The wife of the star Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz surprised all the artists with her extraordinary beauty… and an unexpected reason behind his father’s objection to his marriage to her!! (exciting details)

2022/05/14 It’s 11:10 pm Island Bay | Follow Favorite The artist, Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, married outside the artistic community in 2011, at the age of 25, to Ann Al-Rifai, the daughter of businessman Magdy Al-Rifai, who rarely appears with him on occasions. His father, the late artist Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, objected to his early … Read more

Finally, the secret behind Adel Imam’s concealment of his father’s profession was revealed from everyone… You wouldn’t imagine what he was doing without anyone knowing?!

2022/05/14 It’s 05:10 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite In the art world, news about the private lives of stars is still a breeding ground for rumors, and many people hope to find a reliable one, or hope to find a story on the gossip table from any link. Among the stars whose private lives … Read more

Philippines, son of dictator Marcos is president. From the mother’s shoe collection to the father’s torture, the family returns to power

Time seems to have erased the memory of crimesfrom the torturefrom the dictatorshipfrom the corruption and of theft in Philippines. After 36 years from the popular overthrow of the Ferdinand Marcosson Ferdinand Marcos Jr.said wallwill become the next president of the country thus collecting the legacy of Rodrigo Duterte. The years in which the country … Read more

Kanchai didn’t act right. When the father’s gang calls you unfold the flirting in the past

is another famous MC at the forefront of Thailand “Young-Kanchai KammutPloy” Who turned himself from an actor to a famous host, everyone followed and liked his coverage a lot. At this event, the young man was not acting right when his friends “Sam Yuranan”, “Nino Methanee” and “Pong Kaphon” as guests of the 3 Zaap … Read more

Save Our Fathers and Mothers from the Torment and Punishment of the Grave by Doing This Practice Says Ustadz Abdul Somad

North Sulawesi portal — Save it ayah and mother we are from doom and torment the grave say Ustadz Abdul Somad by doing a series practice this. Practice-practice this is the word Ustadz Abdul Somadcan save parent who have died from torment the grave. According to Ustadz Abdul Somad there are six practice that needs … Read more

Lee Kyung-gyu, father’s photo released “June 25 war veteran selected by the US military as the most sincere Korean” (‘Household Mate’)

[스포츠서울 | 남서영기자]Lee Kyung-gyu remembered his parents. In MBC’s ‘Household Mate’, which was broadcast on the 3rd, Lee Kyung-gyu’s thoughts of his deceased parents got on the air. On this day, Lee Kyung-gyu, who visited the self-portrait studio with his daughter Ye-rim and son-in-law Kim Young-chan, had a conversation while the photos were being printed. … Read more

Covid and respiratory crisis: child dies at 6. The father’s agony for the vaccine never done: “Would Francesco be saved?”

CODEVIGO (PADUA) – Francesco Pascetta died of a respiratory crisis while it was positive at Covidso he was not vaccinated. And now the doubt on the choice made, torments the parents, devastated by mourning. Dad Stefano and mum Fiorella had undergone the cycle for immunization, but they had preferred to wait to administer the vaccine … Read more

Luca (12) saves father’s life and receives award | 1Limburg

12-year-old Luca Gollatz from Herkenbosch received an award from the Carnegie Heldenfonds on Friday. He receives this award because he saved his father’s life while on vacation. The award was presented to Luca on Friday morning by Monique de Boer, mayor of Roerdalen. started shakingLast summer the family from Herkenbosch was on holiday in Austria. … Read more

“Mao Jirasak” delights the son of “Jasper”, shining as an artist to follow in his father’s footsteps.

In addition to “Tiger”, the eldest son who has become a trainee artist and actor. The youngest son of “Meow Jirasak”, “Jasper”, also inherited his love for music from his father. and recently began to reveal the ability to sing Previously, he had made a singing clip showing both his voice acting skills as well … Read more