Natalija Bunkė and Remis talked about the details in their clothes: they dressed up in their deceased father’s jacket, wrote down special words

Even before the start of the awards, the duo talked about the image shown on the red carpet. “That song is really one million, so we wrote it on my dress,” Natalija revealed the original idea in the “Delfi premiere” show. – The most important thing is that there is a good mood. I also … Read more

Because of her father’s insult… An Egyptian girl commits suicide from the eighth floor

An Egyptian girl got rid of her life in the early hours of this morning, Wednesday, after she threw herself from the eighth floor, due to disagreements with her father in the city of Zagazig, Sharkia Governorate. And the security services in the Eastern Security Directorate received a report that a girl committed suicide by … Read more

Barbarela, Babo’s daughter, follows in her father’s footsteps in a controversial video | News from Mexico

HERMOSILLO, Sonora.- Barbareladaughter of the singer of Santa, Babo, poster She has gained popularity on social media for her rap talent and beauty. For this reason, in the film, “If You Knew” where he shares the microphone with a famous rapper, Babo’s daughter shocked his fans for such a controversial video. In the clip, the … Read more

Suheir Ramzi reveals a surprise about the nature of her relationship with her brothers after her father’s death…and addresses this message to them! -Video

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Egyptian actress, Suhair Ramzi, revealed a surprise about the nature of her relationship with her brothers after the death of her father, and the distribution of his inheritance. Ramzy said, during an interview with her on the “Secret Ink” program broadcast on the “Cairo and the People” channel, that she did not … Read more

A young father’s extreme choice… A sea of ​​tears with my 7-year-old son (high school mom and dad 3) [TV종합] : Sports Donga

‘High school mom and dad’ couple Kim Gyeom and Lee Hee-jung grew even more by showing their family’s love that has become stronger. In the first episode of MBN’s ‘High School Mom and Dad 3 (hereinafter referred to as ‘High School Mom and Dad 3′)’, which aired on the 18th, couple Kim Gyeom and Lee … Read more

Ihab Nafeh’s daughter reveals the reason for her father’s mediation between Sadat and Raafat Al-Hagan… and the reason for Mubarak’s punishment by imprisonment

The artist, Ghada Nafie, the daughter of the late artist Magda and the artist Ihab Nafie, revealed the reason for her father’s mediation between the late President Muhammad Anwar Sadat and the Egyptian hero in Israel, Rifaat al-Gammal, known as “Raafat al-Hagan.” Nafeh said, in her interview with the “Al-Sattat” program, presented by the two … Read more

Nayanthara Nayantara wearing crimson on her forehead, wearing a white robe, Uira and Ulaka on her father’s chest; Pongal picture by Vicky

In the picture that was shared as a release video, Nayans and her husband are wearing crimson on their foreheads, and Uir and Ulaka are clinging to their father’s chest in a white shirt. Babies’ faces covered with smileys (read more)

Why older fathers pass on more genetic mutations to their offspring

Older fathers pass on more mutations to their offspring than younger men. It has long been a mystery why. New research in fruit flies sheds light on the matter. The male reproductive system is a hot spot for the genesis of new genes. Perhaps this explains why children inherit more new mutations from fathers than … Read more

Muhammad Ramadan kisses Reem Al-Baroudi’s hand in her father’s condolences (photos)

09:56 PM Saturday, January 14, 2023 I wrote – Bahira Fouda: Today, Saturday evening, a funeral ceremony for the late artist Reem Al-Baroudi’s father, Magdy Medhat Al-Baroudi, was held at the Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Mosque in Heliopolis Sheraton Residences, in the presence of a number of artists. The artist, Mohamed Ramadan, attended the funeral ceremony, … Read more

Reem Al-Baroudi mourns her father’s body to his final resting place. Pictures

performed by the artist Reem El-Baredawy And the members of her family and friends performed the funeral prayer over her father’s body after the noon prayer, Thursday, in the Al-Salam Mosque in Nasr City. The star Zina and the artist Abeer Mounir also participated in the funeral. The features of sadness and affect appeared on … Read more