Fatigue and change of season: here are the best supplements and vitamins to counteract it

Tirednessdrowsiness, mood swings, here are some of the most common symptoms that can occur during the change of season. A condition that affects daily well-being, making every action more tiring: it is a change that also affects the body. A different climate, milder and warmer, the change of time and the relative lengthening of the … Read more

how to take care of it through nutrition?

Stress due to work or a personal situation, meals taken too quickly, lack of time, socio-economic factors, these phenomena can generate some stress or discomfort and promote poor mental health. What if nutrition had a role to play in this balance? If, as the illustrious British anthropologist and ethnologist Jane Goodall asserts, We are what … Read more

Defense expert Ko Colijn on war fatigue in Russia (and Ukraine) | War in Ukraine

19 mrt 2023 om 20:08Update: een dag geleden Defense expert Ko Colijn has been providing the Dutch with information on armed conflicts for almost fifty years. For NU.nl he follows the battle in Ukraine and answers our (and your) questions. This time he discusses the battle of attrition over Bakhmut. The war of the Russians … Read more

Mindfulness effective against fatigue in sarcoidosis

12 weeks of mindfulness therapy reduces fatigue, anxiety and depression in patients with fatigue due to sarcoidosis. This treatment improves their overall health. This has been shown in the TIRED study of the Erasmus MC (Rotterdam), the St. Antonius hospital (Nieuwegein), the Zuyderland MC (Heerlen) and the Helen Dowling Institute. It is the first randomized … Read more

“Fatigue, shame, difficulty concentrating, aggressiveness,…”: the perverse effects, in class, suffered by children in food insecurity

7 5% of teachers regularly see children arriving at school hungry and they even estimate that more than 10% arrive at school without having eaten breakfast, according to the study carried out by Spark Market Research in Belgium. A dramatic observation which is not without consequence on the health of children. “During the lessons, they … Read more

“It was his eyes that convinced the doctors to do more in-depth examinations”

On January 13, the world of Ellen Smolders, 36, and Sven Vandamme, 38, came crashing down. The couple, from Zoersel, have been told their 5-year-old son Lowie is facing the fight of his life against a complex brain tumour. of videos Lowie had been complaining of fatigue and headaches for months, and after numerous doctor … Read more

Seasonal depression, easy fatigue, inexplicable soreness… The body sends out 6 signals to tell you “lack of vitamin D” | Vogue Taiwan

With shorter holidays and much less time spent outdoors at this time of year, many people are vitamin D deficient without knowing it. Studies have shown that 1 billion people around the world are deficient in vitamin D, especially in Europe and Asia; in fact, this has a clear impact on our health. We all … Read more