Jae-Seok Yoo, Seok-Jin Ji I apologize for the controversy… Jeon So-min Shock Fashion Running Man General

Jae-Seok Yoo, Seok-Jin Ji apologizes for semi-mal broadcastSBS Entertainment Headquarters Choi Young-in appeared“Yoo Jae-suk, if you feel sorry for working too hard, I’m sorry.” Photo = SBS’Running Man’ broadcast screen. Broadcaster Yoo Jae-seok cheerfully apologized for Ji Seok-jin’s semi-mal broadcast. In the SBS entertainment show’Running Man’, which aired on the 9th, a’Go to the Broadcasting … Read more

Curevac, the German vaccine that hopes to the world for advantages over the others

The results of the phase three clinical trials of the German coronavirus vaccine, CureVac-004, are close to being announced and the worldwide expectation is growing. CureVac has an important advantage over the other RNA vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech: while the latter require a deep freezer, the German vaccine is stable in a refrigerator, which … Read more

The lessons of the business history of ‘Epa Colombia’ and the popular economy

Rubén Darío Ocampo Camargo Between hates and loves, Daneidy Barrera has become a successful businesswoman in the beauty and cosmetic sector. In the last hours, the influencer from Bogotá gave something to talk about again, after pronouncing on the National Strike and recalling her background in the 2019 protests, when she attacked the Transmilenio infrastructure. … Read more

Due to blockades, more than 30% of the companies in Bogotá would partially close

Nathalia Morales Arevalo Due to the locks generated under the National strike, the situation for companies has worsened in recent days, slowing down part of their economic reactivation. According to a survey carried out by the Bogota Chamber of Commerce At 1,015 companies, 316 reported losses of $ 10,818 million. Likewise, if the blockades that … Read more

Rossy War finishes off his costumes and even clothes that he still cannot pay for the pandemic

Rossy War and Tito Mauri presented their offers of original clothing, shoes, accessories and musical instruments. Rossy War and Tito Mauri opened the doors of their house to present their first closet comes out for Mother’s Day. The artists are finishing off original clothing, shoes, accessories and musical instruments to continue with their virtual concerts. … Read more

The Colombian peso is the emerging currency that has devalued the most so far this year

The price of the dollar again reached its highest levels for the year, after reaching a daily average of $ 3,831.37 during yesterday’s trading session, which represented an increase of $ 14.72 compared to the Representative Market Rate (TRM). This surge in the dollar made the Colombian peso become the most devalued emerging currency during … Read more

Entrepreneurs unite to support Justo & Bueno through the reorganization process

Nathalia Morales Arevalo Before the announcement generated last week by Fair & Good to show up to a reorganization process, the businessmen who provide them with products of various kinds, from bakery to detergents, have spoken with a message of support to emerge stronger from this situation. “These are very difficult moments that we are … Read more

Chanel: 2021/2022 Cruise Fashion Show inspired by Jean Cocteau

‘An invitation to travel’, this is how Chanel described this cruise collection. The parade took place in Carrières de Lumières, in the village of Les Baux-de-Provence. An old quarry, known for the epic display of lights that occurs at dusk and dawn and that brought together hundreds of people in pre-pandemic times. In 1959 Jean … Read more

Maciej Or³oś’s son is an editor, and Beata Kozidrak’s daughter is a fashion designer. What do the children of stars who avoid the flash of flash do?

Hurdle Pictures Maciej Or³oś’s son is an editor, and Beata Kozidrak’s daughter is a fashion designer. What do the children of stars who avoid the flash of flash do? Robert G³owacki 03.05.2021 22:15 Very often, children of stars follow the footsteps of famous parents and choose show business as their life path. However, this is … Read more

’55-year-old hip fashion’ Kim Seong-ryeong, the recent status with a younger beauty[★SNS]

[스포츠서울 조현정기자] Actor Kim Seong-ryeong conveyed the current situation with his youthful beauty. On the 2nd, Kim Seong-ryeong posted a photo on his Instagram without any special comment, along with the hashtags’photo zone’ and’new’. In the published photo, Kim Seong-ryeong, who matches a light blue jacket, black T-shirt, casual pants, and white sneakers, is leaning … Read more