Fears killing of presidential candidates before election in Colombia – VG

Surrounded by bodyguards with bulletproof shields, the presidential candidate Gustavo Petro speaks to supporters at a public meeting in Fusagasuga. Photo: Fernando Vergara / AP / NTB Every time Gustavo Petro, the left-wing candidate leading up to the Colombian election, steps out in public, he is surrounded by a wall of nervous bodyguards. The fear … Read more

Bitcoin Drops Below $30,000, Nearly Drops $1,000,000, Fears Fed Rises

Bitcoin fell below $30,000, nearing $1,000,000 today after US inflation showed higher-than-expected inflation. even lower than March But it’s still close to its highest level in 40 years. As of 8:09 p.m. KST, bitcoin fell 5.94% to $29,475.25, or around 1,020,000 baht in trading on the Coinbase platform. Experts say If Bitcoin falls below the … Read more

Crude oil prices rise above $5 amid fears of Russo-Ukraine war – Businesstoday

Today’s global crude oil prices turn positive above $5, ‘WTI-Brent’ stands above $105 a barrel. from concerns about the situation between Russia and Ukraine affecting world crude oil supply The movement of foreign crude oil prices as of May 12, 65 has been changed according to the types of references as follows: • West Texas … Read more

Formula 1 | Horner fears Ferrari speed in fast corners for Barcelona

In Miami, the Red Bull RB18 was slightly faster than the Ferrari on the straights, and it was in particular what allowed Max Verstappen to overtake Charles Leclerc in the race and keep the advantage until the finish. Christian Horner believes that his team had thus chosen the right settings in Florida, and he specifies … Read more

Biden’s fears of the two factors that could blow up the “arms and ammunition” strategy in Kiev and unleash direct war with Russia

A president particularly furiousso sources of the White House describe the mood of Joe Biden in recent days. The revelations – respectively of the New York Times e you NBC News – that US intelligence provided information to Ukrainians to kill Russian generals and sink the Moscow, the president of the United States did not … Read more

Covid, alarm in the United States: the government fears a new wave of 100 million cases between autumn and winter

Here comes a new one Covid alarm give it United States: between autumn and winter a new wave could hit America causing up to 100 million new cases. These are the forecasts of the US government, while trying to get Congress to approve others 22.5 billion dollars for vaccines, therapies and tests, finding however the … Read more

Bitcoin Price Drops Successively, Fears Fall to USD 32K

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Price Bitcoin plunged seven times in eight consecutive days. As a result, traders are wary that the price of Bitcoin could sink to US$ 32 thousand and fall out of the range of its average value so far this year. Quoting Coinmarketcap.com data on Saturday, May 7, 2022, at 16:30 WIB, Bitcoin … Read more

Fears of a recession have hit the world of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin lost CZK 100,000 in 24 hours

Bloomberg said it was a response to growing fears of a recession in financial markets. US stocks also weakened significantly, for example, the Nasdaq technology market index fell by five percent on Thursday. Bitcoin was still trading at 927,170 crowns on Thursday, but on Friday the exchange rate fell to 831,640 CZK. The most famous … Read more