Michael Jackson’s heirs breathe … federal court rules in his favor

A federal tax court ruled in favor of Michael Jackson’s heirs in a battle that has dragged on for years, concluding that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) too inflated the value of the “King of the King’s assets and image.” pop “at the time of his death, leading to too high a tax bill for … Read more

Portaltic.-Asus ZenFone 8 will abandon the reversible camera in favor of a perforated screen

MADRID, 28 Abr. (Portaltic/EP) – Taiwanese tech brand Asus prepares for the arrival of its next mobile flagship, the terminal ZenFone 8, that will be focused on fluency and will use a On-screen punch-hole front camera vs. ZenFone 7’s reversible camera. The new terminal uses a frameless display that is equipped with a perforated front … Read more

The US Justice ruled in favor of Michael Jackson in one of his cases of sexual abuse

A judge in Los Angeles determined that the companies of the “King of Pop” will not compensate people who sue the deceased singer for sexual abuse (EFE) A Los Angeles, California judge found that companies founded by Michael Jackson have no responsibility to protect minors who accused the singer of sexual abuse nor should they … Read more

KPV LV Board: Most party members are in favor of leaving the position of Wittenberg Minister of Economy in the party’s possession

The board of the party “KPV LV” has conducted a survey of members, in which 83% of more than 240 respondents have expressed the opinion that Jānis Vitenbergs should leave the position of the Minister of Economics to the party, the party board informed. The statement of the Board states that the members of “KPV … Read more

USA: The capital is a new state? The House of Representatives is in favor, but the chances are slim

For the first time in history, a bill that, if approved by the Senate, would recognize Washington as the 51st state of the United States, was passed in the House of Representatives in June last year. It is an issue that causes strong political divisions. In this and last year, the Democrats were “for” and … Read more

Funeral of Prince Philip: without uniform. A favor to Harry – Foreign

Preparations Members of the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment ride horses in the parc Tomorrow, for Prince Philip’s funeral, all the men of the British royal family will be in suits. You will not even see a military uniform, normally worn on solemn occasions like this, to avoid the ‘whims’ of Prince Harry (Philip’s nephew) and … Read more

Schools open in the summer, 7 out of 10 people in favor of extracurricular activities: parents and the third sector like the idea. Less to the teachers

7 out of 10 people like the open school in the summer. And not to recover at the educational level but to allow children and teenagers to reconnect with social relations thanks to extracurricular activities. This is shown by the data from a research conducted by the Demopolis Institute for the social enterprise ‘With Children’, … Read more

should we now favor FFP2 masks against the virus?

THE ESSENTIAL Since the start of the vaccination campaign in France, 10,507,294 people have received at least one injection (i.e. 15.7% of the total population and 20.0% of the adult population) and 3,601,263 people have received two injections (i.e. 5.4% of the total population and 6.9% of the adult population). France has 98,395 dead from … Read more

AU renounces procurement of AstraZeneca vaccine against covid-19 in favor of Covax initiative

(Agence Ecofin) – The Anglo-Swedish vaccine is at the heart of the controversy because of the side effects listed in many patients. Nevertheless John Nkengasong, director of the Africa CDC believes that the vaccine remains “safe”, the benefits of the product being greater than its risks. Although it has now opted for the Johnson & … Read more

Uber: “We are in favor of improving conditions” for workers | Interview

Manuel Pina joined Uber in 2015, but it was in January 2020, two months before the covid-19 pandemic, that he took over the management of the company mobility business in Portugal (the Uber Eats operation has another director, Diogo Aires Conceição). For this person, who meanwhile also started to manage Uber’s business in Croatia, the … Read more