Giant meteorite impacts changed the shape of the Earth

A number of scholars have claimed that you need Huge size collided with the planet Earth contributed to the formation of its continents. Recent research found that our planet was bombarded by a barrage of space objects in its first billion years of existence, which helped determine the shape of its surface. In fact, for … Read more

Fall Winter 2022 fashion, 6 trench coats for every occasion

Edward BerthelotGetty Images In anticipation of the wardrobe change planned for the Autumn Winter 2022 season, here are six trendy trench coat models to add to the collection of the most chic outerwear of the moment. The ideal garment to wear during the mid-season is chosen in shades of cream, midnight blue, beige, burgundy and … Read more

RANRA won the Zalando Sustainability Award during Copenhagen Fashion Week

RANRA’s genderless collection focuses on durability, using innovative techniques using textiles and paints, and the collection was presented in an impressive show in Copenhagen. RANRA together with the fashion platform Zalando will collaborate to create an exclusive collection that will seek innovative, environmentally friendly fashion design solutions The Zalando Sustainability Award aims to encourage fashion … Read more

Radio astronomy detects a mysterious explosion of energy for the first time

For the first time, astronomers have detected one of the strongest flashes ever found in the sky, and it appeared as a result of a collision between a star and a “neutron star”. [جرم صغير لا يتخطى شعاعه 30 كيلومتراً ولكنه يتميّز بكثافة مادته وشدّة جاذبيته] As it is called, by radio astronomy [الإشعاعي] In … Read more

Fashion police: Heidi Janků wore a dress that made her look several years younger. She also matched the shoes

Some people are lucky enough to look thirty even after fifty. This applies to a number of celebrities who, unfortunately, often spoil their reputation with their outfits. In the case of Heidi Janků, however, the exact opposite happened. She looked divine in a red dress at the last social event. The 59-year-old singer arrived at … Read more

Asantii, the label that boosts African fashion

Par Sabrina Pons Published on 08/10/2022 at 6:27 p.m., Update on 08/10/2022 at 6:31 p.m. The Pan-African brand is produced in Rwanda. Ascent Launched at the beginning of August, the label presents a creative and timeless wardrobe that intends to be part of slow fashion and the desire to highlight African know-how. They are fourteen … Read more

Vanessa Hudgens is stunning in a pink swimsuit

Vanessa Hudgens once again pleased her fans with provocative photos and proved that she is a fashion icon. The actress is enjoying the summer and showed it through a post on Instagram. She posted a series of photos. On the first, the star is straight and poses against the sea. In the second, he is … Read more

Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake has died

The designer, who was born in Hiroshima in 1938, died of liver cancer on Friday, August 5, and a private funeral has already been held, Japanese media reported. Miyake reportedly wanted to be a dancer or athlete when he was young, but that changed after he read his sister’s fashion magazines. He studied graphic design … Read more

Marie-Claire | Issey Miyake, the Japanese fashion designer, has died

Fashion is in mourning and with great sadness mourns the death of the Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake, internationally known for his creations that combined Japanese tradition with avant-garde materials and cuts. As it was known, the artist died last Friday due to liver cancer, as announced this morning by the brand from its social … Read more