Kortessem chicken farmer Roebben of nitrogen arrest (Kortessem)

Poultry farm Roebben unintentionally ended up in the eye of the storm two years ago when the destruction of their expansion permit resulted in the nitrogen arrest. — © Boumediene Belbachir Kortessem – Poultry farm Roebben in Kortessem unintentionally ended up in the eye of the storm two years ago when the destruction of their … Read more

Bacanas Publishes Grain and Rice Price Flexibility for Farmers in the Harvest Season, Here are the Details

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Head of the National Food Agency (Bapanas), Arief Prasetyo Adi issued a Decree Number: 62/KS.03.03/K/3/2023 concerning Flexibility Grain Price Or Rice in the Context of Implementing Government Rice Reserves. This decree is valid from March 11, 2023 until the issuance of the Government Purchase Price National Food Agency (Perbadan) Regulations or … Read more

Farmer (44) who suffocated his two daughters, will soon be charged with beating his ex and rape: “After those facts, he ended up in a negative spiral” (Oostkamp)

Chris Vanhaverbeke (44) killed his two daughters Maud (8) and Ona (5) after he couldn’t handle the divorce. — © if, rr Oostkamp – Chris Vanhaverbeke, the Waardam farmer who is in jail for the murder of his daughters Maud (8) and Ona (5), must appear before the criminal court on March 13. Not yet … Read more

The hero has arrived.. Al-Qeshta Safinaz, in the latest photo session, in a galabiya, Baladi, chopped Sama Al-Masry and Demi Rose..and a follower of the best farmer or what

Dancer Safinaz published a new photo session on her official Facebook account. Safinaz commented on the photos, saying: “The sweetest peasant, or what. Safinaz is currently preparing to present a number of concerts in addition to directing her artwork, as she is expected to film a new cinematic work during the coming period. Safinaz, or … Read more

“I was panicking.” “Farmer is looking for a wife” star is terminally ill.

“Bauer sucht Frau” star Till Adam is terminally ill It’s been exceptionally quiet on Till Adam’s social media accounts for the past few weeks. Now the reality TV star is back – with bad news. The 34-year-old is terminally ill. 02.03.2023 It’s been unusually quiet on Till Adam’s social media accounts for the past few … Read more

Spanish film about murder of Dutch farmer awarded with César

AFPDirector Rodrigo Sorogoyen of As Bestas with his César NOS News•yesterday, 10:23•Amended yesterday, 11:21 The Spanish movie the beasts about the Dutch organic farmer Martin Verfondern who was murdered in 2010 after a conflict with his neighbours, received the César for best foreign film on Friday evening. The César is the French equivalent of the … Read more

Extreme leniency for the Vielsalm farmer who hit a second Flemish resident

Judgment has fallen in this case between a second Flemish resident and a farmer from the municipality of Vielsalm. And it is the farmer, even if he is found guilty, who is doing very well in this legal battle. It will be remembered that the grower’s lawyer, Me Alexandre Mignon, had announced that this judgment … Read more

The farmer who secretly paid for his neighbors’ medicines for years

A wasp stung Eli Schlageter, a 15-year-old girl. Her mouth and throat swelled up, and the doctor who attended her told her family that they needed to buy an EpiPen, an epinephrine auto-injector to stop a severe allergic reaction. But the cost was beyond his possibilities, and, despite the fact that the pharmaceutical found a … Read more

Would you recognize her? The former farmer also tried modeling a few years ago! | Current

In the fourteenth series Farms although she lasted only two weeks, fans of the harsh reality show definitely remembered her for her not-so-traditional occupation. Simona is a croupier and at the same time she also plays poker professionally. That’s why she signed up for the Farm – she planned to use any winnings as a … Read more