Farmer John shows D66 how you can also emit less nitrogen

The D66 MPs listened carefully to the farmer’s story. “We get a lot of criticism from farmers that there is no perspective with the plans that are now known,” admits De Groot. “And I completely agree with that. But if we include John’s story in our plans, and indeed remove that financial pressure from the … Read more

Farmers Clash with Herders in Chad, 13 Dead

Jakarta – Deadly clashes broke out between farmers and herders in Chad middle. The regional governor said 13 people died in the deadly incident. Reported by AFP, Thursday (11/8/2022), violence between the two communities often occurs in Chad central and south. It is suspected that this location is known to many armed people. Clashes took … Read more

The Dutch spend less on the farmer, but more on the market | NOW

In corona time, everyone who sold food benefited from the closure of the catering industry, the supermarkets first. Specialty shops, markets and farm shops also saw a huge influx of customers. But where the farmers’ shops and specialty stores see the turnover decrease and that of the supermarket stabilises, the market continues to grow. “The … Read more

Fourteen farmer actions along roads last night: burning hay bales at Bathmen and Markelo | peasant protest

Met video & updateIt was a relatively quiet night and start of the day when it comes to farmers’ protests. In our region, the fire brigade only had to turn out for burning hay bales along the A1 at Bathmen and Markelo. Remco Regterschot, Michel van Ballegooij 29 jul. 2022 Latest update: 29-07-22, 11:45 Those … Read more

Inspectors who have been detecting gigantic water leaks for weeks, unmask a farmer who steals water via tapping in the pipeline network (Houthulst)

©  Shutterstock wood holly – After weeks of detective work, inspectors from De Watergroep succeeded in unmasking a ‘water thief’ in Houthulst on Wednesday night. It concerns a farmer who made a tap on the water pipe, stole water and pumped it to his own tanks. “We are now determining how much the water volume … Read more

Houthulst farmer who steals drinking water for crops caught red-handed

In recent weeks, many farmers have found it difficult to maintain their fields due to the general pumping ban in West Flanders. One farmer from Houthulst found a solution to the problem. At night, he drew potable water directly from a water pipe and pumped it into his own storage tanks and wells. That way … Read more

Emotional appeal Henk Bleker to farmer arsonists: ‘Stop this!’ | Inland

Burning hay, manure and other obstacles not only mean significant delays on highways for ordinary citizens, but also dangerous situations. “This must stop immediately,” said the former CDA minister from his holiday address in the Alps. Moreover, it does not help public support for the actions, which he considers justified, against the ‘unfair and ramshackle’ … Read more

Kamila Boś from “The farmer is looking for a wife” regrets participation in the program. Here is the reason

8th edition of the program “The farmer is looking for a wife” aroused emotions long before the first episode was broadcast. When in the spring of last year TVP aired episode zero, viewers doubted Kamila Boś, a beautiful mushroom grower. Immediately there were hypotheses that there was something wrong with her plot, because it is … Read more

Olivier, a former carpenter who became a farmer, is in the running for the title of the most beautiful meadow in Wallonia: “I had the land that the others did not want”

On July 31, as part of the Libramont Fair, the title of the most beautiful Walloon meadow will be awarded. 10 farmers are in the running in this competition entitled “How beautiful is my meadow!!” It is organized by FUGEA, Natagora and Natagriwal, and promotes, among other things, extensive livestock farming in fodder autonomy. The … Read more