To the best of everyone! Diana Kubasova reveals her favorite Midsummer cheese recipe

Preparation: Put gauze over the pot Put the milk on the stove Beat eggs with kefir and salt Kefir / egg mass is added to the milk mass when it starts to throw foam and small buns Continue stirring so that it does not stick to the bottom of the pot When the whey separates, … Read more

Victoria Kapitonova ruined a favorite thing with her fingers

© It is not easy for the winner in “The Bachelor” Victoria Kapitonova. The reality star once again fell victim to online harassment and was again left without an Instagram account. But, as the saying goes, trouble never comes alone. Victoria Kapitonova shared that she has a wound on her heart. What happened? Well … … Read more

6 Twibbon IBI 2022 Anniversary: ​​Install Your Favorite Photo Frame to Celebrate the 71st Indonesian Midwives Association Day

JABODETABEK MEDIA – Variety of twibbons HUT IBI 2022creative ideas to celebrate the day Indonesian Midwives Association on June 24, 2022. Do you know? Today, June 24, 2022, to be exact, will be commemorated as the IBI Anniversary or Birthday (IBI).Indonesian Midwives Association) Ke 71. Indonesian Midwives Association or abbreviated as IBI is a professional … Read more

How our favorite movies and TV series should have been called (GALLERY) – Curious – Entertainment – NOVA News

In the world of cinema, new titles of movies and series are released every day, which are difficult to remember. However, some of them have become emblematic of their time. Series such as “Friends”, “Mr. Bean” and “Gray’s Anatomy” have left a lasting impression on generations. However, few people know the original titles of the … Read more

What are the favorite children of the rides – Līga and Jāņi?

The summer solstice is here, when in addition to the usual traditions of Midsummer celebrations, we also sing Līga and Midsummer. According to the register of residents of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, they are one of the most popular personal names in Latvia – 47,056 Midsummer and 10,378 Leagues are registered. In … Read more

Thrown into Pot 4, the Indonesian National Team is getting ready to Fight Favorite Champion in the 2023 Asian Cup

loading… Indonesia can finally participate in the 2023 Asian Cup. However, the chances of the Garuda squad to win the title are very slim because they will meet strong opponents. Photo: ANTARA PHOTO/PSSI PR JAKARTA – The Indonesian National Team (Timnas) was finally able to participate Asian Cup 2023 after passing the third qualifying round. … Read more

Funds for the Ukrainian Armed Forces: Dmitry Komarov sells his “favorite toy”

The popular Ukrainian TV presenter, world traveler Dmitry Komarov, who is now filming in his reports showing the ruined Ukrainian cities, decided to auction off his favorite car on his birthday. The proceeds will be donated by the television personality to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. “I’m left with the 39th War today. I would like … Read more

Lithuanians who went to their country’s favorite country were horrified to see the traffic on the streets: renting and driving a car here is equivalent to suicide

If you want to fly, I thought about who I am to instruct you, but I think the real reason for that was not the heat of Egypt or the ancient wonders of that country. And not even Egyptian men who are always ready to fully serve Western women, and the cost of the trip, … Read more