UNIQLO presents a commemorative curtain to commemorate the succession of Danjuro Ichikawa 13th and Shinnosuke Ichikawa’s debut on the stage Release of 4 types of T-shirts – WWD JAPAN

©︎ Shochiku TM & ©︎ TOHO CO., LTD. From 1990 yen From 1990 yen From 1,990 yen (tax included, same below) UNIQLO presented the Kabukiza Theater with a celebratory curtain produced to commemorate the succession of the Kabuki actor Ebizo Ichikawa, the 13th Ichikawa Danjuro Hakuen, and the debut of his eldest son, the 8th … Read more

What about Japanese specifications?New Subaru Impreza debuts in North America | ENGINE | Cars, watches, fashion, men’s lifestyle media

Subaru has unveiled the all-new 6th generation Impreza at the Los Angeles Auto Show. keep concept In response to the strong sales performance of the conventional model, the concept and design are basically inherited from the past. It shares not only the front and rear design, form, and interior appearance, but also the functional aspects … Read more

New Alzheimer’s drug proves effective in slowing cognitive decline

A number of scientists expressed, on Wednesday, November 30 (November), their satisfaction with the detailed results of a clinical study on a new drug that confirmed its effectiveness in slowing down… cognitive decline for patients with diseaseAlzheimer’s neurodegenerative, but they also talked about the potential for negative effects. The full results of this advanced (Phase … Read more

Chris Sutton: Forget Maradona’s “hand of God”, now Ronaldo’s “hair of God” is in fashion. Shamelessly! Messi has a contract with adidas – I’m sure it will lead to conspiracy theories” – Football

Chris Sutton spoke emotionally about the first goal Portugal in the game with Uruguay (2:0). At the 54th minute, the Portuguese team opened the scoring in the match against Uruguay. At first, the goal was credited to Ronaldo, but later it turned out that the 37-year-old probably did not touch the ball with his head. … Read more

Superfood Lab red and green powder combination reporter tried 14-day self-cultivation and detoxification effect to effectively clear the stool

Constipation troubles many girls, and the major cause of abdominal distension is the accumulation of stool, so it is absolutely urgent to solve the problem of constipation! Superfood Lab has launched SuperGreen Detox + Skin Support super detoxification green powder and SuperRed Collagen super collagen red powder. A cup of red and green each in … Read more

Festive fashion: J.Lo shows how beautiful Christmas sweaters can be styled

What can we learn from the Christmas celebrity look? First, must X-Mas-Pullover not always be ugly and secondly, they can be combined with a lot more than just old jeans. And we have to admit, just looking at Lopez’s outfit even the biggest Grinches in the editorial office slowly but surely get in the mood … Read more

Christmas 2022: Forget kitsch, naturalness, white color and fake tooth of time are in fashion this year

Trends Karin Snýdrová 28. 11. 2022 The first Sunday of Advent is behind us, so it’s high time to start decorating for Christmas. You can achieve a festive atmosphere with the help of various decorations, which simply must not be missing in the interior. This year’s trends are dominated by natural materials, subtle shades and … Read more

Is the dream of the Japanese “Blue Lock” in the World Cup realistic?

Perhaps Karen Payne, a professor at the University of Fairfordshire in Britain, was right when she said that “the mind is what you wear,” a sentence that came as the title of her book, which talks about the direct impact between what a person wears and his self-confidence. After several scientific studies, Karen reported that … Read more

Was Kugyo the legitimate successor in “Kamakura-dono no Thirteen”? The Truth About Kamakura’s Greatest Tragedy Lands Related to “Kamakura-dono” (Part 23) | JBpress autograph

Text = Shinobu Takahashi Photographs = photo library Tsurugaoka Hachiman Shrine Was Kugyo the legitimate successor to Kamakura-dono? The assassination of Minamoto no Sanetomo, which is said to be “Kamakura’s greatest tragedy” in the Taiga drama “Kamakura-dono no Thirteen”. This time, I would like to take up Kogyo, played by Kanichiro, who is the perpetrator … Read more

Clothes take a long time to dry if you hang them like this – 4 mistakes you should not make if you want clothes that are dry and fragrant quickly – Beauty and fashion

In winter, it is much more difficult for clothes to dry in the apartment, and this causes problems for many people, especially in smaller homes. And if you make some common mistakes, you will slow down this process even more. If you want to quickly remove them from the litter box, and smell it, then … Read more