Sawatbowon Songkhla Jaew 8 years, Jim Thompson Farm Model 9 receives the great THAILAND CHAMPIONSHIP

competitionfootballInspire and create opportunities for youth to advance to the professional level of THAILAND CHAMPIONSHIP 2022, age 8-9 at the Training CentersportYouth Football, Football Association of Thailand, within Bangkok Thonburi University on August 6-7 in the past This event was honored by Nattapon Antarsen, Director of SAT Professional Sports Development Division, Siwanee Sem, Head of … Read more

A large object that came from space landed on your farm

Mick Miners was herding sheep in a four-wheeler last week when he tripped over a pointed black object that appeared to be more than 9 feet tall. reminded him of a burned tree or a piece of agricultural machinery. “Pretty scary, actually,” Miners, 48, said by phone Thursday from his roughly 2,000-hectare property in a … Read more

The rare discovery of the remains of a SpaceX capsule on an Australian farm

3 hours image source, Getty Images When Mick Miners, a farmer from New South Wales in southeastern Australia, first saw the large black object poking out of the ground on part of his land, he thought it was a dead tree. But upon looking at it more closely and after verification by some experts, he … Read more

A piece of Space X rocket crashed on a farm

Image: Brad Tucker For some time now you may have heard about the man-made “space junk” book. In essence, we are talking about pieces of metal from rockets, satellites and their substitutes that can end up falling from the sky and accidentally landing on human inhabited areas. This is precisely what seems to have happened … Read more

Rocket debris falls on Australia’s sheep farm, loud explosion heard by locals: report

<!– –> The photo shows parts of space junk found on a sheep farm in Australia. Days before pieces believed to be a Chinese missile fell to Earth, bits of space junk were found on a sheep farm in Australia. It is believed to be a part of a SpaceX rocket, according to a report … Read more

The construction of the second wind farm of Ignitis renewables begins in Poland

The power of this park will reach 50 MW, and the total amount of investment in the project is about 70 million. Eur. The wind farm will start producing the first electricity in 2023. IV quarter, and the expected production is about 122 GWh per year. In Poland, Ignitis Renewables already operates a wind farm … Read more

Latvenergo and Latvijas valsts mezu joint venture for wind farm development registered / Article

The name of the newly established company is SIA “Latvijas vēja parki”. The share capital of the company is two million euros, including 80% of the company’s capital shares belong to “Latvenergo”, and 20% to LVM. The statutes of “Latvijas vēja parku” state that the company will develop new wind farms of strategic importance with … Read more

Just a few months before the start-up: part of the work has already been done at the Šilalė II wind farm

This week, one of the most important works in the Šilalė II wind farm developed by Enefit Green, the largest wind energy producer in the Baltic States, was completed – the cornerstone has already been laid in the last foundations of the wind power plant. The assembly work of 12 turbines will start soon, and … Read more

The Wushu Special Committee of Xishuangbanna Old Sports Association went to Dongfeng Farm Community Management Committee to carry out Taijiquan sword training

The Wushu Special Committee of Xishuangbanna Old Sports Association went to Dongfeng Farm Community Management Committee to carry out Taijiquan sword training Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau released sports events Qinghai sports event information is released in a timely manner, dynamic events are presented in an all-round way, and you can feel the perfect combination of … Read more