Del 1.0 al next marketing

Since the 1950s, we can identify seven eras that have marked the history of marketing as a social science, with technological advancement that has undoubtedly caused a rapid transition between the last four versions. The first, called Marketing 1.0, focused on the product; There was a greater demand than supply of goods and services, a … Read more

At Christmas, book sales will grow 65% according to Buscalibre’s sales projections

Lilian Mariño Espinosa – [email protected] The book sales portal Buscalibre has been doing several studies and projections of the behavior of the market this year, an analysis that details that sales will grow 65% for the Christmas day, being youthful, fiction and the news of 2020 the categories that will push growth. The company pointed … Read more

Dressing times: The value of sewing within art

“Dressing times” is the exhibition that hosts the Museum of Fine Arts of A Coruña until next March 14. Exhibits dresses and accessories, especially for women, from 1860 to 1960. The pieces belong to a lady from A Coruña, Ana González Moro, who keeps and preserves everything she has found in the grandmothers trunks, for … Read more

From Carlos de Inglaterra to Antonio Banderas, celebrities bet on sustainable fashion

Emma Watson, Robin Wright and Gwyneth Paltrow also have green businesses. Publication date: November 23, 2020, 12:37 p.m. Royalty and Hollywood have sustainable fashion brands. (Photos: AFP and REUTER). Sustainable fashion is no longer a thing of “hippies” or romantics, but a lifestyle, an environmental emergency, very present in actors, singers, models and members of … Read more

Xiaomi’s bet to conquer the high-end segment in Colombia

Salomón Asmar Soto – [email protected] Xiaomi today announced the launch in Colombia of the Mi 10T Pro, the brand’s flagship, which promises to give power and creativity to its users in all aspects of their personal and professional life with a user experience at the highest level in aesthetics. efficiency, innovation and distinction at a … Read more

Goodbye to prejudices! Meet the celebrities who have normalized wearing dresses and skirts

Mexico City.- Much has been said that clothing has no gender and these celebrities decided to set an example by posing with dresses and skirts. Know who they are. You may be interested in: New baby! This is how Ximena Sariñana has shared the news of the birth of her second child 1. Alejandro Speitzer … Read more

American Wearing Style Guide (by Queen Letizia, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton)

The Queen Letizia, the Duchess of Cambridge Y Meghan Markle have become style icons in recent years. They have shown us that americana It is a versatile garment that gives a touch of elegance and formality to all our outfits. Therefore, throughout this article we analyze the different ways in which the royals they have … Read more

Marketing 2021

The marketing world every year around this time, begins to appreciate a large number of predictions about what the next one will bring, and even more so after the atypical that is about to end, without the threat of covid-19 having disappeared, but without Undoubtedly, it will leave many lessons and opportunities for those who … Read more

New generation PPE, ready for fashion week? [vidéo]

November 20, 2020 | Material | Agricultural techniques New generation PPE, ready for fashion week? [vidéo] The new generation of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) benefits from the latest innovations to guarantee efficiency, comfort, durability and aesthetics! Lightweight, water-repellent, resistant: they provide high protection and help ward off phyto risks. And in addition: they have style! … Read more