The Council of State confirms a measure to contain electricity bills

The high court decided to maintain the increase in the volume of nuclear electricity at low prices that EDF must sell to its competitors. The raising of the Arenh ceiling, a mechanism that allows EDF’s competitors to buy part of its electricity production at a fixed price and much cheaper than current prices, has been … Read more

Nespresso obtains B corp certification, which rewards committed companies

The Nestlé subsidiary becomes one of the largest companies to have obtained the precious label. Nespresso pods belong to the closed circle of B corp certified companies. The Nestlé subsidiary becomes one of the largest companies in the world to obtain this prestigious American certification, which rewards companies with a positive social and environmental impact. … Read more

Why car prices are soaring

DECRYPTION – Since the beginning of the year, manufacturers have been waltzing around labels to pass on cost increases. How high will vehicle prices have to rise to absorb the component cost increases the auto industry has been facing in recent months? To steel and plastic, basic materials whose prices have exploded, have been added … Read more

fast food franchisees remain open in Russia

The situation is delicate for the major international brands, which cannot easily bring force majeure into play. In Moscow, McDonald’s on Pushkin Square – the American brand’s emblematic address in Russia – has closed. But it is still possible to eat a Big Mac in the city, despite the promise made on March 8 by … Read more

Six-figure salaries, cascading resignations… Fierce war for talent in consulting firms

INVESTIGATION – In full recovery, management and strategy consulting firms are lacking employees. Consultants, tired and highly courted, are leaving the sector earlier and earlier. Never had activity been so sustained in strategy and management consulting firms. In less than a year, the sector has already managed to erase the stigma of the start of … Read more

the secrets of the “Merlot” project

INFO LE FIGARO – The Lazard bank is trying to convince investment funds to finance the takeover of “Sauvignon” on “Pinot” to create a leader in distribution. The key is the promise of nearly 1.2 billion euros in synergies. Is it possible, by assembling pinot and sauvignon, to obtain merlot? Whether in Burgundy or Bordeaux, … Read more

agents gain ground on agencies

Their networks attract investors. After IAD and Safti in 2021, Private-Ownership is raising 100 million euros. The wind of madness blowing on home sales does not only benefit real estate agencies. The networks of agents (independent commercial agents) without a physical store are constantly stealing market share. These players did not weigh almost nothing ten … Read more

Traffic jams in Elon Musk’s anti-traffic tunnels

The anti-traffic tunnels of the founder of Tesla did not convince at the high-tech show in Las Vegas. To relieve traffic congestion, Elon Musk had the idea, in 2017, to dig tunnels that motorists could take from the public highway (see the video below). Five years later, the solution designed by The Boring Company, created … Read more

Unctad warns against inflation in the face of disruptions to maritime transport

The pandemic has amplified the challenges that already existed in maritime transport, resulting in tensions on supply chains and inflationary pressures that may affect in particular island states and least developed economies, warns UNCTAD on Thursday. Read alsoDanish shipping giant Maersk expands to air freight In 2020, the shock of the covid on maritime trade … Read more

TER traffic disrupted by a social movement

Several lines are affected. SNCF invites its customers “to take the necessary measures and precautions by obtaining information upstream”. Alsace continues to be affected by social rail movements this Tuesday, November 9. “Many railway workers at Strasbourg station and other sites“In Alsace are on strike”to denounce the deterioration of their working conditions», «understaffing” and “claim … Read more