football team, Bayern Munich, and that he will leave the team at the end of the season. And the German newspaper, Bild, reported that Schulle, 26, informed Bayern Munich several weeks ago of his decision. Schulle joined Bayern Munich … Read more

Farewell Rama: legendary actor Rasmi Jabrayilov dies

+ A – He was called the Dagestan Louis de Funes Rasmi Dzhabrailov is a legendary person in the acting world. A man of extraordinary appearance, charismatic and courageous – not only on stage, but also in life. Looking at his energy and passion, it was impossible to say that this actor was over 80. … Read more

In the Cathedral the last farewell to Gianni Di Marzio

The funeral of Gianni Di Marzio, the unforgotten coach of Naples, Cosenza and Catanzaro who died at the age of 82, will be held on Tuesday 25 January at 3 pm at the Padua Cathedral. Post The news was announced by his son Gianluca, a well-known journalist of Sky Sport, in a post on his … Read more

Farewell to fashion icon André Leon Talley – Former Creative Director of Vogue Dies at 73

André Leon Talley was born in North Carolina in 1948, where he often visited the library as a child to read Vogue magazines. His love of Vogue and fashion and extraordinary interest in him put him in an internship position in 1974 with former editor-in-chief of Vogue, Diana Vreeland. The editor-in-chief was impressed by Talley’s … Read more

Earthquake to Men and Women. Tina Cipollari, the farewell is final, Maria has chosen another: here is who will replace the columnist

The presence of Teresanna Pugliese as a guest of Men and women, is alarming fans of the popular dating show who fear that the former tronist and later suitor may replace Tina Cipollari. Cyclically the rumors of a possible farewell of the historic columnist at the court of Maria De Filippi chase each other, as … Read more

Gabon accompanies Morocco.. Ghana bid farewell to the nations of Africa

The Gabon national team accompanied its Moroccan counterpart to the round of 16 in the African Nations Cup, after the end of the last third round of Group C, while the Ghanaian team bid farewell to the tournament. The Gabonese team drew with its Moroccan counterpart 2-2, while the Ghanaian team lost to its Comoros … Read more

Official:Aubameyang was sent back due to heart problems and bid farewell to the African Cup ahead of schedule – yqqlm

Original title:Official: Aubameyang was sent back due to heart problems to bid farewell to Africa Cup ahead of schedule Aubameyang was previously selected for the Gabon national team to participate in the African Cup of Nations, but due to the infection of the new crown and subsequent heart problems, the Gabon national team officially announced … Read more