Is Russia Imploding? And should we hope for it or fear it? The “Eisenhower prophecy” –

According to the Economist, “Russia risks becoming ungovernable and plunging into chaos”. But how should we deal with this hypothesis? Who openly points to us? And what would be the risks? Arrived at nine months, round, of war, a question resurfaces punctually: Can Putin fall? Can Russia implode? Can the conflict finally end with the … Read more

Health Net “Be careful with unknown bruises!Doctor: Fear of Liver and Kidneys Calling for Help- Instant News- Free Health Network

The doctor said that the lack of vitamin C and K can easily cause inexplicable bruises, and the more serious bruises may be due to poor liver and kidney function. (The picture is taken from photoAC) [Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]Unexplained bruises suddenly appeared on the body, be careful, it may be that the body is sending … Read more

Gerard Timmer prepared to answer questions about DWDD | Culture of fear at DWDD

Gerard Timmer, the current director of the NOS, says he has not taken note of the abuses The world goes on. Timmer was general manager at BNNVara from 2014 to 2018, during the period when the daily talk show celebrated its heyday. Timmer, who does not want to respond when asked, says he is cooperating … Read more

The venue of Chen Shizhong’s pre-election night is confirmed before the competition! The reason for not doing business in Kaidao was revealed: Fear of conflict | Politics | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Reporter Gao Yifan / Report from Taipei Four days to the end of the Nine-in-Nine Election, Chen Shizhong, the Democratic Progressive Party’s mayoral candidate for Taipei, launched an air-to-ground battle, hoping to win the election. Director-General of Chen Shizhong Competition Wu Siyao announced today (22nd) that an event will be held in front of Chen … Read more

Car license plates: talks between Serbia and Kosovo failed, fear of escalation – Europe

BELGRADE – Serbia and Kosovo have failed in their attempt to reach an agreement over the number plate dispute. This was announced by Serbian President Alexander Vucic on Monday. The talks were supported by the European Union out of concern about burgeoning ethnic violence in the Western Balkans.

“The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me” officially launched Enjoy the horror of staying in the murder hotel “The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me”

Bandai Namco Entertainment announced that the PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One/Steam movie-style horror thriller developed by Supermassive Games “The Dark Pictures Anthology: Within” was officially released on November 18, and the promotional video will be released simultaneously. exist”The Dark Pictures Anthology: WithinIn “, players will be invited to the stunning and perfectly reproduced Expo Hotel, where … Read more

Should we fear an early flu epidemic and…

Santé Publique France published on November 16 the results of the monitoring of seasonal flu for the week 45 (November 7 to 13). 1. Situation en metropolis The Brittany has entered the pre-epidemic phase in S44 (first week of November), the influenza activity indicators remained at their basic level in the other regions. However, some … Read more

In Turkey, the missile “Sarmat” was called the main fear of the West

The new Russian-made Sarmat ballistic missile, also known as the Devil-2 (Satan-2), impressed the Turkish government, Yeni Safak writes. The missile can hit any of the capitals of European countries, it can reach the territory of the United States, the publication notes. “Sarmat is a hundred times stronger than the bombs that America dropped on … Read more

Four goals from Cagliari in the test against Primavera, fear for Masala out due to illness

Four goals for Cagliari in the family test played in Asseminello with Filippi’s Primavera. Liverani, in addition to Goldaniga, Falco and Pavoletti, leaves Aresti, Deiola, Lapadula and Nandez at rest. The coach sends Radunovic, Zappa, Dossena, Capradossi, Carboni, Lella, Makoumbou, Rog, Mancosu, Luvumbo and Vinciguerra (born in 2005) onto the field, lined up with a … Read more

Fear serial killer on the loose

Shock and worry characterize the inhabitants of the usually peaceful district of Prati in Rome. Just a stone’s throw from the Vatican, the police have launched a hunt for a possible serial killer after three women were found murdered in the area. Two apartments are said to be the scene of the brutal murders. Two … Read more