TV voting on the subject of euthanasia: After the ARD film “Gott”, over 70 percent were in favor of the death of the main character – media – society

After 90 minutes, Barbara Auer, as Chair of the Ethics Council, looked directly into the camera: How would you decide? And again, ARD viewers had the last word on a Schirach film: 70.8 percent of those who voted were in favor of the main character in the Monday film “Gott von Ferdinand von Schirach” being … Read more

Tania Bruguera: “Please do not confuse political art and propaganda”

* Making political art is not creating a scandal, it is understanding the concept of timing. * Timing it is one of the first words that politicians in any country learn. It is translated as synchronization or synchrony and it is, simply, to understand what it is the perfect moment to position yourself, say or … Read more

Latinos in favor of Trump and Biden continue to take to the streets to defend their candidates

This weekend the streets of Washington were filled with fervent supporters of current President Donald Trump, considering that there was “an electoral fraud” on November 3, despite the fact that hard evidence has not yet been presented. On the other hand, Democratic supporters assure “that the voice of the people has spoken” and that Joe … Read more

Github restores the repository ‘youtube-dl’, says that from now on they will position themselves in favor of the developers in case like this

A few weeks ago GitHub closed one of the repositories with the most impact of all, that of youtube-dl. This open source repository allows a multitude of programs and services to download content from YouTube and other platforms. Due to a copyright lawsuit it was automatically taken down. Now what has been restored, GitHub takes position on the case.

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Trump considers participating in a march in his favor in Washington

Donald Trump is considering attending a protest on Saturday against the alleged fraud that benefited Democrat Joe Biden in the US presidential elections. “It is comforting to see the tremendous support out there, especially the demonstrations that are emerging across the country.“Trump said in a message left Friday on Twitter. The New York mogul even … Read more

What Microsoft products can a Movistar SME buy cheaper? | SME

The digital transformation of our business fabric is a challenge that not only concerns small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, but also large companies and institutions. Telefónica and Microsoft have just announced an alliance that will try to facilitate this step towards digitization for SMEs, favoring the use of tools for better digital corporate development. In this … Read more

Jalacables summons the virtual auction in favor of the union

Jalacables calls its second auction for the benefit of workers in the entertainment industry, this coming November 14 (5:00 p.m.), with the conduction of Ana Rodelo and Chicarcas Malo, in addition to Miguel León as special guests. In an interview, Édgar Hernández, one of the organizers, recalled that the first auction (held on September 1) … Read more